Licence: Commercial with demo
Version 2.1 beta1 | Release Date: 2008-03-03 | Download

Version 2.1 brings lots of enhancements to projects simplifying processing of large image piles. In addition this version features an italian translation of the user interface. Finally several minor problems of the previous version have been solved.

New or changed functionality:
Project Management has a settings dialog now.
Lots of improvements to the Project Browser like folding/unfolding projects, sorting projects by name, creation date and modification date and more.
Project templates: set up projects with default settings and with a click copy these settings to new projects.
Project creation is now more fluid. Waiting time before you can start editing a project has been considerably reduced.
Thumbnails are now created for all supported image formats hence no "?" any more when creating a new project.
FDRTools now speaks italian. Grazie, Alessandro!
Upgraded dcraw and exiftool to the latest versions improving support for the latest camera models.
Added 'arw' to the list of supported raw extensions.
Appearance of the user interface has been unitized.
On Windows only the application main window shows up in the task bar. So far there was one entry per window.

Bugs fixed:
Image content in Navigator and Preview was not updated after a maximize/restore sequence, crash possible.
Crash when loading a non RGB image, e.g. CMYK. Now a warning message is shown.
Latest exiftool version fixes a problem with copying metadata from DNG format, leading to read error on OS X e.g with Preview and Lightroom.
Loading a non-image file could cause a crash.
Drag&Drop on program icon was broken.
Pasting text to Project name field was broken.
Make mouse wheel handling in the project browser feel more natural.
Pushing the slider in a project's thumbnail browser should not select the project.
Prohibit dragging images to places in the project browser that don't make sense.
White balance was not set right when loading a project.
Tone mapping: enlarge black/white point padding a bit to take very saturated pixels into consideration.
Creative mode, save result: avoid unnecessary HDR image creation when only tone mapping settings have changed.
Make Auto exposure the default in HDR Image Inspector.
Several other minor bugs have been fixed.

Version 2.0 beta7 | Release Date: 2007-11-13 | Download
No changes specified