Sublime Text

Licence: Shareware ($59)
Version 2.0.1 | Release Date: 2012-07-14 | Download

Keyboard input while dragging a selection will cancel the drag
Improved backspace behavior when use_tab_stops and translate_tabs_to_spaces are true
Improved shift+drag behavior
Improved double click drag select behavior
About Window shows the license key details
Fixed a Goto Anything issue where pressing backspace could scroll the overlay incorrectly
Fixed a crash triggered by double clicking in the Goto Anything overlay
Fixed incorrect window position when dragging a tab in some scenarios
Added missing toggle_preserve_case command
word_wrap setting accepts "true" and "false" as synonyms to true and false
OS X: Fixed System Preferences menu not working
Linux: Added support for mice with more than 5 buttons
Linux: Fixed an occasional graphical glitch when running under Unity

Version 2.0 | Release Date: 2012-07-08 | Download
No changes specified
Version 2168 | Release Date: 2012-01-19 | Download
No changes specified
Version 2139 | Release Date: 2011-11-02 | Download

Replace in files – The find in files panel now supports replacing in files. The panel has also been streamlined, with the In Files and In Locations fields combined into a single Where field, that accepts a comma separated list of paths to search, and wildcard patterns to include and exclude files.

Fold arrows – Supplementing the code folding support in the last beta, there are now buttons in the gutter to collapse text using the mouse. By default, the fold buttons will fade from view unless the mouse is over the gutter, however this is configurable using the fade_fold_buttons file setting. The fold buttons, and the space reserved for them in the gutter, can be removed with the fold_buttons file setting.

Side bar keyboard navigation – The side bar can now receive input focus, and be driven using the keyboard. Left click on an already selected row to give the side bar input focus, or press ctrl+0. Pressing enter or escape in the side bar will restore focus back to the file area.

Reindent – The reindent command can be used to recalculate indentation for a file, using the auto-indent rules. This can be triggered from the Edit/Line/Reindent menu item, or Reindent Lines in the Command Palette.

Version 2111 | Release Date: 2011-09-03 | Download

Build 2111
Release Date: 31 August 2011
See the blog post for summary
Added indentation guides. These may be disabled with the draw_indent_guides setting
Added syntax, indentation, and spell checking information to the status bar
Added Vintage mode, for vi key bindings in Sublime Text 2
Added Expand Selection to Tag (Command+Shift+A on OS X, and Ctrl+Shift+A on Windows and Linux)
Added Close Tag (Command+Alt+. on OS X, and Alt+. on Windows and Linux)
Projects are now stored in two files: .sublime-project (user editable, can be checked into version control) and .sublime-workspace (containing the session state). Existing project files will be converted on load.
Projects: Folders in projects may be given file_exclude_patterns and folder_exclude_patterns
Projects: Per-project file settings may be specified in the .sublime-project files
Projects: Build systems may be specified within .sublime-project files
Projects: Open Project and Recent Projects open the project in a new window
Added File/Open Folder, to open a folder in a new window. These entries will appear in the Open Recent list.
Passing folders on the command line will open them in a new window by default
Shift+Tab will always unindent when the caret is at the beginning of the line
Tweaked Delete Word
Tweaked behavior of up/down with non-empty selections
Build is now bound to Ctrl+B Windows and Linux (Command+B on OS X, as it was previously). F7 is also bound to build on all platforms.
Toggle Side Bar is now bound to Command+K, Command+B on OS X, and Ctrl+K, Ctrl+B on Windows and Linux
Added the ability to hide the open files section on the side bar, via the View/Side Bar menu
Added global setting close_windows_when_empty, to close windows as soon as the last file is closed. This is enabled by default on OS X
Find and replace panels operate via commands, and indicate the relevant key bindings on the buttons
Updated C syntax highlighting
Updated Bash highlighting
fallback_encoding is respected by Find in Files
The copy command is now recorded in macros
Resolved a syntax highlighting issue in contentName handling
Fixed a crash that could occur with replace in selection
Fixed an issue that could result in an incorrect scroll range when scroll_past_end is enabled
Fixed incorrect tab positions in some circumstances
Fixed an issue that could erroneous carets in the replace panel
Middle clicking on tab close buttons is no longer ignored
OS X: Fixed Quit not quitting until the next input event
Windows: Fixed delay when opening multiple files from Explorer
Windows: Fixed Open Containing Folder for files in root directories
Linux: Hid the window resize grip on Ubuntu
API: Added Command.description()
API: Added sublime.score_selector(scope, selector)
API: Added view.score_selector(point, selector)
API: Added view.find_by_selector(selector)
API: view.scope_name() now returns scope components in the expected order. view.syntax_name() is still available for compatibility.
API: Added sublime.get_macro()
API: Added sublime.MONOSPACE_FONT option for the quick panel
API: If a plugin module has a top level function called unload_handler, it'll be called when the plugin is reloaded or unloaded.
API: Fixed a crash when reloading plugins while threads are active
API: API functions better handle null windows

