OmniOutliner Pro

Licence: Commercial with demo
Version 3.9.5 | Release Date: 2010-01-07 | Download

OmniOutliner 3.9.5
Thu, Jan 7th, 2010.
OmniOutliner 3.9.5 requires Mac OS X 10.4.8 or later


There was a small oversight in the changes made with 3.9.4 that caused the Chinese localization to disappear. This has been fixed.

OmniOutliner 3.9.4
Wed, Dec 16th, 2009.
OmniOutliner 3.9.4 requires Mac OS X 10.4.8 or later


All Automator actions should now work correctly under every supported OS.
Dynamic HTML exporter: Fixed a bug when using a pure black value with transparency.
Docx exporter: Fixed a bug with using justified text alignment.
Added the Duplicate command to the keyboard command list.
The help files are now updated for every localization.

Version 3.9b3 | Release Date: 2009-06-03 | Download
  • New Features
    • The subfolder AppleScripts are located in (if any) will appear in the name of the script when viewed in the customize toolbar sheet. When added to the toolbar, it will only display the script name. The full path will be shown in the tooltip to help differentiate between them.
    • There will now be a warning starting two weeks before betas expires.
    • Alternate rows color will now be shown in the Quick Look previews and HTML (Dynamic).
  • (Pro Only) Docx export improvements:
    • CMYK colors are now converted to RGB instead of showing up as black.
    • Fixed a couple bugs with the row numbering implementation which has improved its results in MS Word and stopped InDesign from crashing on import.
    • Images will now be correctly imported to InDesign. Currently only images without spaces in the name.
    • Improved compatibility with OpenOffice.
    • Empty rows are retained again and how line breaks are handled has improved. Line breaks in a row will be turn into soft returns.
    • Due to MS Word's limit of 9 outline levels, all rows at level 10 or higher will be set to level 9. They will still use the correct row style.
  • Bugs
    • Scripts inside AppleScript bundles will no longer appear in the customize toolbar sheet.
    • Fully fixed the issue with AppleScripts added to the toolbar breaking when upgrading to 3.9.
    • Software update should no longer leave the old archived version around unless set to do so.
    • Fixed a regression and re-added the 'add' and 'remove' command to the OmniOutliner AppleScript dictionary.
Version 3.9 beta 1 | Release Date: 2009-04-29 | Download

New Features

  • (Pro Only) Added a new export type (docx) to OmniOutliner Pro that uses the OOXML format used in MS Word 2007 (Windows) and MS Word 2008 (Mac). This format can also be imported into Pages '09.
    • This is not completely finished yet but should be usable in most situations. If there are features not supported yet you would like to see or other feedback on it, please let us know at [email protected] Not everything can be supported due to the differences in the app though.
    • Current features of this export:
      • Each row in the OmniOutliner document is assigned its corresponding outline level. So when you go to outline view in Word, you will see the same structure as in OO. In other views you will see a flat list (the exception to this is if you used row labeling).
      • Row level styles, if any exist, will be used for the corresponding heading styles in Word.
      • Note text is not assigned an outline level and is treated like normal text but with the character style "Note Style" applied to it which is generated from the note style in the OO document.
      • Styles applied to the 'Whole Document' style in OO will be applied to the 'Normal' paragraph style in Word.
      • If any named styles are applied to text in the OO doc, those style characteristics will be applied directly to the text in Word. Word only supports having one style of each type (paragraph/character) applied to any given text so they can not be safely used as styles in Word.
      • Only the topic column will be exported (the one with the checkboxes and bullets).
      • Embedded files
        • Embedded file attachment support is very limited.
        • Currently only images are supported and only if they don't contain spaces in the file name.
        • Movies will not be supported and will simply show the name of the file that is suppose to be there.
        • Other embedded attachments are currently ignored as most other formats are not supported by Word when embedded.
      • Linked or aliased files will work the same as they do with OO, it will take the same absolute path to the file.
      • Row numbering can not be fully supported due to the major differences in implementation between OO and Word. It will work best if you use the same row labeling type for the whole document or constant for a given row level. Currently this works better when imported into Pages than it does in Word.
      • Background colors are converted to one of 16 colors as that is all you're allowed to select in Word.
  • Added a new pasteboard type "OmniDataOnlyTabularPboardType" that is compliant with OmniGraphSketcher. It is a TSV format that flattens the copied data and ignores checkboxes and handles.
  • Added a duplicate row function under the Edit menu.
  • Updated the software update framework to the auto-updater that is in use with our other apps. This provides the ability to update to a new version from within the app and have it installed automatically.
    • This update required increasing the operating system requirement to Mac OS X 10.4.8 or later for OmniOutliner 3.9 beta 1 and all future OmniOutliner versions. Mac OS X 10.3.9 is only supported in OmniOutliner 3.8 or earlier.
  • Added a two-week fully-functional trial period for unlicensed users. Trial licenses will no longer be used. After the trial period has ended, you will only be able to view files and export, editing will no longer be possible.


