Licence: Shareware ($5.99)
Version 1.2.0 | Release Date: 2014-03-17 | Download

What's New in Version 1.2.0

- multiple reordering of chapters in the chapters-table
- multi-delete of chapters in the chapter-table
- improved handling of subject/genre of books. Tags seperated by , will be added individually

Improvements when importing:
- two-way chapter-import. If the manifest of the book is incomplete, a manual search for chapters is performed to make sure all chapters of the book will be imported
- better finding of the books cover-image
- import of author-name improved, if possible name will be separated into fore- and lastname
- better recognition of publishing-date
- description of book will be cleaned of HTML-tags by default
- diverse other changes to ensure better imports

- more intelligent selection of rows in the chapters table after deleting chapters
- Textile-Parser updated to version 3.5.5
- Smark-Parser updated to version 1.1.0

Bugs fixed:
- fixed an issue where that caused the tab-selektor and bind-book-button to disappear
- additional check for import to prevent import of not importable (DRM-protected) books, which caused eBookBinder to become unresponsive

Version 1.1.7 | Release Date: 2014-01-31 | Download

What's New in Version 1.1.7

- fixes a particular issue where resulting ebooks couldn't be read in iBooks and some other eBook-readers

Version 1.1.6 | Release Date: 2014-01-11 | Download

What's New in Version 1.1.6

- Fix: special-characters within the details could lead to an issue where some ebooks couldn't be opened by iBooks and other readers
- Fix: formatting-issue after editing a chapter in eBookBinder could lead to errors in iBooks and some other eBook-readers
- Fix: &-character could lead in some special cases to errors in iBooks and some other eBook-readers

Version 1.1.5 | Release Date: 2013-12-15 | Download

What's New in Version 1.1.5

- clear Chapter-Table action added
- import-issues for Wikitext- and Smark-formatted files in 10.9 solved
- filename-tooltip for cover-image added for VoiceOver-users

Version 1.1.4 | Release Date: 2013-11-22 | Download

What's New in Version 1.1.4

**Important Note**
- 32-Bit Snow Leopard is no longer supported due change of memory-management from Garbage Collection to ARC

**New Feature**
- set your own date

**Solved Bugs**
- corrected misbehavior under 10.9
- solved issues loading the editor-window
- soleved issues with scrolling within the editor-window
- some small adjustments to the interface

Version 1.1.3 | Release Date: 2013-06-25 | Download

What's New in Version 1.1.3

- extended Tree-Navigation possible using the chapters-table new parts column (not suitable for all ebook-readers, Nook, Kobo and Kindle for example can't handle this kind of navigation)
- additional smaller, not visible improvements

Version 1.0.0 | Release Date: 2012-04-12 | Download

1.0.0 Final Release
Available at the Mac App Store

Version 1.0.0 Bet3 | Release Date: 2012-03-26 | Download
  • BBCode markup-language-option added
  • Splice-Option for markup-formatted files, automatically splits chapters by headline-definition

  • reworked eBook-creation process to become compatible with more eBook-Readers
  • upgraded Textile from version 2.0 to 2.3
  • improved the save-behavior of the advanced-values
  • tweaked default-cover-image
  • some additions to make eBookBinder more accessible
  • corrected some misbehaviors when importing files with the same file-name
  • some minor interface-fixes

Fixed Bugs
  • a lot of internal fixes to resolve issues when adding files to eBook-Projects and when creating eBooks.
Version 1.0.0 Beta 2 | Release Date: 2012-02-28 | Download

New Additions

- option to insert Chapter-Titles within the book at the beginning of each chapter
- option to automatically rename Chapter-Titles to the corresponding file-name
- option to auto-number Chapter-Titles in various formats
- new feature: import of drm-free epub-files


- warning if no title or chapters have been set
- improved behavior of the internal editor
- improved the behavior of the main-window
- some adjustments to the interface
- some improvements to the import-process of chapters
- some fixes to included HTML-Head and CSS-Styles
- added some tooltips
- many other internal improvements

Version 1.0.0 Beta 1 | Release Date: 2012-02-07 | Download
No changes specified