Licence: Shareware ($79.95)
Version 1.6.4 | Release Date: 2009-12-03 | Download

•AudioUnit caching. Übercaster now caches informations on installed AudioUnits during the first launch. Subsequent lauches are significatly faster.

•Übercaster automatically recognizes newly installed or removed AudioUnits. Just in case, there's also a "Reset AudioUnit Cache" option on the Advanced Preferences tab in Übercaster. After resetting the cache, Übercaster will do a full scan of all AudioUnits on next launch.

•Fixed an issue with special characters in chapter titles and URLs which prevented Übercaster from successfully release an AAC file.

•Better error handling during the release process.

•Fixed an issue where the progress bar in the dock icon wasn't cleaned up after and error during the release process.
Fixed a glitch on cut layer when dragging tracks to a new position in a scrolled cut layer.

Version 1.6.3 | Release Date: 2009-11-16 | Download

•PleasantConnect is now able to run in 64-bit environments (aka Snow Leopard).
•PleasantConnect is now included in the Übercaster bundle. Install it with a button click in the Advanced Preferences view.
Please update PleasantConnect, if you've already installed an older version! To do so, use the PleasantConnect uninstaller, included on the installation disk in the Extras folder. After restarting the computer, use the new Install PleasantConnect button in the Advanced Preferences view in Übercaster to install the new version.
•Pressing "Backspace" deletes the selected chapter marker when the Chapters subview on the Cut layer is activated (i.e. has the keyboard focus and displays a blue border).
•Fixed several issues with Undo/Redo on the Cut Layer.
•Fixed an issue with parameter windows for non-Cocoa-enabled AudioUnits (e.g. AUPeakLimiter and several 3rd party Audio Units) on Snow Leopard.
•Audio from the Audiochat panel and the Skype panel in the same project are now routed correctly. Audio in from a Skype panel is now also routed to audio out of the Audiochat panel (i.e. "Ubercaster Out") and vice versa.
•Fixed an issue with AAC export when running on SnowLeopard .
•Fixed an issue with Skype panels concerning spaces and dashes in telephone numbers.
•Fixed a memory management bug concerning Skype panels (crashed sometimes on hang up).
•Fixed an issue with picking up Skype calls with Skype 2.8 (caused by a bug in Skype 2.8).
There's an issue with recording Skype conversations with Skype 2.8: This version doesn't mute internal audio when the audio stream is switched to Übercaster. This is also a bug in Skype 2.8 (we already opened a bug report on this at Skype). Unfortunately there's currently no way to fix this within Übercaster. The workaround for this is to manually set the output volume in Skype to 0 (zero).
•Fixed a GUI problem with the Source subview on Cut layer, when deleting the currently displayed track.
•Fixed a bug which may cause a crash when drawing waveforms on Cut layer in some circumstances.
•Fixed an issue with wave forms. These sometimes disappeared during playing in some zoom levels.
•Improved overall stability.

