Licence: BSD License
Version 2.1.3 | Release Date: 2013-01-31 | Download

Release 2.1.3 (2013-01-31 by jmr)
- Fixed a bug where a certain order of starting and aborting a build,
running selfupdate and continuing a build would resume building although
it should start from the beginning.
(#29223, cal in r96136, r96399, r96400, r96538)

- Fix permission problem in the creation of the ccache directory with
ccache >= 3.1.7 by running the initialization step as the macportsuser.
(raimue in r97868)

- Fix an endless loop that could be triggered in rev-upgrade when a broken
port is not in the index, e.g. when it has been deleted from the tree,
or it was installed directly from a Portfile not in the tree.
(cal in r100129, jmr in r101313)

- Set a busy timeout on SQLite connections to prevent MacPorts from
uselessly burning CPU cycles when waiting for a database lock.
(cal in r100217)

- Switch from exclusive locking to immediate locking in the registry
database to avoid locking reads where not needed.
(cal in r100218)

- Fix a problem where interrupting the uninstallation process could leave
the registry database in a corrupted state.
(#34482, cal in r100219)

- Fixed a failure in the fallback code used by 'port pkg' when
PackageMaker is not installed. (#36597, jmr in r96262)

- Fixed an incorrect lint error about the port directory name when a full maintainer address is used. (#35925, ryandesign in r97264)

- Fixed creation of disk images with flat packages. (jmr in r99167)

- Fixed a bug where not all requested variants would be passed on to
dependencies when building an mpkg. (#36363, jmr in r100679)

- Added configure.compiler options macports-clang-3.2 and
macports-clang-3.3 (jeremyhu, ryandesign, jmr in r92588, r101163,
r101166, r101270)

- Added configure.compiler options macports-dragonegg-3.0 through
macports-dragonegg-3.3. (jeremyhu in r101933)

Release 2.1.2 (2012-07-26 by jmr):
- Fixed autodetection of developer_dir with Xcode 4.4
(#35150, mfeiri in r95552)

- Made conversion of images to archives more robust against missing images
(jmr in r95480)

- Support spaces in hg.tag when fetching from mercurial (#22684 comment
11,12, cal in r95438)

- Made mpkg fail when building a component pkg fails, instead of trying to
continue (jmr in r95382)

- Added a log message when everything to be installed has an unsatisfied
dependency, such as in the case of circular dependencies (jmr in r93962)

- Fixed incorrect error message when installing a port that has a
dependency that is not in the index (#31130, jmr in r93511)

Version 2.1.1 | Release Date: 2012-05-19 | Download

Release 2.1.1 (2012-05-19 by jmr):
- Fixed incorrect parsing of mirror group URLs that contain a colon to
indicate a port number (#32018, jmr in r93258)

- Do not print detailed progress information in rev-upgrade when stdout is
not a terminal (#34480, cal in r93221,r93222)

- Made rev-upgrade avoid trying to upgrade ports that are not in the index
(jmr in r93197)

- Fixed rev-upgrade disabling source-only mode in its first upgrade pass
(jmr in r93153)

- Fixed incorrect rebuild order in rev-upgrade (cal in r93129)

- Fixed port lookups failing for all sources when the index is missing in
one source (#30593, jmr in r92976)

- Fix database upgrade on Tiger, where SQLite doesn't support ALTER TABLE
ADD COLUMN (#34463, cal in r93256)

Release 2.1.0 (2012-05-15 by jmr):
- New configure.compiler options: macports-clang-2.9, macports-clang-3.0,
macports-clang-3.1, macports-gcc-4.7, macports-gcc-4.8
(jeremyhu in r86719, ryandesign in r91521)

- Avoid using pkg-config to find sqlite3 in our configure script unless it
can't be found by other means, because some third-party packages
incorrectly install a /usr/bin/pkg-config that points to an incompatible
copy of sqlite3. (#30932, dluke/jmr in r91512)

- 'port pkg' and 'port mpkg' will now create flat packages (i.e. a xar
archive rather than a directory) on 10.6+.
(jmr in r91317, r91329, r91331, r91437)

