Licence: BSD License
Version | Release Date: 2010-09-13 | Download
  • An address book entry is now automatically deleted if the hostmask is left blank.
  • Textual will now output who is already on when you connect to a network where friend tracking is enabled. The previous method simply ignored the first pass.
  • Textual now uses 4 new reserved characters in the input box. These characters represent the invisible formatting characters for bold, color, underline, and italics. They show as black boxes and were made to make it easier to delete formatting from new messages when it is not desired. â–¤ for bold, â–¥ for color, â–§ for italics, and lastly â–¨ for underline text.
  • Theme developers can now localize their own variants of the messages used by Textual such as "user join channel." in order to remove bold or create their own formatting for them.
  • Support for a JavaScript function called when a new message has been posted to the interface has been added. Developers please see scripts.js of the new default themes for this new function.
  • Fixed beta program update interval not being set to 1 hour.
  • /whowas command support has been enhanced to make it more user friendly.
  • Style developers, the underlying window color now applies to borders between lists instead of only the input box.
  • Added setting to change the max width of inline images in the "Styles" section of preferences. Max is set to 300 pixels by default. Height is automatically scaled to match width.
Version | Release Date: 2010-08-23 | Download
  • Improved quit message outputting to compensate for networks that do not set a default quit message.
  • The /uptime command has been enhanced and is no longer a script.
  • Smarter link parser so that links that contains symbols like parentheses are not confused for links wrapped in them.
  • Support for the keyboard shortcut ctrl+p to go to previous input history item and ctrl+n for next has been added.
  • The ban list sheet is now only shown upon request to fix problem with ZNC bouncers.
  • Textual will now send /whois requests and the result of other commands to the proper window if the current window is not on the network on which those commands were executed.
  • Fixed the /remove command parting channels twice.
  • A user-configurable quit message for when OS X goes to sleep has been added to the "Server Properties" sheet under Details.
  • New setting in Highlight preferences to allow every highlight to be logged to a "Highlights" window.
  • Dialogs such as Find and Set vHost now put focus upon input field after opening for greater ease of use.
  • Fixed raw numeric 402 (Server not found) not being displayed at all.
Version | Release Date: 2010-08-19 | Download
  • The /kick, /kickban, /kb, /kill, and /part commands will now use their respective default reasons when one is not used instead of leaving it blank.
  • The /remove command now supports the removal of channels. /remove #channel for channel or /remove nickname for query.
  • The /ban command will now properly handle bans if the user banned is not on current channel.
  • The result of several low-level commands will now show in current window rather than console only.
  • Fixed an ignore added through the /ignore command not working properly without a restart of Textual.
  • Fixed highlights not being cleared on /clearall or /clear
Version | Release Date: 2010-08-18 | Download
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Version | Release Date: 2010-08-17 | Download
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Version | Release Date: 2010-08-10 | Download
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Version | Release Date: 2010-07-25 | Download
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