Licence: Shareware (39.99)
Version 2011 | Release Date: 2011-05-12 | Download

-Direct import of data from Quicken Essentials for Mac
-Completely new interface for managing downloaded transactions, designed to minimize the effort required to keep your finances up to date
-Additional Graphs and Reports, including a transfer report to help you analyze money flow between accounts
-Multi-currency improvements making life easier when managing international accounts and investments
-Instant access to bank websites from within the program
-Enhanced report printing

Version 2010r2 | Release Date: 2009-12-27 | Download
  • Sidebar for always-visible account status and navigation between accounts, budgets, reports and graphs
  • Downloads transactions from all online connected accounts in the background
  • Downloaded transactions are automatically merged, no manual confirmation required
  • Improved automatic cleanup and categorization of downloaded transactions
  • More reports and graphs including capital gains reporting
  • More options for filtering reports and graphs by tags
  • Account register filtering by date or cleared status
  • Quick-search to find transactions right from the home page
  • Budget bars on home page show budget status details at a glance
  • Create, edit and record scheduled reminders and transactions right from the home page calendar
  • Version 2008r3 | Release Date: 2008-08-06 | Download

    Moneydance 2008r2 is a free upgrade for all users that have acquired a license since 1/1/2004. Updates to this version include the following:
    <li>Added option to store online passwords in the data file when file encryption is enabled</li>
    <li>Added GTE Cybertrust certificate which is used for new American Express OFX server</li>
    <li>Added display of cash balance, number of shares and value of shares to investment accounts on home page</li>
    <li>Fixed automatic entry of new security prices from a non-base-currency investment account</li>
    <li>Added preference setting to determine date window for potential matches to downloaded transactions</li>
    <li>Added currency symbols and "(Expenses)" label in cash flow reports</li>
    <li>Select the account under the cursor when right-clicking in the account or category list</li>
    <li>Internal URL handler now opens http: and https: URLs in an external browser</li>
<li>Added popup display of splits and other information for the transaction under the mouse cursor when holding down the alt key</li>
    <li>Increased contrast in Net Worth toolbar graph</li>
    <li>Colors for same data sets in pie and line graphs now match</li>
    <li>Visual improvements to graphs</li>
    <li>Updated German, French and Italian translations</li>
    <li>Filter capital gains report by date. Also display a message instead of a blank report if there were no gains for the selected date range</li>
    <li>Income/Expenses thermometer graph now avoids jumping down a level when there is only one category in the thermometer if that one category actually has transactions</li>
    <li>Updated transaction status icons to include an 's' showing whether a transaction is part of a split</li>
    <li>Setting the correct exchange rate for downloaded transactions that are initially assigned to categories with a different currency</li>
    <li>Fixed a handful of bugs in the income/expenses graph on the summary screen</li>
    <li>Fixed bug that prevented elimination of previously matched transactions from download list</li>
    <li>Fixed NullPointerException error if the OFX authentication window is canceled</li>
    <li>Capital Gains report now shows correct total line instead of zero</li>
    <li>Reminders window now refreshes the list of reminders after a reminder has been edited</li>
    <li>Removed confirmation for changing transaction status using the register's context menu</li>
    <li>No longer show non-reinvested dividend transactions in cost basis reports</li>
    <li>Account balance graph now shows average of end-of-day balances instead of the balance after each and every transaction</li>
    <li>If an existing transaction in the register has the same FI transaction ID as a downloaded transaction but the amount is incorrect or the date is off by more than 15 days then assume the transaction ID is incorrect and they are different transactions.</li>
    <li>Fixed alignment of popup calendar when displayed in small windows such as reminder notifications</li>
    <li>Fixed window layout and behavior when adding an extension that does not have a trusted signature</li>

    Version 2008 | Release Date: 2008-03-27 | Download
    • Improved matching for downloaded transactions
    • Zoom-able home page graph for quickly exploring your income and expenses
    • Undo/Redo support when modifying transactions
    • Over/under budget highlighting in toolbar graph
    • Popup calendar for choosing dates
    • New Capital Gains report

    ...among many other bug fixes and interface improvements

    Version 2007r5 | Release Date: 2007-12-18 | Download

    Version 2007r5 (build 587) includes the following changes:
    <li>Fees are now applied consistently to buy, sell, short, cover, buy+transfer and sell+transfer transactions</li>
    <li>Fixed register alignment issues on Mac OS X leopard and earlier releases</li>
    <li>Fixed low level error that prevented Moneydance from running on Mac OS X 10.2 and earlier</li>