- Fixed dependencies sometimes being installed multiple times when
required with different archs. (#31794, jmr in r91357)

- Build-time dependencies will no longer be installed if a prebuilt
archive is available for download (and port is configured to use it).
(jmr in r91196, r91217)

- Added new config file archive_sites.conf, which can be used to configure
additional archive download sources. Each source has an associated
archive type; portarchivetype is now only used when creating archives
locally. Sources also have an associated prefix, applications_dir and
frameworks_dir, and if any of these do not match the current values, the
source is not used. (jmr in r91009)

- Xcode 4.3 support: Search harder for developer directory; advise user to
run xcode-select when necessary, searching for Xcode and suggesting
xcode-select commands.
(jberry, jmr in r89970,r89971,r89972,r89996,r89999,r90003,r90005-r90009,

- warn about non-existing developer_dir when it's set in macports.conf
(cal in 90802)

- port automatically installs bsdmake when there's no bsdmake in $PATH and a
port sets build.type bsd (#33355, cal in r90650)

- Added -W option for reinplace that sets a base directory that all file
arguments are interpreted as being relative to. (raimue in r90610)

- Added macports.conf options 'host_blacklist' and 'preferred_hosts', used
for indicating lists of download hosts that should not be used or should
be used preferentially, respectively. These override the usual ping time
check. Ping times are also now cached for 24 hours. (jmr in r89459)

- Added 'rev-upgrade' action checking for broken linkage and rebuilding
ports containing broken files. Made rev-upgrade run automatically after
each upgrade or install.
(cal in branch gsoc11-rev-upgrade, merge in r88376, also cal, raimue, jmr
in r88377,r88411,r88441,r88511,r88666,r88732,r89180,r89659,r89661,r90102,

- Added options controlling rev-upgrade behavior to macports.conf
(jmr, cal in r88725,r88794,r89189)

- port livecheck regex finds multiple matches on the same line
(raimue in r88031)

- Several improvements to port lint:
licenses, subversion properties, maintainer addresses
(#30194, snc, raimue in r85929, r86016, r89428, r89610)

- Added license_noconflict option to specify dependencies for which the
maintainer has manually checked license compatibility and wishes to
overrule the conservative automated checks. (jmr in r89004)

- Xcode 4.3 support: Use xcrun -find to find xcode compiler if it's not
found in /usr/bin.
(jberry, jmr in r88540,r88541,r88546,r88777,r88779,r88787,r89359,r89984,r90028)

- Added options compiler.blacklist, compiler.whitelist, and
compiler.fallback; to allow blacklisting, whitelisting, and setting the
fallback order for configure.compiler values, respectively.
(#30041, jmr in r88676)

- Fix sync with subdirectory of Subversion 1.7-format working copy
(#33573, jmr in 86872)

- Fixed conflicts not being checked for when installing ports that have no
dependencies. (#31571, dports in r85382)

- dmg postflight: quote all paths to handle the increasingly frequent
occurrence that $HOME contains spaces (#33583, ryandesign in r84345)

- dmg postflight: adjust wording of some messages (ryandesign in r84344)

- The deprecated Portfile options svn.tag, distcheck.check and
livecheck.check have been removed. (raimue in r82763)

- Implement new option-replace using lsearch/lreplace. The old behavior is
deprecated for option-replace with only one argument, but can still be
found in option-strsed.
(raimue in r82760, r82761)

- Added 'buildfromsource' macports.conf setting, which allows permanently
selecting the behaviour of the -s or -b option. (jmr in r81540)

Version 2.0.4 | Release Date: 2012-02-25 | Download

Release 2.0.4 (2012-02-25 by jmr)
- Xcode 4.3 support: Change home directory for MacPorts user to
(jberry, jmr in r89988, r89993, r90002, r90010, r90011)

- set env(HOME) to ${workpath}/.home when building ports
(#31827, jmr in r89994, r90004)

- Added configure.cxx setting when configure.compiler is apple-gcc-4.2
(jeremyhu in r80248)

- Xcode 4.3 support: added packagemaker_path macports.conf setting
(jmr in r90058)

