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Version 2.1.1 | Release Date: 2010-10-01 | Download

Version 2.1.1
1 October 2010

  • Fixed a bug where import parsing would fail if the '' symbol was the very first character in a file.
  • @import statements without a file extension (Example: @import "somefile";) will now correctly look for a LESS file.

Version 2.1
28 September 2010

  • NEW FEATURE: "backwards @import parsing." If you have a file, X, that imports another file, Y, and you make changes to Y, X will now automatically recompile when you save Y (if auto-compile is on). This feature is automatic; there's nothing to turn on or hook up. You'll see "triggered by: X" in the compiler result when it happens.
  • Some of you send me Less files that make "War and Peace" look like a Haiku, so the @import parser is written in pure C for breakneck speed. (It's fast.) Note: the parser is not currently recursive. That is, if you have files X, Y, and Z that each import the next file in line and you make changes to Z, only Y gets recompiled. X does not. (I'm not sure there's demand for this and I don't want to encourage tangled webs of @imports!)
  • The refresh button now fires a nice UI effect when done.
  • Fixed a bug that would hang the app on window resize with an empty compiler results table.
  • Eliminated the "watching for changes" and "stopped watching for changes" messages.
  • Dropped the button around the gear icon. Because Apple's not the only one that gets to violate the HIG.

Version 2.0.6
7 September 2010

  • Updated the Less.js engine to version 1.0.35. Bug fixes include a crack at relative URL handling.
  • If you compile a LESS file with a custom CSS output path that doesn't exist, you'll now get a more friendly error message. Likewise, when the app refreshes folders, it now checks to make sure your custom output paths still exist. If they don't, it clears them.
  • Cursed at Xcode 4 for a while, then used Xcode 3 to compile because it puts the output in a sane place. (Xcode 4 dumps it into some obscure folder in ~/Library. Because someone at Apple has a sense of humor. Or because the guy that usually handles this stuff got transferred to the iPhone team.)

Version 2.0.5
29 July 2010

  • Updated the Less.js engine to version 1.0.33. More bug fixes and enhancements. Also: smarter error messages.
    Fixed a potential memory leak related to UI drawing
  • LESS files now have an icon that's different than the app's icon. (Save the file once and the icon should update itself.)

Version 2.0.4
8 July 2010

  • Updated the Less.js engine to version 1.0.32. Lots of bug fixes, including proper handling of complex variables such as @myFont: 1.3em "myriad pro" helvetica sans-serif; in font declarations with preceeding strings (eg font: bold @myFont)
  • Removed the "preserve comments" option because Less.js 1.0.30+ no longer supports it. (Originally, the option to ignore comments was provided to get super-fast compile times. Less.js 1.0.30, however, included optimizations that made compiling just as fast, regardless of whether comments were preserved or not. As such, comments are now always preserved unless you select "minify.")
  • Gave self trophy for "most application updates in five day period.«

    Version 2.0.3
    7 July 2010
  • Updated the Less.js engine to version 1.0.31
  • Fixes an issue with string variables inside url() statements. (background: url(@someImagePathVariable);)

Version 2.0.2
3 July 2010

  • Now works as expected on OS 10.5.0+
  • App updates from here on will no longer forget your added folders and associated settings.
  • Still working on getting Jony Ive to narrate the video.

Version 2.0.1
2 July 2010

  • Updated Less.js to correct issue with filenames containing periods
    Fixed a bug where the CSS output path would magically get longer every time you restarted the app -- Thanks Douwe.
  • Yep, that one slipped through. On the bright side, I didn't screw up any antennas on a $700 phone.

Version 2.0
2 July 2010

  • The compiler engine is now LESS.js powered by Node.js.
    Compiles up to 82% faster. (Thanks to LESS.js)
  • The UI has been iTunes-ified and streamlined.
  • The CSS output is much cleaner and visually organized.
  • You can now tell the app to ignore certain LESS files in a folder. (Handy for @import-ed files.)
  • The compiler will now (optionally) preserve comments in your LESS files.
  • You can choose to minify your CSS files automatically as they're created.
Version 1.2.1 | Release Date: 2010-04-13 | Download
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