  • Hopefully fixed a crash most often encountered while closing the application.
Version 3.7 | Release Date: 2008-09-01 | Download
No changes specified
Version 3.6.5 | Release Date: 2008-02-28 | Download

Fixed a regression in 10.3.9 support, introduced with 3.6.4's fix for 10.5.

Version 3.6.4 | Release Date: 2008-02-15 | Download
  • Work around a crasher in the Mac OS X text system when running under 10.5.
  • Copied fixes from OmniFocus to prevent the spinning progress indicator from provoking a bug in Spaces, causing switching Spaces when autosave happens.
  • Many more enhancements.
Version 3.6.3 | Release Date: 2007-11-09 | Download
  • Mac OS X 10.5 "Leopard" Compatibility
    • Updated OmniCrashCatcher so that it will return symbolic stack information under 10.5.
    • Fixed a rendering problem with hi-DPI image attachments.
    • Due to a bug in Mac OS X 10.5, autosaves of OmniOutliner documents occurring on non-active Spaces will cause that Space to become active. Hopefully this will be fixed in 10.5.1, but if it annoys you before then, you can disable the autosave indicator with the following command in Terminal:

      defaults write com.omnigroup.OmniOutlinerPro3 LongOperationIndicatorDisabled -bool YES

      or in OmniOutliner 3 Standard:

      defaults write com.omnigroup.OmniOutliner3 LongOperationIndicatorDisabled -bool YES

      We'll continue working with Apple to have this fixed.

  • Performance
    • We no longer pass webarchive attachments to QuickTime; otherwise it would attempt and fail to load them with every codec at its disposal.
    • Improved performance of dynamic menu items (file templates).
  • Interface
    • Corrected transparency of dragged image attachments.
Version 3.6.3b2 | Release Date: 2007-11-06 | Download
  • Updated OmniCrashCatcher so that it will return symbolic stack
    information under 10.5.
  • Fixed a rendering problem with hi-DPI image attachments.
Version 3.6.2 | Release Date: 2006-12-05 | Download

3.6.2 (v143.19)
Current as of 82342
- Fixed a crash when dragging an attachment out of a editing
text field and dropping it as a new row.
- Avoid a crash in Apple's typesetting support by removing the
full justification style in the Book Draft template.
- Fixed failure to load files with corrupted named style
references. Now, if a named style isn't found with a given
unique identifier, we'll fall back to looking up by name. If
that fails, we'll just drop the reference instead of failing
to load the file at all.
- Fixed crash when clearing the undo stack after having dragged
in a URL and then undone that change.
- Exporting to flat file formats (CSV, plain HTML, etc.) will
no longer raise an error when the document has metadata set
in the document Spotlight inspector.
- Fixed title of application-included templates when
OmniOutliner Pro is installed in the user's personal
Applications directory.
- Fixed a problem where duplicating a named style could end in
a state where you could drag one named style to assign it,
but not the other.
- Named style function key bindings now only go up to F8 since
F9 is a system key binding.
- The row expand/collapse animation will no longer be slow if
you are holding down shift unless the animation is due to a
mouse click. French keyboard users (where numbers require
shift) will no longer see the slow animation when using the
keyboard shortcuts to expand and collapse rows.
- Tabbed inspector icons should be colored appropriate for the
selection before the first time the inspector is loaded.
- Styles applied to the document title tag as well as styles
applied in the document header view should now be reflected
in the printed output. In the case of a conflict, the style
attribute set up in the document title view will win.
- The spell checking panel 'Correct' button will now replace
the first misspelled word when it is in a different row.
- Inherited styles are now listed at the bottom of each section
in the style attributes inspector. This this follows the
most specific to least specific layout in the rest of the
- Clicking on an attachment, pausing, and then dragging will
now drag the attachment as a file reference instead of as a
text clipping.
- Removing keyboard shortcuts for the column and document
inspectors in French. These were mapping to shift-cmd-3 and
shift-cmd-4, which are the system screen shot commands. You
may assign keyboard shortcuts for these in System
Preferences, if you like.
- In the German localization for the backup vs. last saved
alert panel, updated the button labels to be more distinct.
- In Standard, you can now enable/disable headers and footers
in the print sheet, regardless of whether they are enabled by
default via the page setup sheet.

Version 3.6 | Release Date: 2006-07-09 | Download
No changes specified