- Resolve ambiguity in selection in portlists
(jberry in r88179, r88185)

- Xcode 4.3 support: updated default developer_dir location for 4.3
(jmr in r90016)

- Xcode 4.3 support: use compilers in /usr/bin instead of developer_dir
when possible, as the latter has proven to be volatile.
(jmr in r90015)

- Xcode 4.3 support: updated SDK paths for 4.3 (jmr in r90000)

- Work around broken FTP proxy support in some versions of libcurl
(jmr in r84351, r88045)

Version 2.0.3 | Release Date: 2011-09-05 | Download

Release 2.0.3 (2011-09-05 by raimue)
- Fix a regression introduced in 2.0.2 when fetching with a VCS
(#31073, jmr in r83471)

Release 2.0.2 (2011-09-01 by jmr):
- Messages recommending running selfupdate will no longer be printed when
selfupdate is being run. (#23094, jmr in r83270, r83391)

- The PortIndex will not be regenerated during selfupdate when base is
outdated. This avoids failure to index ports that use features only
available in the current version. (#30739, jmr in r83271)

- Fixed build failures when the TMPDIR environment variable is set to a
directory that is not writable by the macports user.
(#30749, jmr in r83267)

- Fixed error when checksumming distfiles with names containing spaces.
(#28568, jmr in r83149)

- The uninstall and deactivate actions now sort the port list so that
dependents are processed before the ports they depend on.
(#8431, jmr in r82947)

- Fixed an issue where a non-universal version of a port could be
installed as a dependency as well as the universal version, with
unpredictable results, when some ports in the dependency graph needed
the universal version but others didn't. (jmr in r82924)

- Now using a temp dir inside ${prefix} when activating, as /tmp or
/var/folders may be on a different volume. (jmr in r82767)

- Fixed extracting portfile-only archives. (#31033, jmr in r81830)

- Fixed adduser and addgroup procedures not re-dropping privileges when
done. (jmr in r81630)

- Fixed error activating ports with names containing the string "cpio".
(#30532, jmr in r81577)

Version 2.0.1 | Release Date: 2011-08-02 | Download

Release 2.0.1 (2011-08-02 by jmr):
- Fixed errors when installing some archives built on a case-sensitive
filesystem onto a case-insensitive one. (#30373, jmr in r81562)

- Fixed users created by MacPorts showing up in the GUI in some places on
Lion. (#30168, jeremyhu in r81558)

- Added replaced_by pseudo-portname selector. (afb in r81475)

- Added progress output to port image conversion script.
(#30347, jmr in r81464)

- Now doing a better job of avoiding UID conflicts with non-local users
when creating the 'macports' user. (#30464, jmr in r81414, r81415) Also
improved Tiger compatibility in this area. (jmr in r81454, r81467)

- Fixed 'port selfupdate' exiting with non-zero status after installing a
new version of base. (jmr in r81371)

- Added --subports to options accepted by 'port info'. (jmr in r81234)

- Fixed incorrect info sometimes being added to PortIndex entries when
using subports. (#30463, jmr in r81361)

- Fixed descriptions not being shown for default variants. (jmr in r80971)

- Fixed 'port variants --index'. (jmr in r80969)

Version 2.0.0 | Release Date: 2011-07-22 | Download

Release 2.0.0 (2011-07-22 by jmr):

- Multiple ports can now be defined in one Portfile using the 'subport'
procedure. This reduces code duplication when several ports use very
similar code. (jmr in r78062)

- Privilege dropping is now on by default. The runtime user can be changed
when building from source but defaults to 'macports'; this user is
created at install time. (jmr in r79025)

- Fetching from some extremely slow or partially unresponsive servers
should now time out as expected. (raimue in r71038)

- The registry is now "vacuumed" (compacted/defragmented) after
uninstalling ports. (jmr in r70608)

- Downloaded archives are now checked for integrity using digital
signatures. Sync and selfupdate can also use a signed tarball. New
pubkeys.conf file allows configuring keys to trust.
(jmr in r68996, r79093)

- Added 'actinact' pseudo-portname that expands to installed ports with an
active version and at least one inactive version.
(#27666, jmr in r79421, based on patch from

