Licence: Shareware ($14.99)
Version 1.1.3 | Release Date: 2008-02-01 | Download
  • Increased maximum window size to 1600x1200.
  • Fixed bug with antialising setting in preferences.
  • Fixed compatibility issue with Shades software.
  • Fixed Esellerate in-application registration system for Leopard compatibility.
Version 1.1.2 | Release Date: 2007-03-11 | Download
  • On the final level, continue button is now marked "Finish" instead of "Next Level".
  • Fixed bug where level roundup would incorrectly report that player had one shape remaining, when actually there were none.
  • Fixed bug where music would continue to play on the title screen after a game was aborted.
  • Fixed bug where music would play when it had been turned off in the preferences.
  • Added highlight colour to the most recent high score in the scoreboard.
Version 1.1.1 | Release Date: 2007-02-10 | Download
  • It is now possible to create a custom music playlist for PicTiles. Simply make a folder on your hard drive containing QuickTime compatible music files such as mp3 or m4a (acc), then select it in the "Sound" tab of the PicTiles preferences.
  • Fixed a glitch that meant music would not play until the subsequent level after resuming a saved game.
  • Added default control settings to the help file.
  • Reduced application size by around 10%.
Version 1.1 | Release Date: 2007-02-07 | Download
No changes specified