Licence: GPL
Version 1.6.8 | Release Date: 2010-11-15 | Download

What's new in version 1.6.8?

** Updates:


- Add support for pBibTeX (formerly known as jBibTeX), a specific Japanese
BibTeX variant (bug 6808).

- New environment variable LYX_FORCE_OVERWRITE allows changing default
behavior when exporting from command line. Now LyX overwrites the main
file by default, but not the ancillary files. Set this variable to
"all" for letting LyX behave as in 1.6.6 and previous versions; set it
to "none" for mimicking the 1.6.7 behavior of not overwriting any file.

- New layout and template file for submissions to journals published by
the American Geophysical Union (AGU).

- New layout and template file for submissions to journals published by
the Econometric Society (bug 6761).

- New layout and template file for the document class frletter that is
used to write letters in French (bug 6915).

- New layout and template file for the document class lettre, another
French letter class.

- Add support for subtitles in the KOMA classes.

- Add support for lists and quotes in the g-brief2 letter class
(bug 6857).

- Add support for the math command \ddddot (part of bug 6872).


- Improve the detection of LaTeX warnings in the Log dialog.

- Citations in the outline now display the key (bug 6837).


- Introducing Serbian (Latin) localization of LyX: A large part of the
user interface has been translated already.

- New Serbian (Latin) translation of the Splash document.

- Revised section 4.2 "Footnotes" of the EmbeddedObjects manual.

- Revised section 5.1 "Installing a new LaTeX package" of the
Customization manual.

- Describe how to use formulas in program listings in sec. 7 of the
EmbeddedObjects manual.

- Updated LaTeXConfig file.

- Updated English and German Linguistics manual.

- Updated French beamer template fr_beamer-conference-ornate-20min.

- Updated French, German, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese,
Portuguese, Spanish, Slovak and Ukrainian User Interface localizations.


- Allow autoconf 2.67.

** Bug fixes:


- Fix a crash when dropping multiple files onto LyX (bug 6944).

- Fix a crash due to unrecognized \defskip (bug 7014).

- Assure that Japanese LaTeX (pLaTeX) is in fact only used for Japanese
documents. This fixes major configuration problems with TeXLive 2010.

- Fix the output of glyph 0x02e0 (MODIFIER LETTER SMALL GAMMA) (bug 6817).

- Load the amsmath LaTeX-package when the math command \dddot is used to
avoid LaTeX errors (bug 6872).

- Do not popup "invalid path" warning when using View > Source (bug 6904).

- Small tweaks to the memoir text class.

- Allow pathnames with commas for BibTeX files (bug 6914).

- Set correct anchor for the link to the bibliography in the table
of contents if hyperref is used (bug 6470).

- Save the path of pasted images as a relative path (part of bug 5561).

- Don't escape math labels when saving (bug 7019).


- Do not allow to rename a format's short name if the format is used by a
converter. This prevents a crash (bug 6815).

- Fix crash when mutating eqnarray-like environments with labeled lines
to display equations (bug 6858).

- Disable cut and paste inside the Math Delimiters dialog. This was of no
use and could trigger a crash (bug 6942).

- Fix a crash when editing a macro name under some circumstances (for
example, when the macro is followed by a script inset and another
macro) (bug 6965).

- Fix an assertion when unindenting empty lines in a listings inset
(bug 6869).

- Box dialog: only shaded boxes can have multiple paragraphs if there
is no inner box (fixes also bug 6992).

- Fix mouse wheel scrolling on Mac OS 10.6 (bug 6775).

- Fix tab-switching keyboard shortcut (bug 5970).

- Fix parsing of inline math environments nested in (unknown to LyX)
text-mode user macros (bug 1337).

- When undo returns to a state where the file was saved, make sure to
reset the (changed) status (bug 3733).

- Don't allow to insert margin notes and floats into tables because this
would lead to LaTeX errors (bug 6844).

- Don't allow to insert margin notes and footnotes into captions because
this would lead to LaTeX errors.

- Fix handling of commands containing a straight quote (") in shortcut
editor (bug 6786).

- Use correct mode and screen fonts for old-style font changing macros
(\bf, \cal, \it, \rm, and \tt) in math (bug 6851).

- Retain the first non-empty label when mutating eqnarray-like environments
to a display equation (bug 6793).

- Load files in correct order when passed as arguments via the command
line (bug 6848).

- Fix parsing of commands sent through the lyxserver, such that they don't
need to be terminated by a newline character (bug 6868).

- Don't try to blindly execute the latex command if no latex binary is
available (bug 6873).

- Fix button link assignment in "Select from Template" dialog.

- Don't mark document as changed when navigating with cell-forward
or cell-backward.

- Correct check for enable condition of VC repository update.

