Licence: Shareware ($20)
Version 1.3.6 | Release Date: 2013-11-19 | Download
  • Fixed partial thumbnails drawing bug
  • Fixed thumbnails flickering with drop shadow disabled
  • Fixed QuickTime crash on movie unloading
  • Version 1.3.1 | Release Date: 2013-08-01 | Download
  • New! Added support for Lightroom 5 libraries
  • New! German localization
  • New! Added Exposure Bias column with selector
  • Ability to switch to batch rename window when renaming a single file
  • Fixed iPhoto library connection when no installed
  • Fixed gif animation in thumbnails view
  • Fixed crash parsing Leaf .mos files
  • Fixed: disconnected libraries are not reconnected at next launch
  • Fixed creating movie thumbnail
  • Fixed stepping from movie
  • Fixed field updating in batch functions
  • Fixed wrong pixel size in list view
  • Version 1.3 | Release Date: 2013-06-20 | Download
  • New! Histogram for RGB, Luminance and separated Red, Green and Blue channels
  • New! Filters: temperature and ting, exposure, vibrance, saturation, brightness, contrast, highlight and shadow
  • New! Filter effects: Black and White, Sepia, Vignette
  • New! Import function for attached Devices with accessory panel and inspector
  • New! An integrated QuickTime movie player
  • Fixed Fit to screen behavior and zoom menu states
  • Fixed regression after a rename/rotate
  • Version 1.2.13 | Release Date: 2013-03-16 | Download

    Real email exporter with client and image size selection
    Improved browser scrolling speed and NAS access
    New zoom: Fit to screen
    The selection has now the start and area size indicators
    Updated raw loader with support for Nikon D600, Canon 6D, M, Sony A99 and others
    New search method for filename
    Fixed an issue when cropping on retina display
    Fixed rendering the thumbnail after a crop
    Fixed an issue that prevent the silent sharing result dialog from working
    Fixed an issue with the random dialog 'connecting to server'
    Fixed an random bug using the context menu
    Fixed a bug that prevent saving images with multiple frames
    Fixed an issue loading iTunes playlists in non standard location
    Fixed slideshow on retina display
    Fixed issues with window placement on second monitor
    Fixed a tiff loader crash
    Fixed multiple refresh of third-party libraries
    Fixed QuickLook preview update after changing selection
    Fixed Skip behavior in move files dialog
    Fixed refresh after applying or removing a crop
    Fixed drag and drop from camera in listview mode
    Fixed an issue with the spinning panel when loading large images

    Version 1.2.10 | Release Date: 2012-11-30 | Download
  • Updated Aperture and iPhoto library handling
  • Remember inspector layout in viewer and fullscreen
  • Fixed an issue when connecting Lighroom libraries
  • Fixed exposure with values greater than a second
  • Fixed code for a conflict with Afloat
  • Version 1.2.9 | Release Date: 2012-10-23 | Download
  • New! Undo/redo support for flagging, rating and metadata
  • Fixed a rare thumbnails scrolling issue
  • Fixed an issue when reading color labels
  • Fixed an issue with the maps locking button
  • Fixed a black line gap during thumbnails rendering
  • Version 1.2.4 | Release Date: 2012-07-22 | Download
  • Changed Exif date ordering to DateTimeOriginal, DateTimeDigitized and DateTime
  • Fixed setting image date in batch rename
  • Fixed image date when saving images
  • Fixed regression in print dialog
  • Fixed an issue with a Check for update dialog
  • Version 1.2.3 | Release Date: 2012-07-17 | Download
  • New! Support for HiDPI resolutions
  • New! Updated raw converter with support for new cameras
  • New! Image browser now support cut, copy and paste of images
  • Updated reader for Aperture, iPhoto and Lightroom libraries
  • Fixed thumbnails updating and relative load slowdown
  • Fixed inspector info when changing selection in listview
  • Fixed lost selection when switching view
  • Version 1.2.2 | Release Date: 2012-06-07 | Download

    Fixed spurious crashes rendering thumbnails
    Fixed an issue that display duplicates when changing sorting in thumbnails view
    Fixed a crash when exiting from Lion's fullscreen mode
    Fixed an issue with keyword field on Snow Leopard and fixed focus chances
    Fixed an issue with counter digits in batch operations
    Fixed some memory leaks

    Version 1.2 | Release Date: 2011-10-18 | Download

    New! Multi-account 500px exporter!
    New! New preferences to set slideshow's background pattern for fun visual effects!
    Implemented new Flickr OAuth authentication and speed up setup
    Fixed an issue in theme handling
    Fixed a background pattern display issue in strip view mode
    Fixed a rare thumbnail's aspect-ratio display bug

    Version 1.1 | Release Date: 2011-07-27 | Download

    Cosmetic changes for Lion
    Implemented image flagging
    New menu to draw metadata info (rating and flagging) in browser view
    Fixed a crash when attaching a phone
    Fixed an issue that caused an unexpected thumbnail's cache flush
    Fixed an issue that prevents 'Hide unknown formats' from recognizing unsupported files

    Version 1.0.6 | Release Date: 2011-01-31 | Download


    Version 1.0b28 | Release Date: 2010-12-30 | Download
    No changes specified