Licence: Freeware
Version 1.2.2 | Release Date: 2010-02-12 | Download


* Improved connect speed to large servers with lots of users and comments (needs updated server) through use of local caching of content
* Servers using trusted certificates are now highlighted in green throughout the GUI.
* CELT version bump; possible quality improvements as a result, on certain configurations
* LOTRO, L4D2, and ArmA2 plugins
* Replaced user-textures with avatars to make overlay more useful
* Better overlay system on Win32 using the pipe method
* Numerous GUI improvements, including consolidating and reorganizing the main window menus
* Logitech G15 fixes and improvements
* Made friend and server window icons skinnable (emblem-favorite.svg, etc, see Skinning)
* Other small changes here and there

Bug fixes

This list contains notable bugs we fixed since the last release.

* Bonjour LAN server discovery and resolving works again
* G15 activation problems
* memory leak on certain configurations
* many other minor fixes

Version 1.1.6 | Release Date: 2008-11-13 | Download
No changes specified