Licence: Shareware ($79.95)
Version 1.5 | Release Date: 2008-01-14 | Download

NOTE: Users with version 1.3.2 can use the Check For Updates feature in the Lineform menu to automatically update to 1.5!
Full OS X 10.5 Leopard support, including QuickLook support
Custom+better artistic strokes
Layer/object outline view
Complete object tree Graphic selection and state display Drag and drop Layer opacity and filters possible
Text palette
Control over kerning etc.
Pressure support
Group isolation mode
Document info palette
Many bug fixes
Many small features/tweaks
Many speed improvements

Version 1.3 | Release Date: 2007-02-22 | Download

PDF import and editing. (Initial Version)
Parse PDF menu item in Objects menu on 10.4 or later.
Faster & more robust SVG loading
SVGZ loading support
Alt-drag improved
Faster document loading
Faster to outline conversion
Status bar text clarification
Max zoom level 256000%
Non-zero fill rules
Fixed bug with connect points
Fixed bug with opacity and custom effects
Fixed bug with add/remove layer undo
Fixed bug with group clipping and winding rules
Fixed bug with group clipping and filters.
Fixed Text bug
Fixed missing localised "Registered to.." string
Fixed Japanese degree symbols

Version 1.2.5 | Release Date: 2007-01-10 | Download
No changes specified
Version 1.1 | Release Date: 2006-07-16 | Download
No changes specified