- Added --size option for 'contents' action that makes it print the size
of each file. (#27245, jmr in r79365, based on patch from

- Added 'space' action to show the disk space used by ports' active files.
(#27244, jmr in r79349, based on patch from

- Actions can be abbreviated to an unambiguous prefix of the full name.
(#27242, patch from committed in r79259)

- Fixed error when activating ports whose version contains an underscore
followed by an integer and a dash. (#28084, jmr in r79167)

- Deactivating a port that has dependents no longer needs to be forced
when the dependents are all inactive. (#29505, jmr in r78086)

- New option 'add_users' has been added. Setting it will ensure that the
listed users are created before all operations that may require them to
exist. (#11563, jmr in r78660)

- 'port info --index' should be much faster and will work with the
'current' pseudo-port provided the port has been indexed.
(#13673, jmr in r78621)

- Relocation is explicitly disabled when building pkgs on 10.6, so Apple's
Installer won't attempt to overwrite other copies of the same software
not installed by MacPorts. (#25174, jmr in r78178)

- Non-Darwin platforms can once again build base against OpenSSL for
checksum support. (#26813, afb in r77865)

- It is now safe to set svn.post_args, rather than that option being
reserved for svn.url. (#27454, jmr in r73825)

- Variants specified when running 'port mpkg' are now set in the
dependencies as well. (#27231, jmr in r73303)

- Fixed various issues with privilege dropping.
(#26899, jmr in r69453 etc.)

- Trace mode no longer fails on 10.6. (#21582, jmr in r74318, r74369)

- Ports that create StartupItems (aka launchd plists) should now be
installable by unprivileged users. (#10879, jmr in r66700, r75143)

- Fixed incorrect output from 'port dependents' when using newer SQLite
versions. (#27506, patch from committed in r76827)

- The flat registry format is no longer available. Setting portdbformat to
'flat' in macports.conf will result in the sqlite registry being used.
(jmr in r77681)

- Port images are now stored as archives. Archive mode is now effectively
always on. Among other benefits, this fixes some bugs with the handling
of hard links installed by ports (e.g. #13601).

Direct mode is no longer available. Existing port image directories, and
installed files for direct mode, will be converted to archives when

(#19458, branch by blb, merged by jmr in r77511)

- master_site_local, patch_site_local, and archive_site_local can be set
in macports.conf, with the same effects as the corresponding environment
variables. (jmr in r74924)

- Added 'logfile' action that prints the path to a port's log file.
(jmr in r74655)

- Computing large dependency trees that contain the same port(s) multiple
times should be considerably faster. (jmr in r73133)

- configure.compiler can now be set to macports-llvm-gcc-4.2 or
macports-clang (mfeiri in r72936, r72937)

- Add '-n' option to reinplace (#26406, ryandesign in r73227)

- Add new ccache_dir and ccache_size options, default path is
${portdbpath}/build/.ccache and a size of 2 GB.
(raimue in r71604, r71606)

- Add 'system -W path' which changes to the given directory before
executing the command.
(raimue in r71380, r71389)

- Add -w to build.cmd and destroot.cmd if using gnumake
(raimue in r71370)

- Add livecheck.ignore_sslcert; setting fetch.ignore_sslcert does no
longer apply to livecheck. distcheck now respects fetch.ignore_sslcert.
(#17063, raimue in r70975, r70979, r70982)

- Add SHA256 checksums in addition to MD5, SHA1 and RIPEMD160.
(afb in r57888, r57913; snc in r68955)

- Add @pkgdep lines to archives, with build-time dependencies.
(afb in r76919)

Version 1.9.1 | Release Date: 2010-06-18 | Download
No changes specified
Version 1.8.2 | Release Date: 2010-01-01 | Download

- Fixed 'port load' for non-root installations (#21713, jmr in r60774)

- Fixed a bug that could cause port to hit the open file limit
(#22959, jmr in r61770)

- Fixed an error when installing from source or selfupdating on Tiger with
an svn-based ports tree (#20760, jmr in r61302)

