Licence: Commercial with demo
Version 3.2.2 | Release Date: 2011-11-28 | Download

Fix: Fixes an error that allowed records to be deleted from a table in the content screen even when the action was cancelled.

Version 2.2.2 | Release Date: 2009-11-01 | Download

Version 2.2.2 Release Date: 11/1/2009
- Fix: Fixes an error in the content screen when you edit a cell from one record then click on another record. The editcell highlight would show even thought the editcell was closed.
- Fix: Fixes a couple errord in the drop REALBasic database creation code menuitem.

Version 1.6.8 | Release Date: 2008-02-29 | Download
No changes specified
Version 1.3.4 | Release Date: 2007-09-01 | Download
No changes specified