Photo Desktop

Licence: Freeware
Version 2.0 | Release Date: 2007-04-25 | Download

Photo Desktop 2 adds too much to the previous version to describe, below you'll find a summary of some of the more significant changes and additions.

Multiple photosets

  • With Photo Desktop 2 you're no longer bound to a single composition, with an unlimited amount of photosets you can create different desktops for different moments.
  • Use Smart photosets to let Photo Desktop create and update Photosets for you, based on a folder you point out or on the iPhoto album of your choice.
  • Use the changer the automatically switch between different photosets. You can also use the changer to shuffle the Photosets, including Smart photosets, so your Desktop will never look the same.

iSight support

  • Photo Desktop 2 now comes with built-in iSight support. Allow you to create photos in the PhotoChooser simply as one of the many photo collections you have.
  • Use the snapshot feature to instantly create a photo using your iSight camera and add it to your desktop.
  • Also new is the Photo Desktop Spy, the Spy can automatically create snapshots and add them to your current desktop or a designated other photoset.

Core Image Quality & Animation

  • Photo Desktop 2 is built utilizing Apple's Core-Image technology. For Photo Desktop 2 this means that your resulting Desktop will have a far greater quality than before. Also this means that fun effects could be added to the Editor.
  • With a new engine powering Photo Desktop 2, a screensaver has been added to complete the Photo Desktop package. The Photo Desktop Saver makes your desktop come to live by animating the photos off your current photoset.
  • Utilizing your videocards power also enables the 'Live-updates' feature, when turned on your Desktop gets updated instantly without the delay you saw in Photo Desktop 1.

Much more customization

Photo Desktop 2 add many other functions to further customize your photos. The photo info panel has been extended with frame-shape, shadow, effect and additional options.

Existing functionality like the caption functionality has been further extended to allow for caption on the photo as well as using shadow or 3D effects.

The Photo Desktop preferences have also been further extended to adjust the application to your wishes.

Version 1.5.2 | Release Date: 2006-07-12 | Download
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