Man Viewer

Licence: Freeware
Version 3.2 | Release Date: 2010-01-01 | Download

since the last version on iusethis:


Added tabbed viewing
Resizing the window will resize the manpage output
Added a command line tool. Install it via the Man Viewer menu
Start up is more threaded now so no more spinning beachballs


Fixed: The window size and split view remembers its position between subsequent launches for real
Tooltips show the path to the man page upon hovering over the entry in the list
Upon right/control clicking on a man page in the list, a context menu pops up allowing the user to reveal the man page in the Finder


Fixed a bug that made Man Viewer incorrectly state that "That man page does not exist!" when, in reality, it definitely existed
The window close button is now activated and will quit the application if pressed
You can now have Man Viewer launch and auto select a man page by passing the name (and optionally the section) as a command line argument
If you load MacPorts' man pages, you should no longer see (turd_MacPorts) in the list


Changed the $MANPATH feature to use /usr/bin/manpath instead (this is for Snow Leopard users or those who have an empty $MANPATH environment variable)
Fixed the manpath feature so that it uses your default login shell instead of just bash (this is for those who don't use bash as your login shell)
Upon clicking on a different man page, the viewer scrolls to the top so you see the beginning whether or not you were scrolled down in the previous man page
Fixed some minor bugs in the preferences pane


Refactored some code so that initial launch times are extremely fast compared to previous versions!
Added a caching feature so after the initial launch, future launches will yet be even faster
On first run the preferences default to what $MANPATH is set to. Also there is now a button in the preferences that allows you to revert the preferences to $MANPATH


Fixed a bug that made the program crash when trying to view a large man page

Version 3.0 | Release Date: 2009-05-17 | Download
No changes specified