Licence: Freeware
Version 1.1.0 | Release Date: 2012-09-09 | Download

- New bug fixes. All users are recommended to update to the latest version.

Version 1.0.8 | Release Date: 2010-07-04 | Download

• Fixes a number of critical bugs and glitches. ALL users are strongly recommended to update to this version. Includes the following:

• No more error 500 or freezing when downloading lyrics for all songs
• Improved error handling so as to reduce unexpected errors such as use of foreign characters in songs.
• Check out our newly designed site with a new faq section.

Version 0.8 | Release Date: 2009-12-13 | Download

- TuneLyrics has been rewritten from the ground-up with major bug fixes and features added.
- Ability to download all your songs lyrics at one go.
- Update mechanism works now.

Version 0.7 | Release Date: 2009-06-25 | Download

- Ability to search for high-quality album artworks
- Added many simple shortcut keys to allow easier control of TuneLyrics
- Other minor changes

Version 0.6 | Release Date: 2008-11-10 | Download
No changes specified