PopChar X

Licence: Shareware (29.99)
Version 7.4 | Release Date: 2016-02-13 | Download

In Apple Color Emoji, PopChar now shows the available flags with searchable names.
Fine-tuned metrics adjustments for certain fonts, in particular some handwriting fonts.
Improved clipboard-based insertion technique.
Fixes a minor cosmetic issue with the group pop-up button on retina displays.

Version 7.0 | Release Date: 2014-09-24 | Download

- Faster refresh for recently used fonts.
- Faster computation of available characters and layouts.
- Faster refresh of the font table when a search for characters is active.
- The menu icon now shows the correct background on all system versions and appearance variants.
- Fixes a problem that resulted in invisible characters on Macs with PowerPC processors.
- Improved handling of low-level issues in library components helps to avoid crashes in some system configurations.
- Works around a problem that could lead to freezes when the set of available fonts changed.
- Works around a timing problem with automatic selection of the Find field on Yosemite.

Version 6.5 | Release Date: 2014-03-20 | Download

- Works around a problem on Mavericks that caused the search field to be cleared while entering a search text.
- Solves a problem on non-English systems, where PopChar did not remember the previously selected layout.
- Custom insertion technique for applications that do not reliably support direct event-based insertion of characters.
- Faster clipboard-based insertion of characters for many applications.

Version 6.4 | Release Date: 2013-12-10 | Download

- Faster display of the character table.
- The built-in installer now reliably cleans up temporary files after automatic updates.
- Reduced background activity by reloading the available fonts only when absolutely necessary.
- Fewer console log messages for recurring activities.
- Improved performance of application monitoring tasks.
- PopChar now detects the current font in QuarkXPress.
- Faster detection of the current application font when the PopChar window opens.
- PopChar now remembers the previously selected font separately for each application.
- When a new version of PopChar is available, a more informative message now also mentions the release date and the currently installed version.
- On Mavericks, the "corner P" now appears on the active screen on multi-monitor configurations.
- The "corner P" is now updated much faster when the screen configuration changes.
- PopChar now avoids contextual alternate forms when displaying the character table.
- Improved assistent for enabling accessibility permissions for PopChar.
- On Mavericks, PopChar now shows a more precise message when it needs accessibility permissions.
- New button locking strategy in the Registration window avoids misunderstandings with correctly registered licenses.
- Faster startup and slightly reduced memory footprint with many installed fonts.
- The total count of characters in the group menu now excludes the favorites, so favorite characters are no longer counted twice.
- Fixes an issue that resulted in warning messages about deprecated methods.
- Fixes a problem that caused the small "P" to appear along an edge of the screen on Mavericks.
- Works around a rare crash during background scanning of fonts on Mavericks.
- Fixes a problem that caused PopChar to become unresponsive when installed fonts were removed.

Version 6.3 | Release Date: 2013-03-19 | Download

- The command-F keyboard shortcut enters the search field.
- It is now possible to immediately start a search by typing the search string when the cursor is in PopChar's character table.
- New context menu command "Copy Character Description" copies a brief summary of the selected Unicode character to the clipboard.
- New context menu item "Copy Font List" for copying the list of font names to the clipboard.
- Support for Unicode 6.2.
- New font matching technique reliably finds fonts for font family names.
- The PopChar window opens when PopChar is launched manually by double-clicking the PopChar icon in the Finder.
- Improved appearance of the group pop-up button, in particular on retina displays.
- Solves a problem where some fonts could not be detected in certain applications (such as MS Word).
- Double-clicking the PopChar icon in the Finder no longer closes the PopChar window when it is already open.
- Fixes a scrolling issue when PopChar was launched manually with a double-click.
- Avoids blinking characters when the PopChar window was opened for the first time.
- Works around flickering window on Mountain Lion.

Version 6.2 | Release Date: 2012-11-27 | Download

- New Font Info view shows detailed information about the selected font.
- New custom tuning for more than 600 fonts, including the BeLight Font kit and some foreign language fonts.
- Background version checks now take place only when the computer has been idle for a while.
- PopChar now remembers the selected font across quit and relaunch.
- New custom font tuning for fixing the vertical positioning of certain non-standard fonts.
- Clickable hint helps with registration and license key orders when PopChar runs in trial mode.

