Licence: GPL
Version 2.6.8 | Release Date: 2008-10-12 | Download

* Enhancements
o New plugins provide enhanced capabilities:
+ Hibernate Plugin:
# allows to generate SQL statements from Hibernate HQL statements
# shows object tree of mapped objects
# HQL Tab which supports code completion and syntax highlighting
+ SQL Parametrisation (by Thorsten Mürell): This plugin allows you to put variables into your SQL statements.
+ Data import (by Thorsten Mürell): This plugin allows you to import arbitrary files into the database.
o Previously unsupported types were added to various plugins (e.g. Oracle's SYS.XMLType)
o New source tabs are available for many of the existing plugins
o Added support for OS/400 to the DB2 plugin.
o Added Substance 4.0 LAF to the Look-and-Feel plugin
o Drag-n-Drop support was added to the SQL file editor to allow files to be dragged from the desktop into an open editor.
o Many other improvements were made for performance and ease-of-use.
* A number of bug fixes

Version 2.5.1 | Release Date: 2007-05-12 | Download
No changes specified