Mental Case

Licence: Shareware (€ 25)
Version 1.4 | Release Date: 2008-09-11 | Download

Version 1.4 of Mental Case has been released in preparation for the new Mental Case iPhone app, which should appear in the coming week or so. We have finished development on Mental Case for iPhone 1.0, and submitted it to Apple for approval. Assuming all goes well, it should be available via the iTunes App Store shortly. In the meantime, Mental Case 1.4 has a new item in the File menu for syncing with the iPhone which will not be very useful. Just ignore it, and be rest assured that it's day will come...

Version 1.3 | Release Date: 2008-07-20 | Download

release notes not available at developer site nor in download

Version 1.2.1 | Release Date: 2008-04-11 | Download

Version 1.2.1 is a minor upgrade to Mental Case. The most significant change is the introduction of an On-The-Fly Lesson. This is a small panel that floats on your desktop and rotates through your lesson notes while you work on other things. The idea is to enhance your learning, or remind you of interesting facts, even when you are not using Mental Case. The On-The-Fly Lesson does not change your learning schedule, so you can ignore it when busy, and pay it some attention when you have a few seconds.

Version 1.2 | Release Date: 2008-02-28 | Download
  • A whole new slideshow toolbar has been added (Thanks Wrinkly Pea for the beautiful design!). It allows you to perform limited changes to notes, such as resetting the lesson schedule, or moving them to the Trash.
  • Added ‘correction’ to slideshows. You can now indicate if you got a particular mental note ‘wrong’, and cause it to appear more often. In lesson slideshows, marking a note wrong causes its learning progress to remain unchanged. This will mean it will reappear in the next lesson slideshow. For non-lesson slideshows, a slide marked as wrong will be re-added to the end of the current slideshow.
  • Introduced automatic backing up of the Mental Case library. This can be configured via the preferences panel. Backups are made daily, when Mental Case is running. Mental Case will also move old backups to the Trash.
  • Updated quick entry panels. The image entry panel now has space for some text. A new ‘complete’ quick note provides a panel with prompt and content, including images and text.
  • The Mental Case window will now fade out during screenshots. To override this behavior, just hold down the shift key when starting the screenshot.
  • A text service has been added, which is available from the Services menu of any application. It turns any selected text into a mental note.
  • New preferences have been added for what should happen when notes and cases are deleted.
  • Added Notes > Find Notes menu item that causes the filter field in the main window to get focus.
  • Added a white border and drop shadow to images in slideshows.
  • Filtering of notes now ignores accents.
  • Fixed a small bug in CSV import, which could sometimes leave a comma at the end of the text content.
  • Slides in a lesson slideshow are now ordered according to the date they were added to the lesson.
  • Added a ‘Big Text’ slideshow theme, which is useful for exporting to an iPod or iPhone.
  • The ‘iCal’ theme now shows the correct date in the background.
  • Sample data has been updated to include a Getting Started case.
Version 1.1.3 | Release Date: 2007-12-03 | Download

Release notes not available.

Version 1.1.2 | Release Date: 2007-11-06 | Download
  • release notes not made available by developer
Version 1.1.1 | Release Date: 2007-10-31 | Download

release notes not made available by developer

Version 1.1 | Release Date: 2007-10-07 | Download

Not released by developer

Version 1.0 | Release Date: 2007-06-05 | Download

First release

Version 1.0b4 | Release Date: 2007-06-03 | Download

Final release candidate

Version 1.0b3 | Release Date: 2007-04-28 | Download
  • Prompts can now have images
  • Notes can be made reversible, with content before prompt
  • Full-screen slideshows
  • Separate transition for prompt-to-content
  • Sparkle update
  • Bugreporter for crash reporting
  • Registration now possible
Version 1.0b2 | Release Date: 2007-03-12 | Download

First public release