Licence: Shareware ($49)
Version 2.8.2 | Release Date: 2011-03-23 | Download
No changes specified
Version 2.7.2 | Release Date: 2009-11-25 | Download


Various improvements to the Hebrew interface
Updated QuickLook plug-in
Some changes to the Find Set window
Improved behaviour of image resizing in smaller images. Determination of resize handle being grabbed is done based on the proximity of the cursor to the image corner and not in the faulty way it was done in the past
Changed minimum image size limitation to 2 points. This fixes problems of images being resized when opening a document
Improved drawing of resize handles in image selection, handles are now drawn smaller if the image is too small
Enforcing minimum image size in image editor dialogue
Paragraph direction of auto-title edit dialogue is now set according to the surrounding text direction.

Bug fixes:

Fixed a bug that caused Mellel to fail to export to RTF documents that contain "out of page range" floating elements (floating elements that are invisible because they are assigned to a page that is after the last page in a page range)
Fixed a bug that caused Mellel to hang sometimes (very rare) when rendering documents containing wrappable inline images
Fixed a bug that caused Mellel to crash when opening RTF files that use Courier Oblique and Helvetica Oblique under tiger. This also caused crashes when pasting text copied from web pages
Fixed a bug that caused Mellel to crash when editing citations that has been marked as "Exclude from final document" after scanning
Fixed a bug that caused character and paragraph keyboard shortcuts to fail every now and then under Snow Leopard
Fixed a bug that caused Mellel not to respect the baseline shift and underline attributes when set to a note symbol
Fixed problem that caused Mellel to crash when scrolling under tiger
Fixed a bug that caused the move button to disappear in the Find Set window in the Hebrew interface

Version 2.6.1 | Release Date: 2009-02-02 | Download
No changes specified
Version 2.5 | Release Date: 2008-08-15 | Download

New Features

Can be inserted in text
Can be searched
Appear in the outline
Hi-lighted on screen
Can be option double clicked to jump to the first reference to it
Context menu
Can refer to page, note number, auto-title format, auto-title range start and end, auto-title number, auto-title title, auto-title previous number and image name
Conditional page number elements, allow custom text when referring to targets above, below, next page, previous page and opposite page
Can be searched
Can refer to virtual targets
Reference formats can be saved and recalled
Serve as links in PDF
Hi-lighted on screen (optional)
Can be option double clicked to jump to the target
Can be command double clicked to jump to a similar reference (pointing to the same target)
Context menu
Reference edit dialogue
Allows to brows existing targets
Allows to assign auto-titles and images as targets
Allows to define virtual targets
Cross reference palette
Insert Bookmark
Insert Reference
Navigate between references
Image Title attribute
Can serve as reference targets
Can serve as targets
New format editor for auto-titles
Ad-hoc styling to auto-title format elements and paragraph attributes
Spotlight plug-in now included in application bundle
Improved selection saving, mellel now restores selection inside table cell and notes when opening documents
Added support for "File Menu Items" and "Insert Menu items" folders
Spotlight plug-in is now integrated into the program package
Bug Fixes
Fixed a bug that caused Mellel to insert a return instead of page break when pressing shift+enter on aluminium keyboards
Fixed problems with fonts using type 6 cmap format
improved support for RTF char-sets
Kamatz Qatan (U+05C7) is now properly skipped when performing "ignore diacritics" search
Fixed a bug that caused Mellel's document view to vibrate when clicked with certain documents
Fixed appearance of outline show/hide button under
Fixed a bug in RTF import from Wordsmith which caused all text to become black on black
Fixed a bug that caused striked out text from Cocoa applications to be pasted as plain text
Edit->Bibliography->Enter Citation Menually menu item is now disabled when editing a header/footer
Fixed problems that caused cropping and inaccuracy in scaled images
Fixed a bug that caused Mellel to include the font height of a paragraph break (return, page break, section break etc.) in the calculation of line height which caused strange line spacing when such characters are applied with an unusually big font size
Fixed a bug that caused the statistics palette to count every Cyrillic letter as a word
When switching style sets, styles within auto-title titles (in text) and the non-visible part of a citation are matched
Fixed a bug that caused crashes and other problems sometimes when selecting table cells while the statistics palette is open
Fixed a bug that caused Mellel to crash when displaying pages containing mentions to auto-title flows that are not used in the text
Fixed capitalisation in the registration window (User name and Registration code)
Added support for image file drags with the "tif" extension ("tiff" with single 'f')
Improved selection saving, mellel now restores selection inside table cell and notes when opening documents.

