MacPAR Deluxe

Licence: Freeware
Version 4.1 | Release Date: 2010-01-13 | Download
•Fixed an issue that could cause the program to take a very long time opening a par2 file.
•Added a new post-process macro for command line rules.
•Added an icon for rar documents (becomes visible if you link the “rar” extension to MacPAR deLuxe).
•Upgraded all document icons to large size (512 x 512 pixels).
Version 3.8 | Release Date: 2008-03-20 | Download
No changes specified
Version 3.8 | Release Date: 2008-03-17 | Download

Release notes for version 3.8

You can now configure a folder where the Unrar results will always be written.
Added a configuration option for fully unattended operation.
Added a configuration option to limit the number of CPU cores used for par2 processing. Default is still to use all cores.
In Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) on an Intel Macintosh the par2 process now runs in 64-bit mode, resulting in a slight performance improvement.
The Quit menu is now disabled while a par or unrar is running. You must explicitly cancel before quitting.
Before starting the par / par2 process the program now checks if the folder is writable.
The program no longer runs on Mac OSX 10.3.x (Panther). Supported systems are 10.4.x (Tiger) and 10.5.x (Leopard).

Version 3.7 | Release Date: 2007-04-23 | Download

Added support for non-ASCII characters (such as é and §) in the file names of a par2 set.
As long as you keep the par2 window open, the program remembers which files were already checked OK, and skips them in the next repair run.
Increased the speed of the unrar process for archives that contain many small files, and for uncompressed archives.
In the Edit menu, added a command to copy one or more selected file names to the clipboard, and to easily select all erroneous files.

Version 3.6.1 | Release Date: 2007-04-05 | Download

Release notes for version 3.6.1:
-Corrected an error introduced with the 3.6 release, that caused the program to crash when expanding very big RAR archives (> 12 GB).

Release notes for version 3.6:
-Improved compatibility with QuickPar Windows, with respect to files that have diacritic characters in their names (such as é).
-The program crashed when a par2 repair only involved concatenating other files. This has been fixed.
-The Unrar progress window now remains visible when the application is moved to the background.
-When par creation is interrupted with the "Cancel" button, it is now possible to restart the process without having to recreate the par set.
-The Preferences panel can now be opened by typing command+,
-Holding down the alt key while choosing "Close" now closes all windows.

Version 3.5 | Release Date: 2006-07-05 | Download

* The program now comes as a universal binary, fully compatible with both Intel and PowerPC Macintoshes.
* The program now benefits from dual processor (or dual core) Macintoshes, making par2 verification, repair and creation considerably faster on such machines.
* Files larger than 4 GB failed to be repaired; this restriction has been removed.
* When the program is in the background and it starts an automatic Unrar, the dock icon no longer bounces continuously (it bounces just once). This issue had been fixed before, but reappeared in the previous version.
* Added improved support for unattended Unrar of multiple file sets.
* Updated the post-processing rule for zip files: they are now processed with the built-in unzip function of OSX instead of Stuffit Expander.
* Very small rar files, with a combined uncompressed file size of less than 512 bytes, failed to be expanded. This issue has been solved.
* Fixed an issue that caused the program to fail when the full path names of the files exceeded 255 characters.
* Fixed an issue that caused MacPAR deLuxe to always launch the Apple Mail program when choosing "Send E-mail to the Author". It now activates the user-configured mail program.
* The program now requires OS X version 10.3.9 or better. It will not run with earlier versions of the operating system.

Version 3.2 | Release Date: 2006-02-20 | Download
No changes specified