Version 6.1 | Release Date: 2012-09-11 | Download

PopChar X 6.0.1 is a maintenance release that fixes small issues in the recently released PopChar X 6.0.
New in PopChar X 6.0:
+ Streamlined user interface.
+ New "Font Preview" gives an impression of a selected font by showing a few representative characters and a selectable sample text in multiple font sizes.
+ New "Sample Text" shows what the font looks like when applied to typical text fragments. Various predefined samples can be selected, and you can use the "Editable Text" variant to customize your own sample text. You can use a slider to quickly view the text samples in various font sizes.
+ Both the "Font Preview" and the "Sample Text" can be printed to create beautiful font sheets.
+ Command+digit Keyboard shortcuts for switching the current view.
+ Support for Unicode 6.1.
+ Improved message in the registration window.
+ Improved insertion of MacRoman characters in applications with limited Unicode support.
+ ASCII mode is no longer needed.
+ The ASCII/Unicode/All control has been replaced with a pop-up button with clearer descriptions.
+ The shown repertoire no longer switches between characters of the current font and the union of all fonts when switching applications.
+ The "PopChar" pop-up now has a gear wheel symbol.
+ The Installer's completion sound now plays through the "sound effects" channel and respects the alert volume as defined in System Preferences.
+ Works around problems caused by corrupted font files.
+ Faster background scanning of the available fonts.
+ Fixes the definition of the "Phonetic Symbols" group in "Scripts and Symbols", which incorrectly contained the "Latin Extended-D" Unicode block.
+ Fixes a problem with searches for character names that returned incorrect characters beyond the basic Unicode plane.
+ Works around a bug in Mac OS X that resulted in an incorrect list of characters when searching for "unnamed" characters.
+ Detects the current font in Adobe Illustrator CS3 through CS6.
+ New technique for adding PopChar to the list of Login Items now also works for Mountain Lion.
+ Faster startup, less background activity.
+ Avoids occasional crashes when PopChar updated its internal data structures in reaction to addition or removal of fonts.
+ Works around issues with recently used fonts that are no longer available.
+ Works around a problem where the group pop-up was not visible on Lion and Mountain Lion.

Version 5.4.1 | Release Date: 2012-04-27 | Download

Changes in v 5.4.1
+ Fixes vertically flipped keyboard icon.
+ Works around an issue when the Hide checkbox was enabled for PopChar in the Login Items of System Preferences.
Changes in v 5.4
+ PopChar is now a universal 32/64-bit application.
+ Optional inclusion of beta versions in the automated check for updates.
+ PopChar is now signed with a Developer ID certificate in preparation for Mountain Lion's Gatekeeper.
+ New technique for inserting characters avoids rare issues with certain applications.
+ Simpler and faster animation when the PopChar window opens and closes.
+ Works around a cosmetic issue with the "status P" in the menu bar.
+ Works around an insertion problem in Scribus.
+ Fixes a memory issue when checking version numbers of active applications.
+ The date and time of the last update check is now correctly shown for the current time zone (instead of GMT).
+ PopChar now requires Mac OS X 10.5.8 or newer.

Version 5.3 | Release Date: 2011-09-27 | Download

+ Support for colored symbols in the Apple Color Emoji font (requires Lion).
+ The PopChar window now remains visible in all spaces.
+ PopChar now comes with a large (512×512) Finder icon.
+ Improved saving and restoring technique for the clipboard contents.
+ Reduces the CPU load when PopChar runs in the background.
+ Fine-tuned size adjustment for the Cambria Math font.
+ Works around insertion problems in Google Earth and Texmaker.
+ New wording in the installer clarifies the situation when an existing license does not cover the new version.
+ Works around a clipboard bug in Lion.
+ Fixes an issue on Lion that caused PopChar's corner "P" to disappear after switching spaces.

Version 5.3 | Release Date: 2011-04-12 | Download

+ A new custom size slider allows to individually shrink or enlarge the display per font, relative to the global character size setting in PopChar's preferences.
+ Popchar now comes with fine-tuned display for more than 70 fonts, including popular fonts like Arial, Apple Symbols, Arial Unicode, Cambria, Code2000, Lucida Grande, Lucida Sans Unicode, Palatino, Papyrus, Skia, Tahoma, Times, Verdana, and Zapfino.
+ Reduced background activity when the P for activating PopChar is located in a corner of the screen.
+ Works around a rare lock-up during scanning of available fonts and collections.
+ Solves insertion problems with Sigil, FocusWriter and TeXworks.
+ Works around a problem where FileMaker Pro's Get(ActiveModifierKeys) function incorrectly reported pressed modifier keys after the insertion of a character.
+ Works around an issue where PopChar could not install an event tap for inserting characters.

Version 5.2 | Release Date: 2010-11-02 | Download

+ Support for Unicode 6.0.
+ When a new version of PopChar is announced, it is now possible to skip just this version yet receive announcements for subsequent versions.
+ New context menu item for removing characters from the table of recent characters.
+ Fixes a problem with insertion of characters in Espresso.
+ Removed some irritating console messages.
+ Fixes a problem with insertion of plain text characters in FileMaker Pro 7 and newer.
+ No longer beeps at midnight.
+ Works around a problem after waking the computer from sleep.
+ Works around a bug in Mac OS X that caused increasing memory allocation and slowdown when copying and pasting certain bitmap pictures.