Version | Release Date: 2007-09-24 | Download

Release notes

Bug fixes

1. Fixed a bug that caused Mellel to crash when rendering certain documents
2. Statistics palette will treat digit sequences separated by number separators (comma, period, colon etc) as single words (Jakob Vicari)
3. Fixed a bug that caused Mellel not to count a paragraph in selection if the paragraph break wasn't selected (Jakob Vicari)
4. Fixed a bug that caused Mellel to sometimes not count the first word of a paragraph (Jolin M Warren)
5. Fixed a bug that caused Mellel to crash when pressing tab in the last cell of the table when editing a header/foooter in the page style editing dialogue (Hans Martin Kraemer)
6. Fixed a bug that caused the Table palette not to adjust correctly after making changes while editing a single cell (Steve Luke)
7. Fixed a bug that caused a faint grey line to appear above or below a line while typing (Lutz)
8. Integrated updated localisations
9. Fixed a problem that caused Mellel to sometimes fail adding rows and columns to tables while editing a cell

Release notes 2.2.7

New Features

1. OPML Import and Export.
2. Table Improvements:
1. Add row and column "in place"
2. Add row when pressing tab in the last cell
3. Equalize cells vertically
3. Contextual Menu in ruler.
4. Remove all tabs command
5. Add Tab Stops dialog


1. Improved statistics palette.
2. Updated hyphenation dictionaries.
3. Enabled Services menu items that replace the selection with an image (Services like LaTeXiT, for example)

Bug Fixes

1. Fixed a problem that caused rtf documents containing greek characters exported from Mellel to convert incorrectly when opening with MS Word (Mike Saia)
2. Fixed a bug that caused bibliography scan to fail with documents containing empty citations
3. Some performance enhancements with longer documents
4. Fixed a problem that caused the outline view not to update immediately after changing numbering setups or undoing such changes
5. Fixed a bug that caused the style sets window to open with the wrong style set selected when invoked from a full screen mode (Reiner Baur)
6. Fixed a problem that caused the document view to sometimes vibrate when clicked (Steve Hodgson)
7. Mellel now "digs in" Auto-titles, tables, citations and footnotes when doing "Check spelling" via the spelling palette (Jolin M Warren)
8. Mellel now digs in Auto-titles, tables and citations when checking spelling per paragraph (Jolin M Warren)
9. Improved error passing when opening documents, avoiding the famous "error: no error" message
10. Fixes for Leopard beta compatibility

Version | Release Date: 2007-06-10 | Download

Various bug fixes

Version 2.2.5 | Release Date: 2007-05-15 | Download
  • "May Split" option in footnotes: allowing you to split footnotes between pages more flexibly.
  • Paragraphs "Space above" option calculated based on largest spacing value.
  • German guide.
  • Improved Marker and table options.
  • Numerous improvements and bug fixes.
Version 2.2.1 | Release Date: 2007-04-03 | Download
  • 17 Language versions (localisations): Czech, Danish, Dutch, Esperanto, French, Finish, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish.
  • Marker menu (Edit->Markers)
  • Marker contextual Menu
  • And various improvements and bug fixes
Version 2.2 | Release Date: 2007-03-18 | Download
  • Bibliography: Scan, unscan and rescan in document
  • Bibliography: Verify citations
  • Bibliography: Temporary and fincal citations
  • Bibliography: Styles in citations
  • Bibliography: Special, movable bibliography section
  • Bibliography: Synchronise bibliography
  • Bibliography: Easy grouping of citations
  • Bibliography: Citation displayed in context
  • Text attributes: Font fill, stroke and background colour
  • Text attributes: Outline, underline, overline, strikethrough weight
  • Text attributes: Outline, underline, overline, strikethrough colour
  • Text attributes: Outline, underline, overline, strikethrough dashing
  • Text attributes: Double underline and double strikethrough
  • Text attributes: Underline and overline
  • Markers: Marking of text
  • Markers: Apply and remove markers
  • Markers: Search for next and previous marker (specific or general)
  • Markers: Naming and renaming of markers
  • Markers: Optionally print or export markers.
  • Auto-titles (heading): Styled auto-title titles
  • Auto-titles (heading): Smart application of headings in ToC and Mentions
Version 2.1.3 | Release Date: 2007-01-21 | Download

