Licence: Freeware
Version | Release Date: 2014-01-27 | Download

Fix crashing in 10.6.

Version 1.0.17 | Release Date: 2012-09-07 | Download

Hardware Accelerated Video Decoding boosted.
New: scripting support added, which means now.
Fix: three fingers swiping stopped working.
Fix: in some mp3 and m4a files with album art, time/seek stopped working.
Fix: when paused, display dimmed and Mac falls to sleep.
Fix: video is wrongly decoded in some RealMedia files.
Fix: the remaining time is wrong when playback speed is not 1x.
Fix: the position of the play control always reset when app exits.

Version 1.0.14 | Release Date: 2011-02-15 | Download

MPlayerX 1.0.2
• Fix : add missing Credits(Sorry, Catskin)
• Fix : update frames when seek forward/backward, while pausing
• Fix : controlbar jump to top of the window
• UI : add donate, wiki, feedback

MPlayerX 1.0.1
Hi, what a long absence, I'm still alive, MPlayerX too.
Now I'm planning some, relatively, big feature into MPlayerX for the next major release. It may cost some time. Before doing it, I thought I'd better release once. So actually 1.0.1 isn't a exciting release, just a little step forward.
There gonna be a long thanks list in this version, and I am really greatful and glad to see there are more and more people involved into this project
THANK YOU Sérgio, Yaroslav, Cyokey, Catskin, Fanchi, Ryoh, Evan. You help is deeply appreciated.
• Pref: AutoResume playback.
• Pref: when entering fullscreen, always hide dock.(issue 181)
• Pref: Deinterlacing methods.
• Pref: PostProcess methods.
• Pref: Pass extra options to mplayer directly.(issue 214)
• Pref: Add hidden setting: HideTitlebar.(issue 174)
• Pref: Save your settings in Video Tuner and Equalizer.(issue 64)
• UI : Portuguese translation added.
• UI : Russian translation added.
• UI : Japanese translation added.
• UI : Traditional Chinese translation added.
• UI : New file type icon.
• UI : Improvement of playback control.
• UI : Polished the traffic light buttons.(issue 199)
• UI : When pausing, press → for frame step.
• UI : Add Inspector panel.
• UI : Menu refinement.
• UI : In Fullscreen, you could drag the movie area.(issue 136)
• Core: Use FFMpeg as the default demuxer(except RealMedia).
• Core: Downmix to 2 channels now should work.
• Core: Keep the pitch when changing playback speed.(issue 213, 205)
• Core: Show/hide letterbox now work immediately, don't have to restart the playback.
• Fix : In fullscreen, play window will still be on top of other floating windows.
• Fix : Load subtitles with comma in the filename.
• Fix : Seeking problem when dragging the time slider.(issue 151)
• Fix : Apple Remote will bring up the light of the dimmed screen.(issue 220)

Version 1.0.0 | Release Date: 2010-07-18 | Download

Core: only use ffmpeg-mt, disable single thread mplayer
Core: respect embedded fonts now.(issue 98)
Core: added Theora codec, added ogv format.(issue 100)
Core: fixed aspect ratio troubles in some m4v files.(issue 103, ffmpeg's bug actually)
Core: fixed playback stucks, if switch between hi-jack and speaker.(issue 46)
Core: added switch video.(issue 117)
Core: fixed playback hiccups when seeking(issue 119)
Core: fixed subtitle outline render error for some special characters
Core: added webm format
Core: added tp format
Core: added Equalizer
Core: Universal Charset Detector sync with firefox 3.6.4
Core: fixed crashing when loading blank subtitle files
Core: switch beteween minijack and speakers, audio goes to mute
Pref: added overlapsub.(issue 104)
Pref: fixed subtitle font size now use 100% as the default value.(issue 97)
Pref: added transfer rtsp stream over http(I'm not sure if it's very useful, but with this ON, I could see the WWDC2010 keynote with MPlayerX)
Pref: added use FFMpeg to handle the stream
Pref: added Mix DTS 5.1 to Stereo
Pref: added Fuzzy search for Auto Play Next
UI: added Simplified Chinese
UI: added Escape to exit fullscreen.(issue 111)
UI: menubar and dock would not autohide when fullscreen on the secondary display.(issue 92)
UI: added pressing i to display media info.(issue 112)
UI: sub load to ignore the lower/upper case in the file name
UI: added Command + Delete to trash the playing file
UI: added Command + Shift + =/- to increase/decrease the window size
Known Issue

DD for AC3, DTS does not work normally

Version 0.9.9 | Release Date: 2010-04-26 | Download

Version 0.9.9:

add []\, CMD + []\, OPT + []\ for speed, audio delay, sub delay control, ↑↓← are still working
add manual mode for subtitle encoding detection, when MPlayerX is not sure about the text encoding
do not load settings in ~/.mplayer/ any more
switch audio menu enhancement
crash at first start on some Macbook Pro
add CMD+f for fullscreen
add hue filter in VideoTuner
add drag indicator
libass update to 0.9.9>/UL>

Version 0.9.7 | Release Date: 2010-02-14 | Download
  • Pref:you could put the subtitle into LetterBox
  • Pref:settings for network
  • Pref:only capture the current screen when fullscreen
  • Video Tuner(MPlayerX now powered by CoreImage, :) ) set the aspect ratio as you like (in the menu, or shortcut r, shift+r) subtitle could be loaded while playing, by drag or double-click the subtitle file double-click the subtitle while NOT playing, MPlayerX will search for the proper media file subtitle for korean language fallbacks to CP9494 rather than EUC_KR
  • Auto Play Next: the index don't have to be at the end of filename, but the rightmost digit part register for opening mms, rtsp, http media streams
  • Translation: Simplified Chinese add refinement of Apple Remote behavior, holding key for fast seeking performance enhancement
  • Core:mplayer to r30546, ffmpeg-mt to f804162
Version 0.9.7 | Release Date: 2010-01-17 | Download
  • Core: mplayer up to r30236, ffmpeg-mt up to 5eb0c64
  • Func: Switch Audio(not perfect but should work, since I have no multitrack file to test)
  • Func: double click to toggle FullScreen
  • Func: FullScreen will keep on when to auto play next
  • Func: rewrote sub encode detect algorithm, now work with multiple sub files with different encoding method
  • UI: OSD Display
  • UI: Preferences Window rewrote, many hidden settings disclosed
  • UI: Click the time on the control, or hold the Fn key will switch between elapse/remain
  • UI: when cursor hover on time slider, a time hint will display relative or absolute time
  • UI: many refinements
  • Delete: when pause, key → does not function "frame step" anymore, since frameStep doesn\'t support backward, it will cause confusion
  • bugs fix
Version 0.9.4 | Release Date: 2010-01-10 | Download
No changes specified