    Version 2007 release 2 | Release Date: 2007-08-09 | Download

    Added print function in account and category list windows
    Added Open Recent sub-menu with recently opened files
    Fixed calculation of some budget item intervals
    Incorporated full German translation from project Geldtanz
    Allow matching of investment transactions with invalid CUSIP IDs to the correct security
    Use newer account selectors in account and category properties windows
    Accounts and categories are immediately re-sorted after being changed
    Removed redundant file window when the File->Import OFX/OFC menus are selected
    Improved conversion of OFX investment transactions into Moneydance investment transactions
    Made it so that both the backspace and delete key will delete a transaction in the register
    Fixed problem with +/- buttons in budget window not appearing properly on windows
    Reversed sign on balance display for income category register
    No longer confirm unsaved transaction changes if the don’t-confirm-transaction-changes option is set
    Updated certificate handling to accept Hewitt and Fidelity certificates
    Many minor GUI updates
    Added initial Persian/Farsi translation from Moin Ayazifar
    Added non-prorated budget interval option
    Allow bypassing the change-PIN part of setting up an OFX connection
    Fixed bug where the fee was being deducted from sell transactions improperly
    Added batch change feature to quickly change certain fields for many transactions at once
    Added account balance popup/overlay to bank and credit card registers
    Fixed sort order for investment transactions in list of pending downloaded transactions
    Made scroll wheels work in account/category popups
    Account sections on home page will now remember their expanded/collapsed state
    Made online transactions marked as DEBIT, but with positive amounts, be recorded as negative
    Transaction report now sorts by date, check#, and then amount
    For dividend reinvestment transactions, the fee is now included as part of the dividend amount instead of being taken from the cash balance
    Fix bugs in and improve transaction matching when attempting to locate similar transactions from which to copy the payee and category
    Switched to the built-in java URL connection handler which includes proxy support
    Added new OFX certificate from Verisign. This fixes a problem connecting to Florence Savings Bank or any bank that doesn’t include the new cert in its cert chain.
    Improved the display of investment transactions in the list of downloaded transactions
    Embedded downloaded investment transactions list in investment register
    Use new investment transaction editor for downloaded transactions. This allows users to change the transaction type or any other settings before recording the transaction.
    Reduced limit on number of items displayed in upcoming reminders window
    Excludes transactions after the “end” date from the quick-view net worth graph
    Improved matching algorithm for downloaded transactions
    Fixed a bug that prevented Moneydance from working properly when categories that were referenced in budgets were deleted
    Added mnemonics to menus
    Portfolio panel now updates when a security within that portfolio changes
    Reset transaction download synchronization when online banking is disabled for an account
    Added ability for extensions to add property fields when editing accounts
    Bill payment connections will now submit new payments as part of synchronization requests
    Fixed bug in which report text was cut off vertically if the user’s default font size was greater than normal
    Added price field to the add-security/currency window
    Fixed minor bug and improved performance in monthly calendar display
    For transactions that have security prices, add the price to the security history if it isn’t already there
    Fixed bug that caused new currencies with something other than two decimal places to not be able to parse and format amounts properly until a restart
    Will now continue reading OFX response, even if an HTTP error code was reported in order to get a more detailed error message
    Fixed focus issue with edit-splits window and transaction editing in general
    Made split totals update as the amounts are typed
    Fixed net worth calculation by applying stock split ratios to all graphed transaction values
    Switched second two colors in the thermometer graph to aid visibility

    Version 2007 | Release Date: 2007-01-18 | Download

    * Budget graph in the toolbar that shows the state of your income and expenses compared to your budget
    * Net worth history graph in the main toolbar showing the general trend of your finances
    * New budget manager allowing much more flexible budget planning
    * New budget report showing your budget status for multiple time periods side-by-side
    * Improvements to investment portfolio view such as cost basis for individual securities as well as overall cost basis and portfolio value
    * More polished graphing (using JFreeChart) including the ability to zoom in to any portion of the graph and to get information for each point in the graph with a simple swipe of the mouse
    * Additional reports such as Income/Expenses and a true Cash Flow report
    * A new summary graph on the home page that shows an overview of your expenses or income for a period of your choosing, updated instantly
    * A vast number of user interface improvements, making the starting "home page" screen more informative while appearing less cluttered

    Version 2006 | Release Date: 2006-07-11 | Download
    No changes specified