Licence: GPL
Version 0.4 | Release Date: 2012-03-07 | Download

Version 0.4.0:
Added visual notification for database indexing job.
Fixed icons not appearing in resolvers list.
Fixed various UI glitches and stray error messages in stations.
Fixed bug where album page would resolve bottom-to-top.
Fixed bug where Footnotes would not update when changing selected album in Album View.
Fixed dragging albums and artists from charts, album, and artist views.
Fixed bug where filter text would be one step behind filter value.
Fixed bug where resolvers would enable themselves after auto-updating.
Fixed occasional crash when dropping tracks onto New Station item.
Added jump-to-current-track support for search results page.
Fixed out of sync Show/Hide menu items on OS X when hidden with cmd-h.
Fixed non-resolving tracks when dragging from album view.
Fixed /Volumes directory not showing up on OS X.
Fixed fetching album covers for albums with special characters.
Show errors and continue gracefully when resolved audio is not available.
Fixed various crashes on exit.
Added basic command-line options for playback control.
Bumped up web api timeouts to allow web clients to finish resolving.
Added filename suggestion when exporting a playlist.
Cleaned up highlighting of artist names in album view.
Cleaned up alignment of playlist items.
Fixed potential crash when searching.
Added support for disc number.
Added charts.
Added ability to "lock on" to a user when listening along, to skip along.
Fixed bug where loved tracks would be refreshed much too often.
Fixed startup crash on OS X.
Fixed some font size issues.
Sped up Tomahawk startup by moving chart loading into a separate thread.
Added support for parsing Grooveshark and Tinysong tracks and playlists.
Reorganized sidebar to follow more logical item groupings.
Added artist and album results to global searches.
Fixed style and contrast issues when using GTK styles.
Fixed paths to artwork when using MPRIS2 interface.

Version 0.3.3 | Release Date: 2012-03-02 | Download
No changes specified