Episode Pro

Licence: Commercial with demo
Version 4.3.2 | Release Date: 2007-06-19 | Download

New Features in 4.3.2
1. Added "Reset list..." to destinations.

Fixes in 4.3.2
1. Fixed handling of edit lists in reference files.
2. Fixed parsing error that could cause a memory leak in mpeg importer.
3. Improved stability in mov importer.
4. Fixed bug that prevented WAV-files shorter than 1 sec. to work.
5. Fixed problem with using certain jpg and tga files as watermarks.
6. Fixed problem with importing swf-files.

Version 4.3.1 | Release Date: 2007-06-10 | Download

New Features in 4.3.1
1. Included Compressor integration on Disc Image
2. Included Widget on Disc Image

Enhancements in 4.3.1
1. Reduced memory usage when exporting formats with high bit rates to slow disks.
2. Enables features for more modes in resize filter.
3. Updated template names

Fixes in 4.3.1
1. Fixed meta data issues in mp3 files.
2. Fixed stability issue in sample rate filter.
3. Fixed memory leak in QuickTime decoder.
4. Added padding to buffered frames in the mpeg 2 decoder to handle incorrect files.
5. Fixed several visual problems when encoding VC-1.
6. Added padding to all frames to stop problems with bit readers buffering data.
7. Fixed problems when exporting mov-files > 4GB.

Version 4.3 | Release Date: 2007-06-10 | Download

New Features in 4.3
1. Added support for all input formats supported by QuickTime (including plug-ins)
2. Added proper GXF HD support.
3. Added import of flash 7 and 8 (both FLV and SWF)
4. Added client mode.
5. Added possibility to integrate with third party products (like Compressor)
6. Added XDCam HD as output codec.

Enhancements in 4.3
1. Greatly improved quality of AAC (including HE-AAC).
2. Added low sample rates to mp3 encoder.
3. Improved rate control in H.264
4. Added support for 20 bit WAV files.
5. Added more ID3v2 tags in mp3.
6. Added ID3v1 tags in mp3.
7. Now supports incorrect A/52 audio from Compressor as input

Fixes in 4.3
1. Several stability in Episode Pro application.
2. Fixed incorrect channel placement for A/52 surround.
3. Fixed field type issues when encoding field based I-frames only mpeg 2.
4. Fixed incorrect handling of repeated frames in mpeg 2.
5. Fixed import of very short aiff files.
6. Fixed preview of certain WMV-files.
7. Fixed several bugs in transport streams.
8. Many minor fixes for different formats and systems.

Known issues in 4.3
1. HE-AAC will not work in .aac files