Licence: Commercial with demo
Version 2.6.2 | Release Date: 2008-12-08 | Download

- New : User can now select in preferences which image libraries get displayed in iMediaBrowser.
- Change : If multiple Lightroom libraries exist, they are now named in a way, so that they can be told apart.
- Change : iMediaBrowser now shows outline view instead of popup upon first launch.
- Reduced memory footprint of iMediaBrowser.
- Various small fixes.

Version 2.6.1 | Release Date: 2008-10-30 | Download

- FotoMagico now supports Adobe Lightroom 2 libraries thanks to iMediaBrowser.
- The new FotoMagico Plug-in for Aperture (separate install) lets you create FotoMagico document directly from Aperture.
- New version of iMediaBrowser. Hopefully more stable now.
- Screensaver should no longer freeze up the computer when pressing spacebar key.
- Various small fixes
- Improved stabilty of iMediaBrowser.
- Various small fixes.

Version 2.1.5 | Release Date: 2007-11-22 | Download
No changes specified
Version 2.0.1 | Release Date: 2007-03-20 | Download
  • New - German localization of the application. Help to come soon…
  • Fix - Lots of improvements in setup assistant and database backend. Getting the correct update should now be easier. Sorry if it did not work for you in version 2.0.
  • Fix - Dissolve Transition to blank slide works correctly again.
  • Fix - Fullscreen presentation on mirrored displays does not longer result in a white screen.
  • Fix - Audio markers now work again.
  • Fix - Changing volume via mouse scroll wheel no longer causes stuttering in slideshow.
  • Fix - If no URL was entered for a player, there will no longer be a dialog that prompts the user to visit the authors website after the slideshow has finished playing.
Version 2.0 | Release Date: 2007-03-08 | Download

* Standalone Player - The most important new feature is the standalone player, which lets you share your FotoMagico creations with other people who have a Macintosh computer. The recipient of your show does not need to own a copy of FotoMagico. Previously, you had to export your photo presentation and burn it to a DVD, which resulted in loss of image quality. The standalone player retains the original quality of your images. Choose "Create Player…" from the File menu to save your slideshow as a standalone player. Before clicking on the Create button, select the appropriate restrictions. You have a choice, of no restrictions, expiration date, or limited number of viewings. These restrictions might be useful for professional photographers who want to show their work to potential clients, but not give away their work for free.
* Screen Saver - You can now use your FotoMagico show as a regular Mac OS X screen saver. Choose "Create Screensaver…" to save your presentation as a screensaver. The same restrictions that are offered for standalone players are available for a screensaver. To use a screensaver, double click it in the Finder to install it.
* Streamlined User Interface - The toolbar between the stage and the storyboard now contains tools that give you instant access to commonly needed functions. In the future, more might be added here. In addition the user interace has been slightly modified to keep it in sync with the current versions of iLife.
* Faster Thumbnail Loading - The loading of image libraries (iPhoto, Aperture, or Finder folders) and display of the thumbnails in the Images panel has been rewritten and now has dramatically improved performance. Minutes of high processor load are now a thing of the past.
* Watermark Overlay - You can now put a watermark on top of your slideshow. Professional photographers may use this to superimpose their logo or copyright information, but this feature can also be used to create interesting effects, like adding a frame for the images. Please note that the watermark is static (not animated) and is displayed during the whole slideshow. To set a watermark, go to the Slideshow>Settings… menu, and in the sheet select the Watermark pane. Click on the "Choose…" button to pick an image file to be used as the watermark. If you want to make the watermark semi-transparent, then lower the opactiy. Click OK to close the Settings sheet. The watermark image should now be visible in the Stage. Select it by clicking on it. You can position, zoom, and rotate it like any other image. The Window menu contains a command that lets you hide or show the watermark while authoring your slideshow.
* Get Info - Choose the Get Info command from the Window menu or press the Info button on the images and audio panes to show or hide the new info inspector. With the inspector open, click on images or songs in the Images or Audio panel, or select image or songs in the Storyboard to display detailed information about each item.
* Spotlight Support - FotoMagico 2.0 contains a spotlight plugin, so Spotlight searches now pick up your FotoMagico documents.
* Seamless Looping When set to loop in the slideshow settings, shows now loop without any noticeable gap.
* Behind-the scenes work - The playback engine has been completely re-written to provide advanced features for version 2.0 and beyond.

Version 1.8.1 | Release Date: 2006-11-27 | Download

FotoMagico 1.8.1 - November 28th, 2006

If Apple Intermediate Codec is not installed, then exporting for DVD will use Photo JPEG codec instead.
Fixed strange behaviour when trying to export for DVD when neither Toast nor iDVD was installed.
In some rare cases export failed because the temporary files could not be written to disk.
Fixed a few issues in the German localization.
Exported MP4 and 3GP movies now have the correct file extension.
Free update for all current users!
FotoMagico 1.8 and higher requires at least Mac OS X 10.3.9
Version 1.8 - November 22nd, 2006

Starting with version 1.8, FotoMagico requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later to run. We strongly recommend upgrading to Mac OS X Tiger. Also, please upgrade to QuickTime 7 or later.
Added support for using Aperture as Image source. Go to Preferences - Images to switch. Aperture 1.5 or later is required. Also, preview generation needs to be enabled in Aperture. See Apple Knowledge Base Article "Integrating Previews into your Aperture 1.5 Workflow" for details.
Added "New From Template" command that helps to setup your slideshow correctly.
More intelligent aspect ratio export: When exporting widescreen content to a 4:3 export format, you are now given a choice between letterbox and cropped full frame rendering.
Finally, the reason for the black export problem is found. Unfortunately there's not much we can do about it, as the cause is a bug in the driver software of a very limited number of older graphics cards. Please visit for more details.
Once a slideshow has been saved as package, it can no longer be saved as document as this is logically impossible.
When export fails due to an insufficient graphics card, the user is now automatically prompted to send hardware test results to Boinx Software.
Added "Send Support Info" menu item.
Changed descriptive text of document and package file formats for easier understanding.
QuickTime movie export now omits ICC color space conversion, as customer feedback indicates that exporting without profiles yields better results.
Added "Rebuild Storyboard Thumbnails" to rebuild corrupted slideshow documents.
Changed iPod export format to fixed 320×240 pixels.
Added info about used graphics cards to log files (helps to track down technical problems).
Disabled motion blur on Macs with built-in Intel graphics chip (e.g. MacBook or Mac Mini) as this feature crashes the graphics driver.
Upside down movies should no longer happen when exporting.
"Locate Missing Files" should now work again.
Locating media files that have an alias somewhere in the path should now be more reliable.
Fixed issue with saving and blank slides.
Removed timeouts that caused export to fail in some situations.
Rewrote package document loading and saving code to speed up the file I/O for very large slideshows.
Fixed typos in German localization.
Exported movies for DVD had thin black bars at left and right (pillarbox). Has been fixed.
Changed DVD export formats from DV to Apple Intermediate Codec.
Changed NTSC 16:9 stage preset from 853×640 to 854×640 to avoid a rounding error. Automatic exort format selection for DVD export should now work for this format.
Added missing overlay image when slideshow is paused.
Lots of other small fixes.

Version 1.7 | Release Date: 2006-09-21 | Download
No changes specified