Licence: Shareware ($7)
Version 2.4 | Release Date: 2012-10-01 | Download

[mod] updated graphics, icons and function for retina displays (thanks to user Damien).
[fix] cursors disappearing under "invisible rug". this happens when you use several 
displays or simply change screen resolution (thanks to user Colin Murray's).
[fix] position of main panel was not saved in older versions of OS X (thanks to user Chris Pritchard).
[new] new icons.
[mod] optimized code and compiled with xcode 4.4.
[mod] improved documentation.
[new] signed by plum amazing with apple developer certificate to follow apple's latest security guidelines.
[new] 100% compatible with mac os 8.
more improvements coming...

Version 2.20 | Release Date: 2011-09-13 | Download

- added 5th item in color format menu.
100% lion compatible.

Version 2.2 | Release Date: 2011-09-12 | Download

[mod] added 5-th item into color format menu RGB.
[mod] rewrote the code dealing with resize panel.

100% lion (Mac OS 10.7) compatible.

Version 2.1 | Release Date: 2011-07-18 | Download

[new] eyedropper shows the color under the cursor in 4 formats (css, html, rgb integer, rgb hex)
[new] eyedropper copies the color under the cursor using copy (command c) in the chosen format.
[new] zoomed view shown under the cursor.
[new] user interface changes and additions.
[mod] code updated, optimized and improved.
[new] customized scaling settings in addition to templates for google and yahoo maps and in photoshop.

Version 1.2.1 | Release Date: 2006-08-06 | Download
No changes specified