Version 2059 | Release Date: 2011-05-28 | Download

Build 2059
Release Date: 28 April 2011

- Added smooth scrolling
- Added spell checking
- Tab Completion is enabled by default. Shift+Tab can be used to insert a literal tab
- Pressing Ctrl+Space after a tab completion will adjust the last completion, rather than starting a new one
- Tab completion is smarter about when to insert a completion, and when to insert a tab
- Auto complete is now case insensitive
- Added global setting, remember_open_files
- Disclosure buttons on the tree control have a larger target area
- Tweaked tab header background for improved contrast
- Status bar column display correctly accounts for tabs
- Fixed an issue with scrollbars on small files
- Shift+Mouse wheel scrolls horizontally
- Recent files no longer appear in the Goto Anything list
- Improved startup time
- Updated HTML completions
- Updated path handling in
- OSX: Added support for Help/Search
- OSX: Activating the application when no windows are open creates a new window
Linux: Fixed a crash that could occur in Save All

Version 2051 | Release Date: 2011-03-19 | Download

(See for release notes)

Build 2051
Release Date: 19 March 2011
Bracket matching is smarter, and will ignore brackets in comments and strings
OSX and Linux: Fixed a bug that could result in spiraling CPU usage
Added ":;" pairing in CSS
Reworked Layout menu
Scroll bar pucks are rendered with subpixel precision
Windows and Linux: Moving to the right by words will stop at the end of words, rather than the beginning
OSX: Improved minimap rendering quality
OSX: Fixed a regression in 2046 with some keyboard layouts, such as Japanese and Chinese
OSX: Changed mouse button bindings. Ctrl+Left Mouse will now open a context menu
Linux: Current window is brought to front when opening a file from the command line
Linux: Context menu is shown on button press, instead of button release
"Remove Folder" is now "Remove Folder from Project"
Fixed ordering of the Default package
Fixed Wrap Paragraph not correctly accounting for leading whitespace
API: Added sublime.version() and
API: Fixed view.set_status() and view.erase_status() not refreshing the status bar

Version 20110203 | Release Date: 2011-02-03 | Download

- Added tab context menu
- Added "draw_minimap_border" setting
- Added subword movement: Alt+Left/Right on Windows and Linux, Ctrl+Left/Right on OSX
- Menu Mnemonics for Windows and Linux
- Added Switch File menu
- Folders passed on the command line are handled correctly
- When closing a file that's currently loading, the load will be canceled immediately
- Syntax definitions are loaded asynchronously
- JavaScript: Better identification of functions for the symbol list
- About window is modal
- Added Ant and Erlang build systems
- Made find highlights and bracket match highlights more visible
- Goto Anything: When multiple folders are open, the folder name will be prefixed to the displayed file name
- Fixed spaces in Goto Anything throwing off the highlighting character
- Linux: Setting the mouse cursor
- Linux: Support for running via a symlink
- Linux: Support for remote files
- Linux: Fixed a problem with drag and drop if the dropped filenames contained spaces
- Linux: Checkboxes only show up on menu items where they should
- Linux and Windows: Alt+<number> will switch to the given tab. Changing layout has moved to Alt+Shift+<number>
- Windows: Improved startup speed
- Windows: "-z arg" may be passed on the command line, and it will be ignored
- OSX: Implemented scrollToBeginningOfDocument: and scrollToEndOfDocument:
- OSX: Fixed Quad Pane layout incorrectly being bound to Option+4 (now Command+Option+4)
- OSX: Fixed a crash that could occur in Select Project
- OSX: Fixed a crash when pasting if the pasteboard contents can't be converted to a string
- API: Fixed an interaction between EventListener plugins and the console panel
- API: API functions validate they're being called on the correct thread

Version alpha 20110130 | Release Date: 2011-01-31 | Download
No changes specified