- Fixed an error when selfupdating as root with a prefix that is not owned
by root (#21010, jmr in r60798)

- Stopped uninstall from failing when files in the port image have already
been deleted (#22001, jmr in r59318, r59654)

- Stopped printing command output multiple times on failure (#21084,
jmr in r60770)

- Started showing bug reporting instructions on failure (jmr in r60770)

- Fixed a bug where 'port dmg' could create too small an image and run out
of space (#22404, jmr in r60260)

- Fixed a bug where reinplace could fail when running port without root
privileges (#20896, jmr in r59597)

- Started setting our own umask since Snow Leopard makes us inherit
the user's even when using sudo (#21389, jmr in r59585)

Version 1.8.1 | Release Date: 2009-09-28 | Download

Version 1.8.0 | Release Date: 2009-08-29 | Download
No changes specified
Version 1.7.1 | Release Date: 2009-03-28 | Download

port upgrade will no longer act on ports which are not installed

Version 1.7.0 | Release Date: 2008-12-14 | Download

Global variant descriptions using variant_descriptions.conf in the new resources directory in the ports tree (#14482, raimue)
Move port resources into the ports tree (#14553, raimue and blb)
Improve error message when "upgrade outdated" is used (#12288)
Properly handle ports whose version evaluates to 0 (#16740, ryandesign)
PortIndex is now regenerated atomically (#16234, blb & ryandesign)
Improve upon 'port lint' usage by not being too overbearing unless --nitpick is used (#14799)
Fix reinplace when the filename contains spaces (#17098, ryandesign)
Fix python port group issues (#15226)
Make sure global variants (from variants.conf) are applied to all phases (#11897)
Allow configuring --without-objc-runtime --without-objc-foundation, for building on platforms without Foundation like +puredarwin (r41015)
Changes in loading of configuration files. Currently the global configuration file is loaded first, then user defined one (if present), PORTSRC environment variable is loaded last. Last defined value is used for each configuration option. (#16329, contributed by Adam Byrtek)
Ruby port group now accepts a new (optional) last parameter for the ruby.setup command, "implementation". It is "ruby" by default, and can be set to "ruby19". It names the ruby-implementing port, and can possibly support still other rubys in the future. (#15912, febeling in r38683)
Don't use build.nice for complex build.cmd commands (#16091)
The buildmakejobs setting now also affects ports using the scons build system, so now scons-based ports can be built in parallel too. Previously only automake-based ports were supported. (ryandesign in r38556)
User-supplied port names are now treated in a fully case-insensitive manner. This fixes a bug where giving the name with incorrect case when deactivating/uninstalling would cause all the port's files to be left behind. (#11759, jmr/raimue in r37349, r37621)
The non-verbose output for the build phase no longer shows what target was used. This makes the build phase consistent with the other phases which also do not show details. If details are desired, the debug or verbose switches should be used. (#15881, raimue/ryandesign in r38315)
Make missing sed extended regexp (for reinplace -E) into a runtime error. (#15577, afb in r37501)
More helpful strings for 'port help' (needs more work #15467, raimue)
Command line options are checked if the command accepts it before running (raimue)
We now have a mirror of (almost) all distfiles at, and it is automatically appended to master_sites and patch_sites (#15456, jmr in r37217, r37255)
port search looks now in name, description and long_description for the search pattern and prints the list sorted (#15434, raimue in r37119, r37121)
Stopped 'port -R upgrade' from processing more ports than it should, and from processing ports multiple times. (#10827, jmr in r37046)
Don't include build.nice and in destroot.cmd (#15295)
The default universal variant is no longer added when we know it won't work. (#12170, jmr in r36764)
During upgrade, if the latest installed version of a port is not active, the currently active version (if any) is now deactivated before trying to activate the latest version. (#12013, jmr in r36762)
A port with dependents can now be removed without forcing iff it is inactive and there is at least one other version of the same port installed (#11501, jmr in r36747)