Version 5.1 | Release Date: 2010-06-15 | Download

+ Frequently used characters can now be collected in a custom "Favorites" group.
+ User-definable hotkey for opening and closing the PopChar window.
+ PopChar now uses a simpler technique and an improved visual representation for the menu attached to the status item in the menu bar.
+ Corrects a misleading message about coverage of license keys.
+ The character table now displays and scrolls much faster.
+ Faster and more reliable reaction after changes to the installed fonts.
+ Improved dynamic updates of special cases for specific applications.
+ Works around an issue that caused the Mac OS X font manager to crash PopChar.
+ Works around an issue with incorrect font geometry specifications in some fonts (e.g., TITUS Cyberbit Basic and New Athena Unicode) that resulted in large overlapping characters.
+ Works around an issue that caused the window to jump to the right in certain rare circumstances.
+ Uses a new insertion technique that should work faster and more reliable in most applications.
+ Works around a problem that caused PopChar to hang while updating font collections after a change.
+ Works around a problem with TIFF clipboard contents created by Adobe Fireworks.
+ Works around a problem where PopChar could not insert characters in the title field of a note in Tinderbox.
+ Works around an issue caused by the "smart quotes" feature of certain applications that prevented insertion of straight quote characters with PopChar.
+ The installer displays a more prominent warning when a new version is not covered by the current license.
+ Rewording of some messages clarifies the new license model.
+ Installation works around a permission issue when an older version of PopChar had unusual permissions in a non-admin account.
+ Fixes a problem where no text could be entered in the license key field.
+ Solves a problem that sometimes caused the PopChar window to open in ASCII mode although a different view was selected.

Version 5.0 | Release Date: 2009-11-24 | Download

+ Improved compatibility with Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)
+ PopChar now supports the font collections defined in Font Book and the Mac OS X font panel.
+ It is now possible to restrict the font list to only those fonts that contain the currently marked character.
+ Support for Unicode 5.2.
+ PopChar now displays standard space characters with a visible representation that indicates the width of the space.
+ New "Check for Updates" menu item in the PopChar pop-up menu.
+ New technique for easy installation and update.
+ Improved version checking during beta tests.
+ Clipboard saving and restoration is now done more efficiently.
+ Works around a problem where invalid clipboard contents could lead to a high CPU load when PopChar was not currently used.
+ Restoration of the clipboard can now be temporarily turned off by option-clicking characters.
+ Improved handling of special cases for Java applications.
+ More flexible adaptation to applications with special requirements.
+ Internal unification of various application-specific configurations and font-detection techniques.
+ Avoids warning messages about certain deprecated methods under Snow Leopard.
+ PopChar now has a support interface that simplifies registration and various support activities.
+ The version check now includes dynamic updates of special cases for certain applications.
+ Default buttons in sheets are now correctly highlighted.
+ Faster font list update when the set of installed fonts changes.
+ PopChar now disables the "As in Document" setting for Excel to avoid a bug in Excel that terminates editing of spreadsheet cells.
+ Fixes an issue with overlapping items in the French localization.
+ Works around a problem in MS Word that caused the creation of bookmarks for every copied piece of text when PopChar is active.
+ Fixes a visual glitch where the magnifier could become larger than the screen for ASCII characters.
+ Fixes an inconsistency between the status of the font drawer and the Show/Hide Fonts menu command.
+ Fixes some known memory leaks.
+ Avoids a console log error message about unsupported style masks on Snow Leopard.
+ Compact storage of application-specific settings.

Version 4.2 | Release Date: 2009-04-21 | Download

+ New context menu command finds all fonts that contain a given character.
+ Works around a problem that caused certain third-party utilities to lock up the Mac when opening the PopChar window.
+ Fixes a problem that caused PopChar to forget license information when preferences were synced with MobileMe.
+ Fixes a crash in combination with certain keyboard layouts (such as Unicode Hex Input).
+ Works around a bug in Mac OS X that caused incorrect vertical positioning of the PopChar table when the "use smooth scrolling" option was enabled in System Preferences.

Version 4.1 | Release Date: 2008-10-29 | Download

+ Improved compatibility with OpenOffice 3.0 and NeoOffice.
+ PopChar can now detect the current font in MultiAd Creator Pro.
+ New technique for specifying application-specific exceptions.
+ Improved font detection technique (for "As in Document") avoids problems with unusual font/style combinatons.
+ Clarified messages when a license key does not cover an upgrade.
+ Fixes a problem that caused the memory allocation of PopChar to grow over time.
+ Fixes a problem where the magnifier could remain visible on the screen after closing the PopChar window.

