Nemo OS X

Licence: Shareware (14.99 €)
Version 0.8.174 | Release Date: 2007-08-08 | Download

[NEW] A new revisited and improved Compose Editor UI
[NEW] A new improved download manager/window for internet browser
[NEW] Nemo can enclose your links automatically between brackets from Pref->Compose
[NEW] Compose editor can show line numbers (enable from Pref->Compose; use control-click on view or edit menu items to show/hide ruler or jump to...)
[NEW] Compose editor allows to split text view in order to perform a better compose when there is a long message (similar to other professional programmers text editors)
[NEW] You can save a group data (index+data) simply by dragging it into the finder (double click the nemogroup backup file to import it again)
[NEW] You can export all groups data+index with "Export Groups Data" in export settings of other settings window (nemo menu)
[NEW] You can export your settings (it could include Accounts/Profiles/Subscribed Groups/Rules/Spam Filters/Banners/Signatures) and import them
[NEW] You can jump to a specified paragraph number/line number/character number of a composed text using control click on view/edit menu items
[NEW] Added icons into "Advanced Find" window
[NEW] Size tabs cell to fit (dynamic sizing) from Prefs -> Interface
[NEW] You can double click into a tab to close it
[NEW] You can close all opened tabs with 'Close All Tabs' menu from File
[NEW] You can modify the background color of sidebar list from 'Extra Prefs Settings' (nemo menu)
[NEW] You can import using 'Import Text...' command from File menu (rtf,rtfd,txt,html)
[NEW] You can choose to automatically close Draft tab when nemo has sent a message ('Close Tab when a....' checkbox button in Prefs->Compose) - Only if possible -
[NEW] You can paste a text autowrapped using 'Paste as Wrapped' in Edit menu
[NEW] You can decide the behavoir of 'Refresh All' command (refresh all subscribed or a selective list modified from Pref -> Misc -> Refresh)
[NEW] You can choose the default label can be applied using keyboard shortcuts
[NEW] You can mark an outgoing draft message as suspended and it will not be sent when 'Send All' command will be performed (View -> Drafts -> Cancel/Suspend)
[NEW] You can reset all subscribed groups indexes (last downloaded article number) from 'Other Settings' -> Debug
[NEW] You can modify 20+ keyboard shortcuts to navigate inside the program (Prefs -> Shortcuts)
[NEW] New keyboard shortcuts for messages list and pane (Refresh current group/Apply or Remove Default Label/Go first or last visible row of msg list/reply by mail/switch to relative msg list,Followup)
[NEW] Space bar (default shortcut key) scroll down current message view box and when you have read the whole message it jump to the next unread message
[NEW] A new revisited Compose view
[NEW] New Keyboard shorcut in Compose pane to switch profiles and accounts settings (see Drafts items in View menu)
[NEW] Auto save drafts automatically
[NEW] [Hierarchical View] When you are visiting a thread using 'Go To Next Unread' shortcut and the thread is finished nemo will search for the next unread node
[NEW] 'Always Open Group In New Tab' options allows nemo to create a new group tab for unopened group without replacing the focused one.
[NEW] Compose editor can be splitted (auto)/merged both via Edit->Split/Merge Editor or control click inside the target view -> Split...
[FIX] Fixed a bug with searching in advanced window that add to the results containers articles
[FIX] Fixed a bug with grouping in MacSoup style view
[FIX] Fixed a bug with subject print in MacSoup style view
[FIX] Minor fixes in UI
[FIX] Solved a problem with ghost groups. You can't subscribe again a removed group, but it was never removed and still in configuration (***)
[FIX] Solved a problem with refresh at startup bug that causes nemo a wrong launch (bad ui with 'no-face' opened tab)
[FIX] Solved a problem with Draft tab selection
[FIX] Now the program alerts you when a group cannot be updated due to missing connection attached
[FIX] Should be solved the wrong headers encoding
[FIX] Fixed a bug when try to choose a global shortcut to bring nemo in frontmost
[FIX] Fixed a bug with help and keyboard shortcuts panel
[FIX] Fixed a problem with date selection in 'Send Later' option of drafts
[FIX] Solved a problem with download index (last downloaded article number) when you change a group connection (it should be reset in order to avoid download hangup) (**)
[FIX] Solved a problem when your download index is grater than server index
[FIX] Nemo will reset the index of subscribed server of a connection when you change it's address into accounts preferences (**)
[FIX] Fixed a bug while changing the connection data in accounts preferences
[FIX] Fixed a problem with 'Delete Sub-thread' menu item
[FIX] Fixed a bug with 'Recent News' when you are in compose tab
[FIX] Fixed some minor bugs inside Thread Inspector
[FIX] Fixed minor issues with menu items validation
[FIX] Fixed a problem with font attributes in compose view
[CHANGE] Fixed Spotlight Importer (you need to uninstall it - from pref->misc - or manually by removing mdimport in ~/Library/SpotlightImporters/)
[CHANGE] Now Spotlight Importer is part of Application Packages, you don't need to install it anymore so there is not any preference pane about it
[CHANGE] Re-organized bundle (removed unused resources, renamed icons)
[CHANGE] Reorganized extra settings window
[CHANGE] Removed 'bug reporter' message in messages view
[CHANGE] 'Other Settings' window now saves it's position
[CHANGE] Removed Unsubscribe window, replaced with a standard system message sheet

Version 0.6.149 | Release Date: 2007-05-31 | Download
No changes specified