Licence: GPL
Version 2.7.1 | Release Date: 2011-03-21 | Download


Feature: When errors are in a file being loaded, the file is still partially loaded and displayed. If multiple errors are found, each is displayed.

Feature: In Plexers library, added Select Location attribute to multiplexer, demultiplexer, and decoder.

Feature: If some components somehow manage to get "off the grid," they are relocated back onto the grid once they are moved.

Behavior change: With transistors and transmission gates, a floating value is passed through as floating regardless of the value of gate (including a floating or error gate value).

Behavior change: When clicking the currently viewed circuit, the circuit attributes are shown but no tool to add that circuit to itself is selected. This also happens with triple-clicking a circuit: The view is switched to the circuit, but the tool is not selected for adding instances to itself.

Bug fix: The combinational analysis "Product of Sums" option did not work when any variable other than the last one was to appear negated in any of the sums.

Bug fix: In the main editor window, when "Close" was selected from the Window menu, a dialog box popped up giving the Save/Discard/Cancel; but if Cancel was selected, the window was still closed (but without saving).

Bug fix: When "Reset Simulation" was selected while simulation was enabled, the reset values were not propagated through the circuit immediately.

Bug fix: Several types of exceptions could occur during simulation, particularly when poking the simulation while the simulation is busy. Many of these have been removed.

Bug fix: You could copy components from one project and paste them into another, even though the other project's libraries may not support the components being pasted.

Bug fix: Through starting to edit an attribute with a drop-down menu and then switching to view attributes for something else, the newly viewed attributes would actually change to the value of the previous edit.

Bug fix: When editing a circuit's appearances, labels would be given a color based on the fill color for rectangles/ovals/polygons rather than the color selected for text. This color was by default white, and so they appeared invisible.

Bug fix: When editing a circuit's appearance, changing between Border, Fill, Border & Fill didn't update attribute list (whether viewing attributes for a tool or for the current selection).

Bug fix: When editing a circuit's appearance and copying to the clipboard, the anchor's location and facing are stored to the clipboard if the selection includes the anchor.

Bug fix: In rare cases, loading files would show an error reading "Resetting to invalid mark." (This seems to have involved a non-ASCII character in exactly the wrong position.)

Bug fix: The Windows executable's application description was changed so "Open with" context menu gives proper application name.