Licence: Freeware
Version 0.3 | Release Date: 2007-12-09 | Download
Version 0.2 | Release Date: 2007-10-14 | Download

Improved Audio Handling and User Experience

The audio internals have been rewritten to take advantage of Core Audio. Play now processes all audio at 32-bit floating point precision, and supports DSP effects using Audio Units.

The user interface has been streamlined: the player controls have been moved to the window's toolbar, allowing more space for the title and artist of the playing track, and the seek bar has been expanded to allow more accurate seeking in longer files. Additionally, a volume control has been added for fine-grained control over the output volume.

The library is easier to navigate. Tracks can be browsed or added to the play queue by the artist, album, genre or composer of the selected track.

Replay gain metadata is better supported for MP3 and MP4 files.

MusicBrainz Integration

MusicDNS PUIDs can now be calculated for any track, allowing MusicBrainz lookups on files without metadata.

In addition to PUID lookups, MusicBrainz text-based searches can be performed for any track.

Minor Feature Additions

Rudimentary AppleScript support has been added, allowing scripts to control the player, get and set metadata, and add files to the library.

Apple Remote support added for play, pause, skip to next and skip to previous tracks. [329]

Table columns in the play queue and library can be shown and hidden using the menu bar.

Track sort order, random and loop setting are preserved between launches.

Bug Fixes

The play queue is now automatically scrolled to reveal the currently playing track. [308]

Numeric columns are now right-aligned. [293]

A bitrate column has been added to the play queue and library. [280]

Musepack playback now works correctly on Intel Macs.

Component Upgrades

The following components have been updated:

  • SQLite upgraded to 3.5.1
  • FLAC upgraded to 1.2.1
  • libmpcdec upgraded to 1.2.6
  • mp4v2 upgraded to 1.6.1
  • TagLib upgraded to latest svn
Version 0.1.2 | Release Date: 2007-05-20 | Download

New Features:

  • ReplayGain is now fully implemented with a built-in scanner, multiformat tagging support, and preamplification and clipping preferences for playback.
  • Next and Previous buttons added to the Track Information and Metadata Editing sheets.

Bug Fixes:

  • Loop mode works with only one track in the Play Queue.
  • Metadata is now correctly written to Ogg Vorbis and FLAC files.
  • Metadata is now written correctly when editing multiple files from a search result.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause playback to be approximately 6 dB too soft.

Version 0.1.1 | Release Date: 2007-05-09 | Download

WavPack metadata is now read properly.

Version 0.1 | Release Date: 2007-05-06 | Download
No changes specified
Version r734 | Release Date: 2007-05-01 | Download
No changes specified
Version r683 | Release Date: 2007-04-26 | Download

Added global hot keys, output device selection, stream rating and skip count.

Version r619 | Release Date: 2007-04-09 | Download

Vastly improved performance and gapless MP3 decoder

Version r115 | Release Date: 2006-10-30 | Download
No changes specified