Version 4.0 | Release Date: 2008-06-16 | Download

- New "All" view displays all available Unicode characters in any installed font.
- Context menu now contains a new command for copying the selected character's Unicode name.
- Support for Unicode 5.1.
- PopChar now also lists undefined Unicode characters that may be present in some fonts.
- Improves compatibility with Butler.
- Improves compatibility with CopyPaste Pro.
- PopChar now uses transparent menu bar icons that better match the appearance of Leopard's menu bar.
- Fixes some visual alignment glitches.

Version 3.4 | Release Date: 2008-03-10 | Download

- Context menu supports copying selected characters to the clipboard in various formats.
- PopChar now supports searching for characters by their decimal and hexadecimal Unicode numbers.
- Entering or pasting arbitrary text in the search field displays the characters used within the text.
- Support for Unicode 5.0.
- Automatic checking for new versions.
- Fixes a problem where typing or pasting a license key sometimes did not work.
- The "As in Document" option could cause Excel 2004 to hang on Leopard.
- Font detection sometimes caused excessive delays in certain applications.
- Fixes a problem where certain characters beyond the first Unicode plane were displayed and inserted incorrectly.
- Works around a bug in InDesign that causes InDesign CS3 to crash after copying guides to the clipboard while PopChar is running.
- Fixes a problem with font detection in Adobe Illustrator CS3.

Version 3.3.2 | Release Date: 2007-12-12 | Download

Improved backward compatibility with Mac OS X 10.3.9.

Version 3.3 | Release Date: 2007-10-29 | Download

- Ready for Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard).
- New Magnifier shows an enlargement of the selected character.
- "As in Document" font selection works with all components of iWork '08.
- Avoids flickering of the selected character when the "As in Document" option is enabled.
- Accellerates "As in Document" font checking and avoids mismatches in some applications.
- The corner "P" of PopChar now correctly appears on all "desktops" in virtual desktop managers.
- Fixes a crash at startup that affected some users after applying the system update 2007-005.
- When a sheet was visible, characters could be selected in the partly covered table.
- Changing preference settings caused flickering of the character information field.
- Fixes a problem that could cause insertion of the current clipboard instead of the selected character in MS Office applications.
- Fixes a problem with multiple Spaces in Leopard, where the corner "P" would show up only in the first space.
- Fixes a problem where selection of characters did not work immediately after opening the PopChar window.
- Fixes an inconsistency with online renewal of license keys.
- Fixes a scrolling problem when a character was inserted multiple times.

Version 3.2 | Release Date: 2007-05-07 | Download

- New option to hide the corner "P" unless the mouse pointer is near the corner.
- New option to highlight recently selected characters with a yellow background.
- Improved handling of mouse movements avoids flickering.
- Faster display of the character table during scrolling and selection.
- The PopChar window now closes faster when the mouse pointer leaves the window.
- PopChar is now resolution-independent in preparation for future Mac OS X enhancements.
- Some characters of certain fonts occasionally appeared with incorrect attributes.
- In some situations, the preferences sheet could not be displayed.
- Certain preference settings could cause a crash at startup.
- Fixes a problem that caused slowdown after long periods of use without relaunching PopChar.
- Works around a problem with some exotic fonts that left artefacts during scrolling.
- The first character in the font list sometimes was not visible.
- The scrolling position was not always correct in the "Scripts and Symbols" view.
- Works around problems in QuarkXpress and InDesign CS1 that caused insertion of the clipboard instead of the selected character.
- PopChar 3.1 did not restore the clipboard after inserting a character.

Version 3.1 | Release Date: 2006-11-19 | Download

Automatic font detection ("As in Document") now works with Pages (v.2.0 or newer).
PopChar now uses a more sophisticated technique to determine the best font size to display. As a result, many fonts are now shown in larger sizes, so the characters can be recognized more easily.
PopChar detects corrupted fonts and displays a warning message on attempts to display an unusable font.
PopChar now uses less memory and reacts faster when the current keyboard layout changes.
In ASCII mode, the non-breaking space character was displayed and inserted as a regular space character.
PopChar now works around a bug in QuarkXPress that resulted in insertion of a question mark instead of the selected character.
The "As In Document" feature sometimes failed immediately after inserting a character.
PopChar now detects and works around anomalies in fonts with incorrect size information.
Fixes a problem that could cause high memory load and slow response when PopChar had been active for a long time.
Fixes a problem with certain applications that refused to insert selected characters.

Version 3.0 | Release Date: 2006-07-11 | Download
No changes specified