Mail Act-On

Licence: Shareware ($20)
Version 2.0.3 | Release Date: 2009-02-28 | Download

Mail Act-On 2 is a complete rewrite of Act-On.

Version 2 sports a new interface, easier rule configuration, outbox rules, and the ability to quickly move messages to any mailbox and add MailTags to message using minimal keystrokes.


Mail Act-On 2.0.3 introduces the delay of marking a message as read, optionally changing space bar behaviour while reading messages and support of Mini-Mail. Act-On 2.0.3 also resolves several interface, reliability, and stability issues and provides compatibility for Safari 4 beta.

New feature: Delay of Mark as Read and Spacebar message selection.

*Added preference setting to mark message as read after a delay.
*Added preference setting to mark message as read immediately with space bar
*Added preference setting to use spacebar to advance to next unread message (rather than next message)

New feature: Support for Olive Toast Software’s MiniMail

*Act-on rules and menus can be invoked when the message window is a MiniMail window.

Resolved issues

*Fixed possible crash at startup.
*Fixed possible crash when applying a outbox rule containing a reply or forward action.
*Fixed issue where undo of act-on may have resulted in lost message.
*Fixed issues of outbox rules not applying or applying incorrectly when mail is offline.
*Fixed compability issue with Safari Beta 4 where Act-On keys would not register if keyboard focus was preview or single message viewer.
*Act-on menu items now work with displayed in a single message viewer.
*Fixed issue were modifier keys were not allowed for use with trigger keys in menu preferences.
*MailTags Panel will now update immediately after applying Act-On rule that results in tag changes.
*Fixed appearance of To Inbox/To Outbox buttons in Rule Preferences.
*Fixed issue of menu being moved to a second (no longer attached) screen.
*Optimized construction of Mailbox menus.
*Fixed issue with entering extended trial keys.

Version 1.3.2 | Release Date: 2006-07-12 | Download
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