Licence: Commercial with demo
Version 1.0.7 | Release Date: 2011-09-12 | Download

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What's New in Version 1.0.7

<p>This update now supports tracking and cancelation of sent friend requests.<br /><br />Also included is a new PRO only feature that allows you to see who has unfriended you and the ability to send bulk friend requests using many different accounts. To enable bulk sending of friend requests you must go into the Account preferences and turn on “Allow aggregate sending” for each account you want to participate. When you send friend requests from an account that is participating in bulk sending the friend requests will automatically be split between all participating accounts. A common setup is to have all your promoting accounts participate in bulk sending but not your personal account.<br /><br />This update fixes problems downloading “People You May Know”. Also fixed is an issue where automation would continue to try sending friend requests, posts or messages if your account was blocked.</p>