Licence: Shareware (Euro 10,00)
Version 5.0.1 | Release Date: 2014-07-22 | Download

• Groups: From now on it is possible to group more images in FitPlot in order to use them as a single unit when moving, resizing, rotating, packing and other operations.

• Open PDF: FitPlot is now able to "open" PDF files.
Opening a PDF in FitPlot has the same effect of inserting, that is, when you have a FitPlot doc in front and you File -> Open a PDF document, that PDF will be inserted in the current window. Whenever FitPlot has no document currently opened, an Untitled one will be opened (with the same characteristics of the last one used) and the PDF will be inserted in it.

• Send PDF to FitPlot: thanks to the new Open PDF feature, it is now possible another property: FitPlot can be launched simply by dropping a PDF on its icon.
This property can be exploited by other applications that are normally used to produce the PDF (that we feed to FitPlot).
We can, for example, choose to send a PDF to FitPlot from the print dialog of our preferred CAD application. The produced PDF will be automatically inserted in the FitPlot document currently open (if any) or in an Untitled document with the same characteristics of the last one used.
Note:To add this feature it is required a small procedure that necessarily has to be performed from the Finder.
Instructions about the procedure are available in a video or in a text starting from this link.

• Real bounds: Until this version, images in FitPlot had boundaries that were corresponding to the minimal rectangle containing the image itself (or its clipping, if any). Effects due to syles as trims, text tags, shadow or strokes were not at all considered.
Since now, both groups and packing functions, take into account the real bound of the image. Moreover strokes are drawn "after" the image and not "before" as in previous versions. As a result, the stroke thickness appears doubled and occupies both inner and outer of the image border.

• Fixed bugs and other optimizations: better packing: if a multipage packing fails (due to some impossible chosen settings), blank pages, generated while attempting the packing, are no longer created.

• Icon of the program renewed.

Version 3.2 | Release Date: 2010-09-18 | Download
  • Color space control on raster images.
  • Batch image’s replacing.
  • PDF multipage expansion.
  • Registration marks for “mosaic” printings.
  • Quick Look support (MacOSX >= 10.5)
  • Other optimisation / fixings. See full changelog on the FitPlot web site (
  • Version 3.0 | Release Date: 2010-05-06 | Download
    No changes specified