Licence: GPL
Version 0.96.228 | Release Date: 2012-05-26 | Download

- Fix symbol lookup incompatibility with R-devel
- Developer ID code signing for Mac
- Add libjpeg62 dependency for Ubuntu 12.04
- Fix symbol lookup incompatibility with R-devel
- Prevent console access by forked child processes
- Fixed incompatibility with Winbind for PAM authentication.
- Fixed editor cursor off by one line problem that occurred after rapid scrolling.
- Updated to Qt 4.8: required for PDF viewer and to fix OS X Lion trackpad scrolling issue (however as a result 32-bit Mac systems and OS X 10.5 are no longer supported).

- Introduce more explicit syntax for equation embedding to eliminate parsing ambiguities
- Update docs to reflect no current support for ASCIIMath equations
- Use a local version of MathJax for previews (enabling MathJax preview even when offline)
- Use SVG for local MathJax previews on the Mac (but still publish as HTML/CSS)
- Allow embedding multiple inline equations on a single line
- Allow inline equation definitions to span across multiple lines
- Only include HTML-CSS options in local preview mode
- Link to the https version of the MathJax scripts in generated HTML file

- Comment/Uncomment for LaTeX and Sweave files
- Call Sweave/knitr with --no-save and --no-restore (rather than --vanilla)
- Default to calling pdflatex or xelatex directly (rather than using texi2dvi)
- Don't spell-check cite* or bibitem commands
- Spell checking for Sweave and TeX documents.
- Integrated PDF previewer that supports two-way synchronization (SyncTeX) between the editor and PDF view.
- Support for weaving Rnw files using the knitr package (requires knitr version 0.5 or higher).
- Parsing of TeX error logs to extract errors, warnings, and bad boxes and present them in a navigable list.
- Chunk option auto-complete, chunk folding, jump to chunk, and iterative execution of chunks.
- Compilation based on multiple input files (support for specifying a root TeX document) .
- TeX formatting commands, block comment/uncomment, and various new compilation options.

- Create new documents using a basic template that documents R Markdown syntax
- Eliminate table borders in Markdown CSS
- Improved document title detection
- Added documentation on R code blocks to Markdown quick reference

Source Editing
- Changed Comment/Uncomment shortcut to Ctrl+Shift+C
- Fixed issue with clipboard shortcuts on Japanese keyboard layouts
- Fixed inability to enter braces in international keyboard layouts on the Mac
- Execute current function now works (fixed regression)
- Find in files with regular expressions.
- Code folding (expanding and collapsing regions of code).
- Automatic comment reflowing (Cmd+Shift+/).
- Smart editing of Roxygen comments.
- Syntax highlighting for Markdown, HTML, Javascript, and CSS files.
- New font customization options.

Web Publishing
- Editing and previewing R Markdown and R HTML files (like Sweave except for web pages).
- Creation of easy to distribute standalone HTML files (with embedded images).
- Support for including LaTeX and MathML equations in web pages using MathJax.

Version 0.92.23 | Release Date: 2011-03-29 | Download
No changes specified