Licence: Freeware
Version 1.11 | Release Date: 2010-05-30 | Download

Version 1.11, May 30th 2010

* Added options for normal paragraph class, first paragraph class, section title class and classes that should precede a first paragraph, to allow the first paragraph to be unindended.
* Setting the document guide type to toc, title-page or cover now lets eCub order these special sections correctly when provided explicitly by the user.
* Fixed warning when adding HTML files in a non-Unicode encoding.

Version 1.10, March 2nd 2010

* Improved cover page stretching (use height since it's likely to be the greater value) and made it the default again. Also disabled multiple columns for first page (for Adobe Digital Editions).
* Added "Published by" string, now output in title page.
* Now checks if the paragraph tag is present in the current text line to avoid emitting it twice, in case text contains tags.

Version 1.09, February 11th 2010

* Corrected a bug that prevented the correct display language from being used.
* Added French display translation, courtesy of Philippe Laporte.
* CSS and image files now edited and viewed with the correct external editor as specified in preferences.
* Corrected a problem whereby spin ids didn't match manifest ids if content files were in subdirectories.
* Added Convert button to switch sections between plain text and HTML.
* Adding a content file now adds it after the selected file.
* The cover page is no longer included in the NavMap by default; added a further option to switch it back on.
* The default is now to not expand the cover image to fit the page since this rarely looks right.
* Added Working with encodings and Troubleshooting sections to the manual.

Version 1.08, December 2nd 2009

* Added "Show in NavMap" option, to allow exclusion of pages from the contents as defined in the NCX file.
* Corrected cover design border behaviour to show only two borders for double border mode, and added triple border mode which shows the background colour between the two main border colours.
* Corrected nesting bug in NavMap.

Version 1.07, October 30th 2009

* Now all source files, including images, are listed in the Files tab rather than found recursively at book compile time.
* By default, file search in the New Project Wizard is not recursive.
* The New Project Wizard remembers previous folder locations.
* In the New Project Wizard, you can now select or deselect the files to include.
* Images can be viewed in the Files window.
* Set the cover page margin to zero to remove surrounding white space.
* Added "Take title from first line of text files" to Project Options.
* Fixed bug whereby the title was not taken from the text file when added
from the Files tab.
* Indentation in the contents page is now done with the margin-left style.
* Now looks for image and CSS files in the project folder whether or not the user has chosen to scan for HTML files.
* Added a progress dialog when generating ebooks.
* Corrected lack of conversion to relative filename when importing a chapter.
* The description field now expands to take up any extra vertical space in the "Basics" project properties tab.
* Now adds a project file to the history menu when first created.

Version 1.06, August 20th 2009

* Added a choice of text-to-speech engines: SAPI, eSpeak, and Cepstral.
* Fixed NCX content generation when working with plain text files.
* Added RTL option in project properties, although few Epub readers will honour this.
The Calibre reader is one of the few that will.
* Fixed problems dealing with underscores in filenames.

Version 1.05 | Release Date: 2009-04-21 | Download
No changes specified