Licence: GPL
Version 0.10.6 | Release Date: 2010-12-05 | Download

in version 0.10.6

default catalogue of over 600,000 stars
extra catalogues with more than 210 million stars
asterisms and illustrations of the constellations
constellations for twelve different cultures
images of nebulae (full Messier catalogue)
realistic Milky Way
very realistic atmosphere, sunrise and sunset
the planets and their satellites
a powerful zoom
time control
multilingual interface
fisheye projection for planetarium domes
spheric mirror projection for your own low-cost dome
all new graphical interface and extensive keyboard control
telescope control
equatorial and azimuthal grids
star twinkling
shooting stars
eclipse simulation
skinnable landscapes, now with spheric panorama projection
plugin system adding artifical satellites, ocular simulation, telescope configuration and more
ability to add new solar system objects from online resources...
add your own deep sky objects, landscapes, constellation images, scripts...

Version 0.10.5 | Release Date: 2010-06-02 | Download

Stellarium 0.10.5 released!

The Stellarium team is very proud to announce the release of stable version 0.10.5. This is an important bug fix release closing more than 30 bugs in the main application and in the plugins. It also brings small GUI usability improvements, as well as a much reduced starting time.

A huge thanks to all community bug reporters who helped us a lot finding bugs!

Version 0.10.4 | Release Date: 2010-02-22 | Download

The Stellarium team are delighted to announce the release of Stellarium 0.10.3.

This release brings some exciting new features. Stellarium now ships with plug-ins for predicting the positions of artificial satellites in Earth orbit, improved telescope control features, telescope eyepiece simulation (ocular) and more. Plug-ins can be enabled using the new plug-ins tab in the configuration dialog.

We also have a new sky culture - Aztec, updated translations and an in-program script editor.

Under the hood, the structure of the program has continued to evolve to make it easier to code new features, improve performance and maintainability.

Version 0.10.2 | Release Date: 2009-03-10 | Download

Version 0.10.2 is based on the recent release of QT 4.5, which should fix startup problems which some users experienced with version 0.10.1. This change should also solve some Mac rendering bugs and speed up the GUI elements of the program.

A new projection mode is now available, called "Hammer-Aitoff", which allows for very wide fields of view (up to 360 degrees). This release also includes many bug fixes and some general performance tweaks.

Version 0.9.1 | Release Date: 2008-01-16 | Download

The Stellarium team is proud to announce the release of version 0.9.1. This is primarily a bug fix and stabilization release. Apart from bug fixes, users can expect to see improved start-up times and a new sky culture (Tupi-Guarani) as well as some progress with translations and overall stability.

Version 0.9.0 | Release Date: 2007-06-06 | Download

New features for version 0.9.0:

  • Larger star catalogue including stars from Hipparcos, Tycho2 and NOMAD (much of this available as a separate download)
  • New sky cultures: Lakota, Navajo, Inuit, including Inuit constellation art by Johan Meuris
  • New projections: Orthographic, Lamberts Equal Area, Cylinder
  • Better accuracy of planetary positions
  • New orbital calculation class making it possible to add comet objects (no special visualisation yet however)
  • Window resizing. Full screen toggle should now work for Windows & OSX
  • Fly to planets by pressing control-G when one is selected
  • Landscape locations - can set the location according to the landscape
  • Places of interest on Earth (city positions improved), the Moon (mission sites) and Mars (mission sites).
  • New landscape: Garching, (near Munich, Germany)
  • Data file layout change, which should make it easier to install extra landscapes, scripts and so on
  • Some new nebula textures; more precise positioning of nebula textures

There have also been a lot of minor bug fixes, and significant changes to the code base, which make it possible for third parties to write their own modules for Stellarium, (although the API is not stable yet).

Version 0.8.2 | Release Date: 2006-10-05 | Download

This release should fix a lot of the bugs of the previous version. A simple seascape is also included in v0.8.2, as are a few more languages and language updates.

Version 0.8.1 | Release Date: 2006-08-23 | Download
No changes specified
Version 0.7.1 | Release Date: 2006-07-10 | Download
No changes specified