Open Arena

Licence: GPL
Version 0.8.1 | Release Date: 2008-11-01 | Download

- Uses protocol 71
- Single player campaign re-organized (Thanks cosmo)
- 'Depreciated' client for Windows 9X in addition (lacks ipv6 support)
- New hitsound
- New map: ps37ctf
- New map: ctf_gate1
- New map: am_galevish
- Space Marine should no longer crash on old client
- Chaingun works in unlagged now
- non-Free texture folders from previous release removed (this also removes the schism and q3dm6ish-v2 map)

Version 0.7.7 | Release Date: 2008-05-28 | Download

- Fixed "Getting stuck bug"
- Fixed logging bug
- Fixed UI crash
- Fixed overflow in Multiplayer list + Some of beast's changes to server list (longer names)
- Instantgib and All rockets disabled during single player startup
- Clears nextmap after single player
- Windows only: new SDL.dll allows Caps Lock and Num Luck to be used as keys.
- Using protocol number 69, this should only now show servers running 0.7.7 (In other words, no more lotsofservers with 'invalid game folder' error)

Version 0.7.6 | Release Date: 2008-04-21 | Download

- New player model : Assassin. This guy kills for greed.
- New player model : Space Marine. This guy serves his Corps. In SPACE.
- New player skin : Angelyss/Neko. Mew!!!!!! :3
- New player skin : Grism/Indigo. A homage of that other game.
- Ayumi/Neko, Angelyss/Sly have been atticed due to quality reasons.
- Text font (bigchars.tga) used by console and hud messages now doesn't bleed anymore.
- Special characters added for text font (bigchars.tga) used by some mods. If you've ever encountered a "?" where it shouldn't be in a mod, this should really fix it
- lots of maps and changed maps, at least 8 new significant maps to play! This includes the reworked oa_dm3 and oa_dm5.
- oa_ctf2 is more balanced, slightly retextured.
- Elimination and CTF elimination game types. No one respawns until the round is over.
- Double domination game type. Two teams must control two points on the map for 10 seconds to score.
- Last Man Standing game type. The name of the game is self explanatory.
- Instant Gib option, gives everyone only a railgun that does kills instantly.
- All Rockets option, makes everyone only have a rocket launcher.
- Alt-tab working.
- Unlagged tracehits option, provides a more responsive feel for railguns, machineguns and shotguns.
- Classic Grism aren't teamskins anymore. This means the 'white' skin will not show up during team games. In addition, the skins can be used for FFA again.
- Completely in SDL.
- A lot of other stuff we forgot like minor polishings. There's lots of it and too many to mention here.

Version 0.7.1 | Release Date: 2007-08-16 | Download

- Angelyss/dark_blue is more blue on costume
- New item icons from anyone
- Less bots for oa_dm2 in single player campaign
- Fan crash fix
- You can no longer walk in the sky on Suspended
- Beret is more polished, wears his beret properly
- Announcer is a bit louder and much cleaner
- New rocket smoke

0.7.1. is a patch for 0.7.0

to install 0.7.1:
- download 0.7.0 (download link)
- download patch for 0.7.1 (
- copy "pak7-patch.pk3" from the 0.7.1 patch
- paste into OpenArena (right click on app /"Show Package Contents") into the directory "Contents/MacOS/baseoa"

Version 0.7.0 | Release Date: 2007-07-06 | Download

It's been 8 months since the last release and we've done a lot of stuff for this release, so much it's suddenly 250mb which was way past our 177mb goal. This is our biggest release ever, to state the obvious :) Anyway

Significant Changes:
- 10 new player models
- 26 new maps
- ce1m7, oa_bases3, dm4ish, dm6ish, and cbctf1 also had several changes
- Bloom (activated by r_bloom 1)
- New announcer voice
- New gibs
- Quake's DM maps converted, from dm1 to dm7
- uses ioquake3 revision 1107
- more menu graphics, i.e. the player model button is actually there!
- lots of other stuff like redone sounds and textures

Version 0.6 | Release Date: 2007-05-29 | Download
No changes specified