PDF Toolkit

Licence: Freeware
Version 1.8 | Release Date: 2012-08-14 | Download

What's New in Version 1.8

IMPORTANT FIX: No more loosing colors when compressing documents on Mountain Lion! Sorry to everyone for this issue, this update fixes it.

* Fix compression bug on Mountain Lion
* Improve preview on Retina display
* Fix bug in rotated pages (preview and image export)

Also: for power users who noted that a "helpd" application was periodically checking out our website, this was not done purposefully and we have removed the faulty link in our Help book ("helpd" is the Apple Help process).

Version 1.7 | Release Date: 2012-07-27 | Download

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What's New in Version 1.7

<p>* Fix a bug in compression where file size could increase<br /><br />* Fix German localization<br /><br />* Support Apple's "sandboxing" security framework</p>