- Correct enabled check for LFUN_MATH_NUMBER_TOGGLE.
Avoid implicit conversion of enum to bool.

- Fix some accelerator conflicts in Document Class dialog (bug 6963).

- Do not warn any changes will be lost when reverting to the
saved file if the document is clean (bug 6550).

- Restore the cursor position when showing hidden documents (bug 5878).

- Make the input completion case sensitive again (bug 6983).

Version 1.6.5 | Release Date: 2009-12-07 | Download

** Updates:


- Add support for Extended Greek characters (bug 4997).

- Support GraphicsMagic when ImageMagick is not found (bug 6056).

- New layout files for Inderscience journals (bug 6293).

- New layout files for the document classes tufte-book and tufte-handout.

- New layout files and templates for Springer's svmono and svmult document
classes (bug 6253).

- Add support for jmakeindex (Japanese version of makeindex).


- The LyX server is now available also on Windows. See Chapter 4 in the
Additional Features manual for how to enable it.

- Paragraph ends can now be marked by a pilcrow character (bug 6129).

- A "Reload" menu item is added to the Graphics context menu to
manually force a reload and conversion of the image (bug 6134).

- Handle LFUN_FONT_UNDERLINE in mathed too (bug 2045).

- Emergency file can be deleted after use (bug 2120).

- The size of previews (InstantPreview) can now be specified in the
LyX preferences (bug 6176).

- Include new modules to do equation/figure/table numbering sectionwise.
These modules are now used in the AMS classes instead of the previous
preamble hardcoding (bug 6123).

- Include new modules for more control over theorem numbering (bug 5880).

- It is now configurable whether each tab has an own close button
(bug 5977).

- New LFUN inset-select-all allows to select the whole content of
an inset (bug 5991).

- SVN support: synchronization for whole directories (bug 6255).

- Complete tooltips in Spellchecker preferences (bug 6185).

- Add tooltips in the Math Options section of the Document Settings


- New template file "svjour3.lyx" for article submissions
to journals published by the Springer group.

- New Slovak translation of the Splash manual.

- New Chinese translations of the LyX Intro and Tutorial.

- New French translations of the XY-pic manual, the powerdot example
document, the linguistics manual and the seminar example document.

- Revised French translations of the example_raw and example_lyxified

- Updated French manual how to write Braille with LyX.

- Updated French Intro manual.

- Revised appendix A of the Math manual.

- Revised English LyX Tutorial.

- Revised English, French and German template for 20 min. Beamer
conference presentations.

- Demonstrate the use of fragile frames in the Beamer example document.

- Updated LyX User's Guide.

- Clarify usage of layout tags No_Emph, etc. in the Customization manual
(bug 5412).

- Updated Simplified Chinese, Czech, French, German, Indonesian, Italian,
Japanese, Russian, Slovak, Spanish and Ukrainian user interface

** Bug fixes:


- Do an emergency save if LyX attempts to destroy a dirty document buffer.
This is a last resort to try to avoid data loss.

- Fix a tex2lyx crash when importing a LaTeX file using an unknown
encoding (bug 6142).

- Fix a crash when no external templates are defined (bug 3974).

- Fix a crash when loading a document that specifies mutltiple labels
for an equation (bug 5968).

- Fix crash when moving down with the cursor in a Unit inset (bug 6351).

- Fix infinite loop when reading Mac-formatted layout files (bug 3605).

- When using the PDF-Pages external inset, copy the included PDF file to
the temporary directory, where LaTeX searches it (bug 6345).

- Add encoding "ansinew" as a synonym of "cp1252" for the benefit of
tex2lyx (bug 6142).

- Fix support for optional argument of \bibitem in tex2lyx (bug 6249).

- Fix (again!) reading of default modules by tex2lyx (part of bug 5702).

- Fix reading of caption texts, which got broken in 1.6.4 (bug 6276).

- Fix support for polytonic Greek with multiple diacritics (bug 5976).

- Assure the author name is encoded correctly in the LaTeX output of
change tracking markup (bug 6225).

- Remove the last '\\' in the output of multiline equations. This caused
labels to appear twice (bug 2969).

- Put "|" characters in index entries in ERT when converting old documents
to LyX 1.6.x format, to assure the character is treated verbatim
(bug 6179).

- Properly reset the stream encoding after an environment in order to
match the required file encoding when exporting to LaTeX (bug 6216).

- Fixed layout file for the document class svjour3 (bug 6198).

- Add support for \specialsection in amsart layout; improve on-screen
appearance of headings.

- Added the separator style to the layout file for the document class
elsarticle and adapted the elsarticle.lyx template file accordingly
(bug 6189).

- Correctly distinguish warnings from errors when using teTeX with
file:line:error style (bug 6258).

- When including a child document whose language is different from
the master document language, restore the master language at the
end of the child rather than the child language.