Duplicate entries can no longer build up in the dependency map (#8763, jmr in r36745)
In image mode, dependencies are no longer treated as being satisfied when the satisfying port is not active (#7361, jmr in r36735)
Fixed a bug where upgrade could create too many nested subdirectories in distpath, archive.destpath and unarchive.srcpath (#11971, jmr in r36679, r36687, r36688)
Declaring a dependency on a nonexistent port now always causes an error (#10768, jmr in r36648)
Explicitly use unsetenv(3) on all environment variables (#13930, #16010, #16233)
Make the included tclthread compile on Leopard if configured (#13495)
Allow distfiles to be disk images with "use_dmg yes" port option (#13509, ryandesign in r36708)
ruby.setup now takes a type 'fetch' to just fetch/extract (eridius in r35773)
Fetch now prefers mirrors with lower ping times (#14891, jmr in r35748, r35806, r35808)
Fetching of daily snapshot tarballs of the ports tree as an alternative to rsync (raimue in r35647, r35648)
port uninstall now takes --recursive to uninstall all dependents (#14637, eridius in r34977)
New fetch.type git (#14232, eridius in r34875)
fixed "port mdmg" getting block size wrong for the disk image (#13968, afb in r34844)
always set MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET, to avoid bugs with older glibtool (afb in r34541)
port lint now checks all dependencies so that the ports actually exist (#14380)
added target_state to avoid the need for privileges for lint/livecheck (#13458)
Overhauled output for port info/deps/dependents/search (raimue in r34354, r34371, r34391, r34395, r34402, r34420)
Revert the default +universal MDT/SDK to 10.4/10.4u on Tiger and 10.5/10.5 on Leopard
port lint shouldn't require variable master_sites for fetch.type != standard (#14377)
Add "tcldoc" documentation comments and "tcldox" Doxyfile for doxygen (#12048)
Add --pretend and --nosync flags to selfupdate (raimue in r33938, r33939, r33940, r33941)
Work around autoconf X11 detection bugs on darwin (afb in r33717)
Fix bugs with X11 lib detection on Leopard (#14089, afb in r33716)
Add configure.{optflags,m32,m64,march,mtune} (afb in r33503, r33599)
Add applications_dir and frameworks_dir configuration (r33499, r33722)
Remove some hardcoded paths (such as /usr/X11R6, /usr/bin/install) (afb in r33501, r33619, r33620)
Add configure.{universal_target,universal_sysroot,universal_archs} (afb in r33478).
Change default +universal platform back to: 10.4/10.4u.sdk/i386 ppc (r33087, r33107).
Add `port platform` info target that outputs current platform (#12302, afb in r32724).
Enable 64 bit environment, ppc64 ×86_64, for all +universal builds (mww in r32194).
Add 'merge' function for merging multiple (single arch) destroots into one (universal) destroot (mww in r31954).
If checksum is mismatched, and in verbose mode, present a corrected pre-fabricated checksum statement to make it easy to update a port (jberry in r32441).
Fixed the "Error: Unable to open port: invalid command name "ui_prefix"" runtime error on Panther (eridius in r32525).
Fixed the "Error: Unable to open port: invalid command name "ui_channels"" runtime error on Panther (eridius in r32514).
"port lint" now recognizes non-canonical modelines (afb in r32480).
"configure.pipe" is now hackable from Portfiles (afb in r32430).
MacPorts no longer installs the "base/config/mp_version" file, as the release version is now stored internally in $macports::autoconf::macports_vesion (jmpp in r32353).
Bail out with a suitable message if the requested port is not installed when polling its dependents (jmpp in r32336).
Fixed a Panther build failure due to missing sqlite headers (jmpp in r32212).
Fixed a build failure by passing the base/src/cregistry/cregistry.a archive through ranlib (jmpp in r32105).

Version 1.6.0 | Release Date: 2007-12-19 | Download

Release 1.6.0 (16-December-2007 by jmpp):

- Revamped the postflight script that is run by with our pkg installer to gracefully
handle the addition of PATH, MANPATH and DISPLAY environment variables separately, if needed.
Read for more information
(jmpp in many commits directly on the release_1_6 branch).

- Remove LD_PREBIND & LD_PREBIND_ALLOW_OVERLAP variables from MacPorts' environment to prevent
prebinding of binaries, which can be harmful on Tiger and above (#13436, mww in r31786).

