SendSpace Wizard

Licence: Freeware
Version 1.2.2 | Release Date: 2009-11-11 | Download

- Fixed crashes on MacOSX (and possibly other platforms) related to the Drag&Drop feature. If you were avoiding DnD because of crashes when adding files to the wizard, please try now and send feedback to us if it still happens.

- When sending a file/folder link (or multiple selected files/folders), show a list of the last 10 messages used, sorted by most recent use.
Messages are saved even when sending the email fails, so they can easily be used to retry the operation. Selecting "Cancel" won't save the current message.

- Enabled Drag&Drop of folders to other folders in the remote browser.

- Allow to show the properties dialog when selecting multiple files/folders. The dialog now shows total subfolders/files and total size.

- Description and password for files, along with the "Shared" property for folders, can now be changed when opening the "Properties" dialog for multiple items.

- Enabled Cut and Paste of folders.

- For platforms that support it, added the file type and the associated icon for files in the browsers if it can be retrieved from the operating system.

- Added some extra text to the dialog shown when removing local or remote files to make clear that the operation can not be reversed and the files will be removed permanently.

- Allow to show/hide hidden folders (those that start with a ".") in MacOSX. Set to "hide" by default, this behaviour can be disabled in the preferences, "GUI Tweaks" section.

- Allow folders containing the path separator "/" to be displayed in MacOSX.

- Fixed an error deleting folders with the toolbar button.

- Enabled downloading folders with the "Enqueue" button in the toolbar.

- Fixed a possible log corruption problem happening with unicode file names.

- The number of file/folder links being sent is now shown in the file/folder link send dialog.

- Selecting an email in the addressbook dialog will now check the box when opening the dialog from the extended options for a file upload.

- Optimized processing time when listing large amounts of items in the browsers.

- Disabled some legacy code that could interfere with the operating system's clipboard.

- Fixed a potential problem with spaces before or after the username and password.

- Fixed a potential error when loading saved column sizes for the browsers. Some column sizes had to be reset to the defaults for this release to fix incorrect values.

- Fixed sorting by some of the local/remote columns not working correctly on specific configurations.

- Added an "Add new folder" button to each browser's toolbar.

- The "New folder" dialog will now specify if the user is creating a local or a remote folder.

- Fixed an error where adding several files with the "Upload to SendSpace" right-click option on Windows Explorer would only add the first one to the Wizard.

- Fixed a possible crash after a login progress dialog is canceled and a second login gives an authentication failure error.

- Fixed several crashes happening on application shutdown that were related to the Drag&Drop feature.

- Fixed a crash happening on certain MacOSX configurations when clicking slightly to the left of the file icon in the browsers.

- Fixed a possible crash happening when a refresh of the remote folder is triggered while editing a file name in place.

- Fixed a possible problem where showing a file's description field could show random characters.

- Modified the text shown for sending file/folder links in the context menu shown when right-clicking on the remote browser with several items selected to properly reflect the type and quantity of items selected.

- Fixed a very rare download corruption problem when a partial file gets modified by an external application or filesystem corruption and becomes bigger than the downloaded size.

- Fixed remote folder not being updated when pasting a folder or file that has been cut from another remote folder.

- Fixed a potential problem in the SendSpace library that could cause file downloads to end up being corrupted or the application to show a debug dialog.

- Fixed several misc. bugs and improved stability.

Version 1.1.43beta | Release Date: 2009-01-07 | Download

-- 1.1.43 --

- Fixed a possible error when loading the addressbook list after the current login session expires. The Wizard will now try to refresh the session if getting the list fails.

- Fixed a rare error on running the Wizard for the first time after a successful update in MacOSX.

- Fixed a rare error where the application would hang while rearranging the queue.

- Fixed an erroneus warning message on a clean application close when disconnecting from the server.

- Fixed several misc. bugs and improved stability.

-- 1.1.42 --

- Fixed a possible issue when the Wizard is set to close automatically after transfer finish and the application is set to minimize when clicking the close button.

- Fixed a possible crash on MacOSX when closing the application from the Dock.

- Fixed a possible issue in MacOSX when running the Wizard from the Dock and the Wizard will fail to start.

- Fixed some visual artifacts in the preferences windows of the MacOSX version.

