RSS Menu

Licence: Freeware
Version 2.1.3 | Release Date: 2012-01-01 | Download
- completely redesigned integration plugins - added GReader integration - added Twitter integration - added Bonjour integration - added support for publishing to Instapaper and ReadItLater services - new detachable menus: turn any feed or group into a window that stays open in the foreground - new interface to read the contents of an article when you hover over a menu item - new integrated media player for podcasts and video casts - new menu icon - bug fixes and enhancements to existing integration plugins - lots of enhancements to the menu updating system - much improved RSS/Atom feed parser, does its job in the background - many overall improvements to the application and user interface
Version 1.11.5 | Release Date: 2008-08-12 | Download

version 1.11.5

* fixed a crash caused by a memory leak
* fixed a bug that would not update the menu when a feed was removed
* RSS Menu will no longer make unnecessary network connections

version 1.11.4

* fixed a possible crash when retrieving the favicon of a feed
* fixed a bug that would prevent RSS Menu from updating feeds
* fixed a bug that would not remove cache files when a feed is removed
* fixed a bug when editing the URL of a feed that would show the articles of the previous feed
* when parsing form cached data, the articles won't show up as unread
* modified the way menuitems get enabled/disabled

version 1.11.3

* fixed a memory leak when dragging a feed in the feedslist
* fixed a memory leak when retrieving favicons
* fixed a bug that would not retrieve some favicons correctly
* fixed a bug that would stop a feed from updating after dragging it in the feedslist
* fixed a bug that marked a URL as invalid after pasting it
* optimized parsing of feeds, prevents many crashes and hangs
* menu icons are now properly aligned
* when an error occurs while retrieving data from a feed, the process gets cancelled
* updated to Growl 1.1.4 and Sparkle 1.5b4

version 1.11.2

* fixed a bug that would prevent a feed from parsing correctly
* fixed a bug that would cause problems when a favicon was being downloaded
* fixed a bug that generated a huge amount of cached files
* fixed a memory leak when downloading favicons
* fixed a bug that would show notifications after quitting, even if no new articles were available

version 1.11.1

* fixed a bug that could cause a crash after adding a feed
* fixed a bug that would not set an article as read
* fixed a bug with the grayed out menu
* fixed a serious bug when removing more than 1 feed (also caused when importing an OPML file)
* fixed a bug that prevented the "Open All Unread" menu to work
* fixed a bug that would make RSS Menu unstable when Notifications were enabled
* improved the way favicons are downloaded
* added a "Remove Caches" button to the Preferences
* a feed, a group or a separator is now added below the selected row in the feeds list
* external applications will now see RSS Menu as a feed reader
* when adding a feed and an error occurs, its name will default to the URL of the feed
* updated to Growl 1.1.2

version 1.11

* fixed a lot of bugs
* improved Keychain support
* improved perfomance and stability
* improved drag & drop
* final version to support Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger)


* fixed a memory leak that would cause RSS Menu to crash

version 1.10.5

* fixed a bug that would not mark an article as read after selecting it
* iTunes integration now allows you to put an alias in your Music folder
* improved the retrieval of favicons

version 1.10.4

* global mark all read/unread will now skip feeds that have no unread/read articles
* rewritten process to retrieve "favicons", now works in Leopard
* added a button to reload the favicons
* you can now see if RSS Menu is paused or not
* fixed a bug that would prevent you from adding a new feed after editing another
* after editing a feed, the feed will update itself
* the state of feed updates is saved between sleep/wake sessions
* fixed a crash that would occur when a URL made too many redirections
* Growl notifications are now clickable (if the theme allows it)
* updated to Growl 1.1.1
* improved iTunes/Safari integration
* passwords added to the keychain are now identified by the full URL, this fixes a bug that would occur when using https:// URLs
* RSS Menu now also detects video podcasts
* small code improvements

version 1.10.3

* fixed a bug that would not update feeds after a while
* improved speed and performance
* optimized speed of HTML entity replacement

version 1.10.2

* fixed an issue that would cause RSS Menu to forget read articles
* improved HTML entity decoding
* improved memory usage (especially when dealing with lots of feeds)

Version 1.10.1 | Release Date: 2007-06-11 | Download

This version fixes a lot of bugs that remained in 1.10. It also has some interface enhancements and new preferences settings.

It's recommended for everyone using RSS Menu.

Version 1.9.3 | Release Date: 2006-11-23 | Download
  • fixed a bug that would remove feeds from the menu after changing the preferences
  • fixed a bug that would not remember the selected article reader application
  • fixed a bug that could cause a crash while parsing
  • fixed a typo in German localization
  • added Russian localization
Version 1.83 | Release Date: 2006-07-11 | Download
No changes specified