- Set the correct document language when importing TeX files.

- Set the correct style for the quotes when importing TeX files which
use the new German spelling.

- Do not eat blanks at the beginning of inserted text in change tracking
mode's PDF output (bug 6282).

- Include packages for commands used within a \boxed (bug 6297).

- Close font-changing commands before a program listing.

- Ouput empty cells in a matrix with vertical lines. Omitting these
empty cells caused gaps to appear in the vertical lines (bug 6310).

- Fix counters in powerdot layout.


- Fix crash when finishing certain math macros such as \frac or font
changing commands (bug 6110).

- Fix crash when undoing changes to an unknown math macro name such that
the macro becomes a known user-defined macro (bug 6208).

- Fix a crash when searching for a string that is found in a table,
while the cursor is in math (bug 6112).

- Fix a crash when closing a window after a document was opened
multiple times and each time a new window was opened (bug 6188).

- Fix a crash when navigating to a child's heading with the outliner after
the child was reloaded (bug 6233).

- Fix a crash when navigating to a label in a child document (bug 6252).

- Fix a crash when trying to launch the settings dialog of an unknown
external inset (bug 6259).

- Fix crash when copying a math inset containing a non-ascii character
which is missing a LaTeX command representation in the unicodesymbols
file (bug 6250).

- Fix a crash when leaving an empty superscript or subscript (bug 6193).

- Fix an infinite loop when selecting multiple displayed equation right
after each other with LFUN_SCREEN_UP (bug 6237).

- Fix a crash when pressing PageUp in an empty document (bug 6327).

- Fix crash with autosave on Mac OS X 10.6 (bug 6168).

- Fix a number of assertions when displaying error messages (bug 6205).

- Fix assertion when clicking on left side of inset in RTL text
(bug 6165).

- Fix bad allocation exception when displaying long tooltips (bug 6215).

- Fix shadowing of user-defined math macros by internal ones and make
LyX behave as LaTeX, i.e., user macros take precedence (bug 5530).

- Fix width definition in the box dialog after a box inset was transformed
from "Inner Box" type "None" to "Parbox" or "Minipage" (bug 6298).

- Fixed problem involving inability to turn off auto-save (bug 6227).

- Sort document classes case insensitively (bug 1492).

- Fix wrong cursor position in RTL text (bug 6161).

- Disable to insert floats into another float when this is not allowed
(bug 6045).

- Disable the float positioning dialog for subfloats (bug 6125).

- Do not close the cross references dialog when selecting an item from the
list (UNIX only; bug 6204).

- The menu item "Close Tab Group" is renamed to "Close Current View" to
better relate this to the action "Split View ..." (bug 5067).

- Fix a bug that the keymap settings in the Preferences dialog could
not be deleted (bug 6119).

- Fix a number of small issues regarding menu items and menu shortcuts
(bug 6164).

- Fix a bug that it was possible to request the wrong context menu
by moving the mouse during the right-click (bug 5796).

- Fix the painting of RTL text. All rows except the last one of a
paragraph were painted slightly too far to the left (bug 3997).

- Fix the \kern primitive in mathed (bug 6246).

- When pressing <del> at the end of a math formula, do not remove
label or numbering when selection is set (bug 6273).

- Fix Ctrl-Shift-Tab shortcut for tabs (bug 6194).

- When starting LyX, open each document in a new view when "Open documents
in tabs" is unchecked (bug 4906).

- Fix the location of context menus requested by the menu key (bug 6108).

- Fix undo of removed script in mathed when both super- and subscript
are present (bug 6264).

- Fix parsing of selection when used as argument of a math macro
(bug 6270).

- Fix inset-[begin|end][-select] when the cursor is at the beginning or
end of a paragraph.

- If a static EndLabelString is defined in a layout file it is now
correctly displayed on screen (bug 2972).

- Do not remember documents for next startup when closing a window
but not closing LyX.

- Fix the painting of the last character of a paragraph, e.g.
added/deleted paragraph breaks in change tracking.

- Do not swallow spaces after a LaTeX macro appearing in text mode
inside mathed (bug 6284).

- Show the correct context menu for insets nested in closed insets
that are opened by the navigate or search functionality (bug 6820).

- Fix the positioning of the cursor in some cases with mixed RTL
and LTR text (bug 5061).

- Set the correct language after dissolving an inset, which could have
given strange effects especially when dissolving an ERT (bug 6292).

- Fix the appearance of the combo boxes in the Text Style dialog
(bug 5063).

- Fix double blinking cursors in Graphics/Nomenclature dialogs (bug 3852).

- Fix display of e-mail addresses in the About LyX dialog.

- In the Linguistics module, do not switch to the buffer language in
glosses (this was only a cosmetic issue in the LyX window).

