Licence: Commercial with demo
Version 2.1.5 | Release Date: 2008-10-05 | Download

2.1.5 (August 2008)

- Fixed: a bug which may cause improper reading of calendars
- Added: Sparkle library - helps to make upgrading easier
- Changed: Did some optimisation of the event reading code - should be a bit faster. Work still needs to be done to make this better.

2.1.4 - 15 January 2008
- Bug fix: Something related to Leopard has meant that repeated events get removed.

Version 2.1.3 | Release Date: 2007-11-21 | Download

2.1.3 - 22 November 2007

- Leopard-only bug fix: IMAP and CalDAV calendars (those used in Mail) can now be seen (thanks to Nils Beck for pointing out how to fix it, and all of you who emailed in to tell me about it and help out!).

2.1.2 - 31 October 2007

- Leopard-only bug fix: subscription calendars can now be seen.

2.1.1 - October 2007

- On some computers, the third-party software used for serial-number checking creates many copies of the folder, "EWSMac.framework" in the Trash. This is a bug, but needs to be fixed by the third-party. I have reverted to an earlier version of the software, which seems to have fixed the problem.

- Some people have reported that the to do's weren't updating. I think it is fixed now.

2.1.0 - September 2007

- Changed the internal scheduling. No longer need the "update every x seconds" control as updates are now automatic.

- Added code to work with Leopard.

- Added person's age to Address Book birthday events - thanks to Jürgen Groth for the suggestion!

- Added an option to not display birthday photos in the events.

- Added a popup to allow selection of the display the desktop window goes on - too many people to mention want better multiple-monitor support - thanks everybody!

- Added a button to allow both events and all-day events to be positioned at the top or the bottom of the display.

- Added the ability to select the menubar icon you prefer.

- Lots of bug fixes... (thanks to Gavin McGimpsey for testing and pointing several out!)

2.0.8 - February 2007

- Fix: Putting, for example "iCV++ 6 months" in an event's note, but omitting the space after the 6 would crash iCalViewer.

- Fix: The "Show relative times" setting stopped working at some stage.

- Fix: When first showing the Calendars in the preferences, the details would not be properly updated.

- Added: Chinese (Simplified) event display (thanks Ryan!!)

Version 2.0.7 | Release Date: 2006-11-17 | Download
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