- Add 'gcc-4.2' option to the configure.compiler Portfile command (mww in r31891).

- Flush port(1) output channel after issuing prompt, when readline is not
available, to ensure prompt is displayed at proper time. (jberry r31338).

- readline is now disabled by default, in order to avoid support issues.
use --enable-readine parameter to configure to enable support for readine.
(jberry r31139, r31140).

- daemondo now monitors kevents for the death of the daemon process, which means that it
now detects the death of processes (even those that aren't direct child processes)
much more reliably. Plus other daemondo logging and doc cleanups.
(jberry in r30313,r30332,r30333,r30334,r30335,r30364).

- dramatic speedup to file, dir, url, work actions (jberry in r31056)

- add option "extract.mkdir [no|yes]" for distfiles that would pollute ${workpath} with
multiple files (mww in r31028)

- add optional configure.pipe output (afb in r29604 & r30824)

- add "startupitem_type none" macports.conf configuration option (#12743, afb in r30823)

- add configure.[awk|bison|pkg_config|pkg_config_path] (r30761)

- Auto-mode for number of parallel build threads (if number of jobs is set to "0") (r30739)

- Add option use_parallel_build [yes|no] to declare if a port can be built in parallel (r30714).

- New mirrors list (r30484).

- Display warnings when using old versions of Mac OS X and Xcode Tools
(#12794, afb in r30338 & r30477)

- Remove configure.macosx_deployment_target, add global macosx_deployment_target
(eridius in r30396).

- add support for LZMA compression, for making .tlz archives (afb in r30307)

- add configure.[perl|python|ruby] for interpreters, .install for avoiding breakage
due to coreutils, .libs

- added startupitem.netchange boolean flag (#12931, N_Ox in r30086).

- added generic GNU livecheck (N_Ox in r29812).

- fixed bug where all .mpkg packages were missing their welcome page (afb in r29517)

- better defaults for implicit ui_channels behaviour (eridius in r29498).

- prevent creating PKG packages with /etc or /var or /tmp (#2102, afb in r29445)

- add optional configure.ccache and configure.distcc filters (#5390, afb in r29438)

- Explicitly sort fs-traverse so it behaves predictably on Linux systems
(#12622, eridius in r29412).

- add configure.objc/objcflags for Objective-C

- add optional build.nice (0) and (1) modifiers (afb in r28634 & r28673)

- make tclobjc1.0 compile with GNUstep and NXConstantString class (afb in r28668)

- fix bsdmake/gnumake defaults for FreeBSD and Linux platforms (afb in r28660)

- port lint command, for Portfile verification (#463, afb in r28170)

- add configure.macosx_deployment_target for configure flags

- add configure.javac/classpath for Java

- add configure.fflags/fcflags/f90flags for Fortran flags

- Mark "python" group code as deprecated

- Add group code for Python 3.0

- Add more compiler suites for the 'configure.compiler' option

- `port variants` behaves like `port info` in that it parses the Portfile for up-to-date info.
`port variants` also supports the --index flag (eridius in r27919).

- Fix upgrade to properly handle installed versions beginning with letters (eridius in r27900).

- Chris Pickel's GSoC2007 work: registry2.0 & cregistry (mainly r27518 & r27520)

- Eugene Pimenov's GSoC2007 work: Trace lib on unix sockets (r26682).

- Elias Pipping's GSoC2007 work: merge.rb on his personal /users/pipping svn dir.

Version 1.5.2 | Release Date: 2007-08-14 | Download
  • Fix mtree checks which inaccurately complained about files in /Applications, /Library & /Developer;
  • mtree checks now also warn the user if a port indicates an intended violation and errors are
  • temporarily non-fatal (mww & eridius in r27709, r27710, r27719, r27720 & r27773).
Version 1.5.0 | Release Date: 2007-07-14 | Download

Version 1.4.0 | Release Date: 2007-04-04 | Download
No changes specified
Version 1.3.2 | Release Date: 2006-10-02 | Download
No changes specified
Version 1.2.1 | Release Date: 2006-07-08 | Download
No changes specified