Licence: Freeware
Version 1.6 | Release Date: 2008-09-05 | Download

Changes for 1.6 final since 1.5b test 3

+ Now compiles as a Universal Binary

+ Changes to freeze file support - old freeze files will probably no longer work
+ Fixed x86 dynarec core to be compatible with the Mac OS X ABI
+ Merged changes from PCSX 1.6 beta
+ Misc code cleanups
+ Fixed a few bugs in psxBios simulation
+ Made further progress toward making the timing of ppc dynarec and regular mode exactly the same. This also fixed a potential compatibility problem with the ppc dynarec core
+ Fixed handling of self-modified code to work faster in certain cases in the ppc dynarec core (FF7 battles + more)
+ Now statically links with libdl which means the emu should now really work under Mac OS X 10.2

+ Removed from the default PCSX package after changing the license to a non-GPL compatible license.

+ Renaming of ASimpleInput to SimpleInput

+ Fixed bug that could cause an incorrect sector to be read from the CD-ROM under rare circumstances
+ Now uses the DiskArbitration Framework to gain complete control over CD's while playing. As a consequence games with CD audio should function in Mac OS X 10.4 again.

Known Issues:

  • Missing input from iShock II controller on PPC
  • Switching controller plugins while a game is running might make PCSX stall
  • x86 dynarec core can cause crashes in certain games
  • Freeze files are currently broken
  • CD-audio playback is jerky
  • Sound playback is jerky at times
Version 1.5.0 test 3 | Release Date: 2005-01-03 | Download
No changes specified