Licence: Shareware ($29)
Version 2.9 | Release Date: 2009-07-29 | Download
  • A Split Personality
    Now you can elect to divide the project into a top and bottom display with separate project explorers and navigation to work different aspects of your composition at once. Use the bottom to show the details of a card while the top shows where it sits in relation to the other items in the deck. Or keep your references, categories or flagged items visible while you rearrange cards.

    Split the screen to work on any two parts of the project at once.

  • More Display Customization
    The deck display now includes options to show or hide the deck title and description fields. The deck display and application toolbars can also be hidden to simplify your work space.

    Configure the deck display to hide the title, description and toolbar.

  • Dragging Elements
    Now that we've given you more spaces in which to work, the obvious improvement would be to make it easy to drag items from one area to the next. Move a card from the bottom project explorer to a spot in the top project explorer. Similarly drag and drop items from one spot in the deck display on the top to another on the bottom.

    Drag items between the project explorer windows and the deck displays.

  • Works and Plays Well with Leopard
    We've made changes in this version of SuperNotecard to support the latest update to Mac OS X.

  • Other Improvements
    • With new cards in the deck display, begin typing immediately to enter the title. Press Enter to save and return to the deck.
    • Added an option to turn off the alert sounds for moving to and empty the trash
    • Added a new "Importance" property to non-fiction projects
    • Added an interview reference type
    • Convert multi-line pasted text into single line for card and deck titles

  • Version 2.2 | Release Date: 2007-04-14 | Download
    No changes specified