Licence: Shareware (£10)
Version 1.4.1 | Release Date: 2008-05-15 | Download

Copy to clipboard.

Copy headers, parameters, responses or POST data to the clipboard with a single key combo. Take a look at the new and improved Edit menu.

For your convenience...

The last network interface used is now preselected when the application starts.

Need to work with chunky HTTP requests?

Now you can remove the size limits placed on viewing data: just tick the Don't limit amount of data checkbox in Preferences.

Mmmmm... squashed bugs.

Resolved an issue which prevented licences being recognised as valid when certain languages are selected in System Preferences.
Fixed a bug which can cause a crash when an inactive network interface is selected.

Version 1.4 | Release Date: 2007-07-09 | Download
  • **HTTP performance analysis.* Round-trip times are now captured and displayed in both the main window and the HTTP Request Detail view. Great for performance tuning your website or application.
  • **Easier navigation.* Quickly move between requests using the Select Next and Select Previous shortcuts. Handy for checking the differences between requests.
  • Faster, less memory hungry and more stable. A number of improvements have been made which should make a big difference in how the application feels to use. It now runs significantly faster and leaner, even when large amounts of data have been captured. A number of bugs have been eliminated which used to cause periodic crashing, especially when under high load.
  • Slicker updates. Now it's even easier to upgrade thanks to the Sparkle library. Updates can be downloaded and installed at the click of a button.
Version 1.3 | Release Date: 2007-04-12 | Download
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