Bug Fixes

Fixed a problem that caused duplication of auto-titles with "replace all" making changes in the auto-titles (Thanks to Marco Binder)
Fixed a bug with some text areas in palette seeming disabled after dismissing Find dialogue.
"Kashida" and "Ligatures" check-boxes are now disabled when working in the Find dialogue
Fixed a bug that caused "total number of pages" in a footer not to update dynamically while editing the document (thanks to Patrick Jost)
Fixed a problem that caused the display not to update after changing page size of margins when in "Fit Width" or "Fit Page" zoom mode (thanks to Reiner Baur)
Fixed a problem that caused Mellel to sometime fail opening compressed documents giving the error "no error" (special thanks to Martin Schuster for helping us here)
Fixed a bug that broke image height adjustments when the fixed height lines to align horizontally was enabled.

Version 2.7 | Release Date: 2006-09-15 | Download

Floating images: Mellel now supports having floating images (alongside inline images) in documents. It also offers an Arrange menu to order the images when they are one on top of the other.

Wrap text around floating and inline images: allows users to force text to flow to the right, to the left, on both sides, skip, etc. around images. Users can also control opacity and the extra spacing around images.

Background image: One can now assign a background image to a page range, controlling its opacity and position in the background.

Snow Leopard compatible: Mellel 2.7 (as well as Mellel 2.6.2) are compatible with Mac OS 10.6.x (Snow Leopard).

Object palette: allows easy control of many Image attributes (and will later allow control of other graphic and text objects).

Insert before: allows users to automatically insert a Return, a page break, a column break, etc. before a heading in the text.

List separately in ToC: allows you to set if figures, charts, images, etc. will be listed as part of the Table of Contents or separately.

Reset numbering: allows you to set if the numbering of a heading will be reset or not with a higher level heading. This is useful, for example, when you have a book divided into parts, but want the chapter numbers to be continuous throughout, and not reset with each part.
Keyboard navigation in tables: The arrow keys (with or without the Cmd key) can now be used to navigate inside a table, into it and out of it.

Other improvements: Auto-titles (headings) in Mellel can now span more than 6 lines and can start anywhere in a line; The Page palette and dialogue are easier to work with (and look nicer); and much more.

Version 2.1.1 | Release Date: 2006-09-06 | Download

* Localised versions: This version supports 12 language versions, in addition to the English: Czech, Dutch, Esperanto, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish.
* Paste Special: Paste options for paste as plain text, character attributes, paragraph attributes, and list attributes.
* Speedier Open and Save: Mellel will now open and save files much faster, especially with files containing many tables. File size was also reduced in the process.
* More zoom levels: There are now 21 zoom levels.
* Copy and Paste options: Added as sub-menus in the contextual menu.
* Bug fix full screen: Fixed a problem with document window filling the whole screen when opened, after being saved in full screen mode.
* Bug fix, spelling: Fixed a problem that caused "Spell as you type" to cease working sometimes with new documents.
* XML, improved: Added "encoding="UTF-8" to the XML declaration at the beginning of the file.
* Bug fix: Fixed a problem that caused "Rendering Document" panel to appear and get stuck on screen when performing undo after replace all.
* Bug fix: Fixed a problem that caused the font menu to appear empty after a replace that changes a font face to a face that is not supported by the current font.

Version 2.1 | Release Date: 2006-08-29 | Download

* XML: Mellel 2.1 uses an XML-based file format, shrinking file size by up to 400 percent. The format is clear and cleanly separates content from formatting, making it easy to write convertors and otherwise manipulate files.
* New Find and Replace: Mellel's new Find and Replace option fully supports Regular Expressions, but with a much friendlier interface.
* Find by formatting and style: Mellel now supports find and replace by formatting and style.
* Full Screen mode: allowing you to move into full screen mode (no menus, palettes, window frames, etc.) which is WYSIWYG and zoomable.
* Find Expressions and Find Actions: You can now save expressions you've created and complete find action, and "play" them later on.
* FindSets: Allowing you to create sets of Find Action you can run all at once, completely formatting or reformatting a document in a matter of seconds.
* Paragraph Style palette: Offering you control over applying, creating, editing, saving, and deleting paragraph style.
* Character Style palette: Offering you control over applying, creating, editing, saving, and deleting character style.
* Equation editing round-trip: Mellel now support round-trip editing of equations created in MathMagic. The equation is kept "alive" and editable in MathMagic.

Version 2.0.8 | Release Date: 2006-07-10 | Download
No changes specified