- Fixed several misc. bugs and improved stability.

-- 1.1.41 --

- Fixed the width of some progress dialogs to fit the text better.

- Modified the shutdown progress to show a more accurate shutdown progress.

- Fixed a problem that could create inestability in some MacOSX systems.

- Fixed several misc. bugs and improved stability.

-- 1.1.40 --

- Fixed the update process on MacOSX not starting the wizard after a successful update.

- Fixed a possible issue on MacOSX when dropping file links from the Finder.

- Fixed some artifacts in the MacOSX interface.

- Fixed a possible crash when adding a local folder to upload while the wizard is shutting down.

- Fixed a couple of preferences controls not being accessed by screen readers.

- Updated the Windows installation: Now you can run the Wizard directly from the instalation program and uninstall it from "Add/Remove Programs" in your control panel.

- Fixed several misc. bugs and improved stability.

-- 1.1.39 --

- Fixed the user selection dialog that appears on XP when using the Wizard update that prevented some users from updating correctly.

-- 1.1.38 --

- Fixed a rare issue that under certain conditions could make one or more partial files of a completed download fail to merge into the final file.

- Fixed the "Show main window" and "Hide main window" options in the system tray icon not working for some users.

- Fixed an issue preventing some users with internationalized windows usernames from running the wizard, incorrectly reporting an error in the folder permisions.

- Improved the update process in Windows Vista and MacOSX.

- Fixed several misc. bugs and improved stability.

-- 1.1.37 --

- Improved Windows Vista compatibility.

- Fixed a rare issue that could cause stalled transfers to appear active.

- Fixed several misc. bugs and improved stability.

-- 1.1.36 --

- Added an address book: you can add, remove or modify recipients' emails for the future and send file links to them. You can also import addresses in bulk through your account at the site.

- Fixed a rare condition where some files would be correctly uploaded but the progres won't show on the interface.

- Fixed several misc. bugs and improved stability.

-- 1.1.35 --

- Added icons to identify files and folders in the transfer list.

- Fixed a problem where the selected sounds for transfer started or finished wouldn't be saved on restarting the application.

- Some fixes to the shutdown code make it faster and more reliable.

- Fixed a very rare application crash on a race condition while listing a remote folder.

- Fixed the Wizard incorrectly thinking the application has crashed when the process is terminated by the operating system.

- Added an option to restart the Wizard on the dialog shown in the rare event that the application crashes.

- Fixed a problem with the method used to check for a single running instance in MacOSX.

- Fixed a possible application crash when the login dialog is shown on application close.

- Fixed several misc. bugs and improved stability.

-- 1.1.34 --

- The Wizard now detects if there is a proxy or firewall preventing the connection to the sendspace servers and shows an informative message to the user.

- Fixed the "Description" and "Password" fields not showing correctly when adding information to a new upload.

- Fixed some possible issues with unicode files preventing folders from being listed correctly.

- Fixed several misc. bugs and improved stability.

-- 1.1.31 & 1.1.32 & 1.1.33 --

- Added the possibility to upload and download full directory structures. Please use this feature with caution. Be aware that clients downloading the files cannot download full folders due to browser limitations, files must be downloaded one by one and folder structure is not automatically maintained in such a case.

- Added the possibility to change the colours of the items in the transfer queue.

- Added the possibility to change the font used in the application.

- Added the properties dialog for local folders and files.

- When showing the properties for a folder, the number of subfolders, files, and the total size are now shown.

- Finished transfers now show the full file path in the log.

- Fixed "Minimize on close button" not working when the systray icon is disabled.

- Fixed a rare problem on resuming large file uploads that could show them incorrectly as complete.

- Several fixes to overall speed of the application and CPU/memory usage.

- Fixed a potential problem where new downloads won't start automatically when adding http links to the Wizard.

- Fixed a rare problem reading downloads queued with previous versions of the Wizard.

- Fixed several misc. bugs and improved stability.

Version 1.1.30 | Release Date: 2008-05-20 | Download


- Reconnection to the SendSpace server after a session expires is now silent.
- Fixed a rare problem where queued transfers would fail to resume automatically.
- Fixed several misc. bugs and improved stability.


