Licence: Freeware
Version 1.4.1 | Release Date: 2009-09-13 | Download

Important bug fixes.

  • Fixes QuickTime Streaming: an extraneous CRLF sequence was added when sending http headers when GlimmerBlocker in advanced knew that the connection could not use keep-alive. Reported by Dominic Wäsch and Matthias Wallner.
  • Fix problem with uploads to MobileMe/iDisk which takes a long time. The upload would cancel because GlimmerBlocker? would timeout waiting for a reply from the server when it was still sending the file. Reported by Andreas Maks.
  • Fix of keep-alive bug: if server said keep-alive was valid for 45 seconds, GlimmerBlocker would reuse the connection only in the next 45 milliseconds. This would make some sites slower.
  • Don't use keep-alive on an http-server connection when the full request body has not been read. This can happen when an upload is denied by the server, and GlimmerBlocker would try interpret the file as an http request.
  • Installer script: Better diagnostics for non-working java installations and permission problems on e.g. /Library/PreferencePanes. Thanks to Scott Collins for extensive testing.
  • Don't change content-type to text/html when a transform script has modified the content. This made it impossible to change javascripts without having Safari receive it as text/html, which it then would ignore and still use it as a script, but it was still wrong. If rule authors change the content-type, they must explicit set the content-type.
  • New feature for filter authors: Allow request scripts to set the 'Accept-Encoding' header to one of: null, empty string or (exactly) 'gzip'. No other values are allowed as GlimmerBlocker must be able to decode the response.
Version 1.4 | Release Date: 2009-08-22 | Download
More advanced filtering.

GlimmerBlocker now supports modifying the request before it is sent to the web-server.

A request-modification filter rule can:

Shortcut the request-processing by returning a html/text response directly to the browser. The remote web-server is not contacted at all. This is useful for automatically closing popups and pop-behinds by just returning a simpl html page with a javascript that closes the window. Return a redirect response, or any other http statuses. Useful for automatically redirecting to print-friendly pages when you don't like sites cutting articles into a zillion small pages. Fetch a completely different URL. Modifying cache headers, or the user-agent header. Use a different http/socks-proxy or dns-server. As this is implemented at the rule leve (in addition to the global settings), you can make it use a different dns-server or http/socks-proxy for that particular URL or site. This means that you can e.g. use OpenDNS for some sites, local dns for some other sites, and ISP-provided dns for the remaining sites. Or you can tell it to use http proxy for those sites.

Dynamic proxy and dns configuration

You can make GlimmerBlocker use a different proxy depending on the Network location, AirPort network name, IP-addresses, interface state, and more. See the proxies documentation.

Socks5 proxies are now supported in addition to http proxies.

Snow Leopard

Important fix: GlimmerBlocker now supports POSTs and PUTs using content-type=chunked for the request data. This is required for saving files on iDisk (previously uploading failed, or created empty files). Reported by Andreas Maks.

The System Preferences panel can now open without requiring System Preferences to relaunch as the Panel now includes a 64-bit version.


You can now copy/paste rules from the 'Filter' tab pane, and drag them into/from other apps.

Rule criterias are extended with path/query 'does not contain', 'not matches regexp' and 'not is'. Suggested by Audun Wilhelmsen.

Better compatibility with ICY clients that expect icy http-headers to be all-lowercase.

Improved checks and reports for broken installations of GlimmerBlocker.
Version 1.3 | Release Date: 2009-01-20 | Download
Compability with Entourage/Exchange (Microsofts NTML authentication scheme "extends and embraces" the http protocol). Symptom was that it didn't accept the credentials when logging in. Problem reported by Steve Lombardi. Compability with which uses the 'connect' http method to port 80 instead of plain http when using an http proxy. Reported by Steve Lombardi. Better compability with Little Snitch. It is now able to recognise the proxy server as "GlimmerBlocker proxy" instead of just an unnamed java process. Requested by Jean-Claude DE SOZA and William E. Delcomyn. Compatible with HTTP/0.9 servers, an obsolete version of HTTP. The "D-Link ADSL Router" uses HTTP/0.9 when responding to the login request even though it uses HTTP/1.0 for all other responses. Reported by Jean-Claude DE SOZA. Fixed handling of "Expect: 100-continue" http transactions. Used mostly by Microsoft based software such as iSpQ video chat and some IIS servers (seen in video streaming from Reported by Daniel. Improved handling of QuickTime RTSP over HTTP. Previous versions closed the control POST connection too quickly. RTSP POST handling is now enabled for all user-agents and not just the QuickTime Player. Reported by B. Kuestner. Fixed problem updating Network Proxy Settings when an interface did not have a proxy protocol attached (interfaces which cannot use proxies). Reported by Guido Berger. More compatible with servers that sends invalid response headers. Some servers repeat the http status line in the middle of the http header response (e.g. 'PePLink Balance'). Reported by Daniel. Fix bug in Network Proxy Settings Updater which would crash if a network interface did not have a proxy protocol attached. Reported by Guido Berger. Fixed "duplicate filter-id" bug which happened when adding another filter subscription before quitting and relaunching the Preferences Panel. Reported by Jean-Claude DE SOZA. GlimmerBlocker can fail if an obsolete java xml parser is installed in /Library/Java/Extensions. If configuring the xml parser fails partially it now prints a message in the log about having obsolete java libraries installed.
Version 1.2 | Release Date: 2008-12-22 | Download

History tab

New tab med recent blocks, whitelistings and transforms. Shows all the rules that modified a request.

Keyword expansion in Safari

Type "wiki great gatsby" in Safari's URL field to perform a Wikipedia search. New default filter includes a bunch of expansions. Supports both Firefox-style simple URL macro expansions and javascript-based expansions. By suggestion from Karsten Bruns.

This works only in Safari because the other browsers have their own support for keyword expansion.

Better error page

Improved "host not found / doesn't respond / etc" error page with links to Google cache, Coral cache, Wayback, WhoIs and Traceroute. By suggestion from Leo M.

Preview when editing rule

Filter rule edit sheet now has a 'preview' button. This temporary applies the new settings. If you click cancel after 'preview', all changes are reverted (and not just those since you clicked 'preview'). This is how Apple describes the 'Apply' button should work, but I'm afraid too many users are used to the Windows standard which takes 'apply' as "save without closing", i.e. commits the changes forever. Suggestion from Nicolas Berloquin.

Other fixes and improvements

Added Javascript can now be placed just after <head> or <body> or just before </head> or </body>. Suggestion from Karsten Bruns.

Limits time the proxy server internally can cache DNS lookups to 30 seconds and to 10 seconds for failed lookups. This should avoid problems with web-sites that changes ip-address. When update of a subscription fail due to "unknown host", GlimmerBlocker now retries after 1 hour instead of 1 day.

Fixed installer problem which made installation fail if the LaunchDaemons directory did not exist. Thanks to Matthias Ruszala for reporting this bug.

Filter edit "summary text" is now replaced with marker in the tab title. Takes less space and the text became way too complex with the new options.

The CONNECT http proxy now only allows port 443 (https) and 563 (snews) to tighten security.

Improved website compability: does not add charset to content-type header if charset was not specified in the headers sent from the server.

You can now drag (or copy) URLs from the suspects tab and the history tab.

After editing a rule, suspects which matches current rules are removed from the suspect list. Re-suggestion from Karsten Bruns.

Version 1.0 | Release Date: 2008-11-20 | Download
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Version 1.3.5 | Release Date: 2006-01-01 | Download
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