Scroll Reverser

Licence: Freeware
Version 1.5.1 | Release Date: 2012-03-12 | Download

v1.5.1 (12 March 2012)
Signed with a Developer ID for OS X 10.8 Gatekeeper.

v1.5 (23 February 2012)
Now works with OS X 10.4 Tiger.
More reliable detection between mouse and trackpad.
Fixed a bug that led to high memory usage.
Added a welcome window that appears on the first run.
Added German localization. (Thanks, Peter.)

v1.4.4 (29 September 2011)
Fixed a memory leak.
Fixed a problem with the Italian localization.
Added Romanian localization. (Thanks, Gabriel.)

v1.4.3 (9 September 2011)
Added French localization. (Thanks, Marcel and E.)

v1.4.2 (18 August 2011)
Changed default on Lion to not reverse horizontal scrolling.
Added Spanish localization. (Thanks, Pedro.)

v1.4.1 (18 August 2011)
Restored PowerPC and 32-bit Intel support.
Better Wacom tablet detection.

v1.4 (11 August 2011)
Added independent settings for horizontal and vertical scrolling.
Added independent settings for scrolling with trackpad, mouse and tablet (e.g. Wacom).
Fixed a Firefox compatibility problem.
Dropped PowerPC and Intel 32-bit support (by mistake).
Added Italian localization. (Thanks, Vincenzo.)

v1.3 (28 June 2011)
Added PowerPC support.
Added Greek localization. (Thanks, ecrisis.)

v1.2 (11 April 2011)
Added option to hide the menu bar icon.
Added Brazilian Portuguese localization. (Thanks, Humberto.)

Version 1.2 | Release Date: 2011-04-11 | Download

You can now hide the status bar icon (as requested by several users)
Brazilian Portuguese localization (thanks, Humberto)
One other thing, if you are having trouble with Scroll Reverser and Firefox, try turning off “Use smooth scrolling” in Firefox prefs (under Advanced → General).

Version 1.0 | Release Date: 2011-03-29 | Download
No changes specified