- Added extra information to the folder properties dialog. Now shows total files, sub-folders and size.
- Parallel transfers are now limited to a maximum of 10 downloads and 10 uploads. We recommend that you use the default values if you experience timeouts or disconnections.
- Improved stability if the option to close the wizard when transfers are finished is selected, and dialogs are still open.
- Fixed several misc. bugs and improved stability.

1.1.26 & 1.1.27 & 1.1.28

- Corrected an error that can result in download issues for some users.
- New sounds for transfer completed/failed (courtesy of Chris Gilland at ([email protected]))
- Fixed several misc. bugs and improved stability.

1.1.24 & 1.1.25

- Added the ability to set sounds to some events, such as transfer completion and transfer error.
- When links are added to the queue, the remote filename is shown instead of the file ID.
- Changed the browser shortcut key for "Cut" to Ctrl-X.
- All the text entry fields are now read correctly by screen readers.
- Completed downloads are now saved across sessions until they are cleared from the list.
- Settings for download/upload speed in Preferences are no longer modified when the speed adjustment dial is used.
- Time on log window now uses the local time zone instead of CET.
- Disk drives etc. now show the name/label in Windows.
- Different icons for hard drives, network drives, CD-rom drives and removable drives are now used in the local browser.
- Added automatic disabling of some incompatible options in certain Mac OS X systems that could cause the Wizard to not start.
- Fixed several misc. bugs and improved stability.

Version 1.1.23 | Release Date: 2008-03-08 | Download

- Added the ability to automatically add links to the Wizard with a new format, "sendspace://file_id", when used on web sites.
- Added a new file right-click option in Windows Explorer to upload to SendSpace using the Wizard.
- Fixed a potential error where long transfer queues could cause connection errors upon restart.
- Added the shortcut Ctrl+A to select all files in the Wizard file browsers.
- Fixed a synchronization error on Mac OS X that could lead to crashes when lots of files are being transferred on startup.
- Fixed several misc. bugs and improved stability.

Version 1.1.18 | Release Date: 2007-12-14 | Download

- Further refined screen reader support. Do send feedback.
- Better GUI defaults for first-time users.
- Updated hotkeys. Added focus keys.
- If a file transfer fails the next file in queue automatically begins.
- Fixed several misc bugs.

Version 1.1.17 | Release Date: 2007-12-10 | Download

- Highly improved screen reader support. Do send feedback in.
- Added a full set of Hotkeys to the menus.
- Added cut/paste to the remote menu to enable moving files between folders.
- Made the extended upload dialog open by default. This can still be turned
off and on again in preferences.
- Allow for resizing of columns in the local and remote windows.
- Various bug fixes and performance improvements.

Version 1.1.15 | Release Date: 2007-10-16 | Download

-- 1.1.12, 1.1.14 & 1.1.15 --
- Added an optional message field for the "Send File Link" feature.
- "Copy link" now copies the direct download link if available.
- The "Add to queue" menu item is now called "Upload" or "Download" according to where the menu is invoked from.
- The F4 key will now add a file to the upload or donwload queue depending on the file selected (local or remote view).
- Toolbar icons now look better on the Mac.
- Fixed several crashes reported in the previous version.

-- 1.1.11 --
- Fixed several crashes reported with version 1.1.10.
- In preparation of our upcoming release of the Sendspace API, we have rewritten the core of the Wizard starting in version 1.1.10 using our new C++ API library -- all communications with sendspcae, uploads, downloads etc are conducted through this new library which is soon to be made public.

-- 1.1.10 --
- Many bug fixes. Upload/Download resume should work in rare cases where it failed before.
- Fixed a crash for some users when stopping downloads.
- Can now add multiple links for download. The Wizard will extract the correct links from any block of text you paste.
- Option to minimize the Wizard rather than exit when clicking the 'X' to close the main Window; Find this in Preferences -> GUI Tweaks.
- Maximum file size is checked and enforced before upload begins.
- Added the ability to download password protected files.
- Pro users will now also see the Direct download link when selecting a remote file's properties.
- Changelog can now be viewed at any time from the menu. Help -> Show Changelog.

Version 1.1.9 | Release Date: 2007-08-08 | Download

Misc bugfixes. Last stable release before new features are added.

Version 1.1.8 | Release Date: 2007-07-08 | Download
No changes specified