Final Draft 9

Licence: Commercial with demo
Version 9.0.3 | Release Date: 2014-04-08 | Download

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What's New in Version 9.0.3

<p>This update addressed many functionality and feature improvements including:<br /><br />* Page colors now match their Revision ID.<br />* Scripts with few or no Scene Headings are now responsive.<br />* Drawing in text, status bar, toolbar, scroll slider and others drawing as expected with no issues.<br />* Text no longer disappears when the Undo command is issued after pasting large amounts of text. Script and Character reports can now be generated quicker.<br /> Highlighting is now confined to the selected paragraph(s), no spillover.<br />*The revision page color is now displayed immediately if text is deleted.<br />* Dragging selected text to the grey area no longer impacts pagination and elements.<br />* The entire context menu is now visible no matter where the cursor is.<br />* All changes made to Summary Cards are now saved when the view is changed.<br />* Scene Numbers in the Status Bar now update when the script is scrolled.<br />* The URL for the automatic update check has been corrected.<br />* All characters now retain their Arc beat after a scene is omitted.<br />* Replace Character now changes Non-Speaking characters too.<br />* Undo Dual Dialogue works as expected.<br />* The cursor now correctly remains static when typing or changing insertion points.<br />* Exporting a script to FDR now displays only one progress bar.<br />* Pasting a selection no longer adds a blank space or blank element to the end of that pasted selection based upon on how the text was selected (left to right or right to left).<br />* The General Note menu item is now available in the Index Card views and Scene View.<br />* The Add ScriptNote button in the Navigator is now disabled in Index Cards and Scene Views.<br />* The Remove ScriptNote button in the Navigator is now disabled if the script has no ScriptNotes.<br />* A script can now be numbered / renumbered with a custom number.<br />* Default colors (white background and black text) or revision page colors are output even if the Page Layout colors have been changed.<br />* Statistics Reports now include page number and scene information about non-speaking characters.<br />* The Status Bar now displays “Page X of Y" (i.e. "Page 5 of 10") in text documents.<br />* Files now open at their last saved screen position.<br />* Clearing revisions now clears both asterisks and revision page colors for all pages (A pages too).<br />* Cursor vs. Mouse Arrow -- when a selection of text is clicked on the cursor now correctly turns into a mouse arrow and when it's released it goes back to a cursor.<br />* Character and Dialogue no longer remain highlighted when you change the Character name.<br />* Deleting a hyperlink in a ScriptNote no longer turns other text into a weblink.<br />* A hyperlink in a ScriptNote can now be selected without opening the web page.</p>