- Allow PgUp and PgDown to position the cursor on the first or last row.

- Dissolve the caption when unsetting a longtable caption row (bug 5754),
and when converting a longtable into a normal table.

- Move the contents of a table row into the caption when setting the row
as a longtable caption row.

- Correctly position the cursor after pasting to a multi-cell math inset
(bug 6342).


- Fix the compilation of the example file powerdot-example.lyx with
recent versions of the LaTeX package powerdot.


- The internal boost libraries have been updated to version 1.40. Now
LyX builds with gcc 4.4 without the need to use --without-included-boost.

- Clarify that we require automake 1.8 (this was already the case, but
nobody noticed). Accept autoconf 2.64 (bug 6352).

- Fix buglet in configure script with recent bash versions.

- The script can now also copy files in subdirectories.
(useful for external converters)

Version | Release Date: 2009-09-04 | Download

LyX, a minor service upgrade release, is available now. The upgrade fixes a regression that prevented the release of Mac OS X binaries for LyX 1.6.4.
Mac users are strongly encouraged to upgrade to this version. For users of other platforms, there is no reason to upgrade from LyX 1.6.4.

Version 1.5.6 | Release Date: 2008-07-27 | Download

We are pleased to announce the release of LyX 1.5.6. This is the fifth maintenance release in the 1.5.x cycle that has been started exactly one year ago. The aim of this release was to make LyX even more robust and to solve some long-standing annoyances. Also, further translation efforts have been made, and LyX now ships in 23 languages.
All users are encouraged to upgrade to this version.
With this release, the LyX 1.5.x series reaches its peak, while the next major milestone, LyX 1.6.0, is already in sight. Expect, however, at least one more minor release in the 1.5.x series, which will be released in parallel to 1.6.0 and which will be able to import LyX 1.6.x documents.

Version 1.5.4 | Release Date: 2008-02-24 | Download

This file lists interface changes that might affect users in 1.5.4, some
known problems in LyX 1.5.4 and some things you have to take into account
when upgrading from earlier versions to a version of the 1.5.x series.
Note that fixes are available for some of these, but they have not yet
been applied because of incomplete testing.

Interface changes in version 1.5.4

- Due to a license conflict, the LaTeX-package "floatflt" that is used by LyX
for wrap figure floats has been removed from all major LaTeX-distributions.
Thus, we were forced to switch to the package "wrapfig". As consequence of this,
the look and positioning of wrap floats in your documents might slightly differ.
Please backup documents with wrap floats before upgrading and check the output.

Known issues in version 1.5.4

- If KDE 4 (the kdelibs4 package, for that matter) is installed, LyX might
crash when previewing an EPS graphic (or any other graphic that is converted
via EPS). This is a bug in the kdelibs package (the kimg_eps library, to be
precise) included in the KDE 4 pre-releases and in KDE 4.0. The problem has
been resolved for KDE 4.0.1. We encourage all affected KDE 4 users to upgrade
to KDE 4.0.1 (or newer).

If you have to stick with KDE 4.0 for some reason, there are two workarounds:
* uninstall kdelibs4 (or KDE4, for that matter) or
* disable graphics preview in Tools->Preferences->Graphics

- Cursor restoration problems with Multiple-View:
When using multiple Windows to edit different parts of the
same document, the cursor position is sometimes not correctly restored
when you switch from one view to the other.

- RTL and keymaps:
Currently there is a bug where you can't use two non-RTL language keymaps if
the RTL preference is set (which is now the default). If you need to use two
non-RTL keymaps, for now you should just turn off the RTL preference (Tools ->
Preferences... -> Language settings -> Language, uncheck "Right-to-left
language support").
We hope to offer more comprehensive support for multiple keymaps in the future,
which will solve this bug, as well as allow more than just two keymaps. If you
have any input on this issue, please chime in on the developers mailing list,
or add your comments to

Caveats when upgrading from earlier versions to 1.5.x

Due to the change to Unicode, there are some general things you'll have to take care
about when upgrading from an older version to LyX 1.5.0 or newer. Please refer to the
file UPGRADING for details.

Note: There may later be an updated list of known issues online at

Version 1.5.2 | Release Date: 2007-10-08 | Download

We are pleased to announce the release of LyX 1.5.2. This is a maintenance release that focuses on improving the stability. We have fixed numerous crashes, performance problems, and other bugs. Furthermore, the documentation has been revised. It covers all new features of the 1.5.x series now.

Version 1.4.2 | Release Date: 2006-07-17 | Download

LyX/Mac-1.4.2 has now been released (July 18, 2006). This is mostly a bug fix release, with more speed improvements on Mac.

A LyX/Mac-1.4.2 binary for Intel Macs is also available (August 1, 2006).

Version 1.4.1 | Release Date: 2006-07-12 | Download
No changes specified