Version 1.6.1 | Release Date: 2009-01-08 | Download

-German localization.
-New native Skype panel.
-New feature: Single event export from cut layer.
To export a single event from cut layer to hard disk (including volume and effects), right-click (ctrl-click) the event and choose "Save Event as..." from the context menu. You may also drag and drop one or more events out of the cut layer to your hard disk.
New "Level Meter" panel.
This is a a special panel which displays the level of any panel or the master out. You can add as many level meter panels as you like to your project. The panels are resizeable on the Prepare layer. Configure which panel's level you'd like to display in the "Display" subview of a level meter panel. When creating a new level meter panel while a Mic or Clip panel is selected, the new level meter panel will be configured to inspect the previously selected panel by default.
-Added support for Amazon S3TM upload.
-Mic panels now always show the used input device, even when the user set a custom panel name.
Improved Undo handling with volume nodes.
Delete events after "Select All" on cut layer now alway deletes all chapter marks.
-Ãœbercaster can now handle moved referenced audio files.
Ãœbercaster tries to solve all invalid file references in a project document automatically. In case the automatic resolving fails (e.g. a referenced file is deleted or on a unreachable volume, or if the project wasn't saved with v1.6 at least once) the user can now choose to search for a file manually or to skip it.
-The show notes fields can now handle variable tokens.
-Ãœbercaster now supports show notes in the ID3 lyrics tag.
-New variable token on Release layer: "Derive Content".
This token copies the content of the same field in another slot. There are two variants: "Derive content form first slot" and "Derive content from previous slot". You can change this with the token's context menu. Default is "Derive content form first slot".
-Improved "Duplicate Slot": When choosing "Duplicate Slot" on the Release layer, Ãœbercaster now uses the "Derive Content" token, when possible.
-Improved handling of "Publishing date".
There are now several presets available through a new popup menu: "Date of Project Creation" takes the "Create Date" of the projects file, "Date of Project Release" (default) sets the date to the actual date before releasing, "Manual Date" let the user set a fixed date manually. In addition to these three presets, it's also possible to set "Copy from first Slot" resp. "Copy from previous Slot". Although currently the exact publishing date is only used when releasing a podcast to Podshow, the ID3 tag "Year" and all "Date"-Token values are based on the publishing date of the slot!
-The show notes edit fields have now scrollbars (if necessary).
-New "Reveal" button next to the release destination popup.
-More sample rate and bit rate options for AAC encoding.
-New: Copy Autopilot topics to clipboard.
When selecting the Autopilot panel on the Prepare layer and choosing Edit > Copy, all topic titles are copied to the pasteboard as text. In case of duplicate topic titles, only the first appearance of the topic is copied. If a topic was started in the show (i.e. a chapter mark for the topic exists), the time of the topic's start is appended to the title.
-New keyboard shortcuts for playhead movement, zoom and track selection.
Left/right arrow key: move playhead one minor ruler tick, option-left/right arrow key: zoom out/in horizontal, up/down arrow key: select previous/next track (Cut layer only), option-up/down arrow key: change track height (Cut layer only).
-GUI fixes concerning .Mac/MobileMe.
-AUEdit windows now correctly resize when the content changes.
(e.g. when switching the AUGraphicEQ from 30 to 10 band)
-Fixed a GUI glitch on Cut layer: The Master track now hides the volume line, when frozen.
Fixed a bug concerning "Punch & Insert" on the Record layer.
-When doing a Punch/Insert recording, ÃœC now always starts recording properly at the In-point.
-Fixed: Tokenfields (text fields handling variable tokens) on the Release layer now handle copy&paste correctly.
Saving projects with unsolved resource paths is now non-destructive and more robust.
-Fixed a bug causing "ValueForUndefiendKey" errors.
-Fixed: Topics without title caused an exception during parsing for URLs.
-Fixed an error in calculating envelope curves of Mic Enhancer settings.
-Fixed a problem with Ãœbercaster's built-in crash reporter.
-Fixed a crashing bug on Mac OS X 10.4.11.
-Fixed an issue with locked/frozen tracks and the disabled state of the respective panels on Prepare layer.
-Fixed several issues with copying, cutting, pasting and duplicating panels on the Prepare layer.
-Fixed a GUI refresh issue on prepare layer (set keyboard shortcut).
-Fixed a validation glitch in the "Add Panel" popup menu (concerning Audiochat Panels when PleasantConnect isn't installed).
-Fixed fade in/fade out routines to work as expected with Mic panels, Skype panels and Audiochat panels.
Fixed a bug concerning "exhaustive keyboard shortcuts" ("[NSCFDictionary isEqualToString:]: unrecognized selector...")
-Fixed several bugs in AAC file tagging.
-Fixed several bugs concerning projects with frozen tracks.
-Fixed an issue causing new documents, created from templates, didn't show up in the "Open Recent Documents" menu.
-Switched to most recent version of ConnectionKit.
-Switched to most recent version of LAME encoder (LAME 3.98.2).
-Fixed a bug causing 100% CPU load under some circumstances after a Skype panel's added to a project.
-Several minor bugfixes

Version 1.5.5 | Release Date: 2008-05-27 | Download

•Fixed a bug which sometimes caused the error message "[NSCFDictionary setObject:forKey:]; mutating method sent to immutable object" (when releasing an episode).
•The Shownotes text field on the Release layer now accepts "Return".
•Several minor bugfixes.

Version 1.5.4 | Release Date: 2008-04-02 | Download

•Fixed an issue concerning Autosave and Autopilot.
•Fixed several problems concerning volume editing on Cut layer.
•Improved reliability of the Autopilot option "Autostart next chapter".
•Edit fields on Prepare layer's control bar will be now left correctly before changing the panel selection.
•Fixed a bug which may cause echo on PleasantConnect.
•Fixed a redraw glitch with Autopanel after changing topics.
•Improved automatic numbering of new topic titles.
•Fixed bugs concerning extended meta data tags (subtitle, summary etc.).
•Fixed several other minor bugs.

Version 1.5.3 | Release Date: 2008-03-18 | Download
  • Fixed a bug in Ãœbercaster’s audio import engine causing wrong durations of VBR encoded audio files.
  • Fixed a bug in Cut layer causing problems when moving a selection of events containing the last event in the timeline. The same issue prevented Ãœbercaster from changing the last event’s duration (drag event edge) in some zoom levels.
  • On Mac OS X v10.5 (Leopard) double-clicking onto the chapter table starts editing (again…). Double-clicking on the chapter image column still moves the playhead to the chapter’s timestamp.
  • Improved error handling in case of input or output device overloads or errors.
  • Many more bug fixes and improvements.
Version 1.5.2 | Release Date: 2008-02-18 | Download
  • This update is strongly recommended for all users of Ubercaster v1.5!
  • Fixed a bug causing Ubercaster to fail when trying to open large project files on some computers.
  • Improved import functions for audio files. Ubercaster is now compatible with much more file formats, including soundtracks of movie files.
  • Improved visualisation of import progress on Prepare and Cut layer.
Version 1.5.1 | Release Date: 2008-02-14 | Download

•This update is strongly recommended for all users of Ubercaster v1.5!
•Fixed a serious bug which occasionally prevented Ubercaster to record a microphone after muting/unmuting a microphone panel.
•Improved Punch mode with "Insert": When an In and Out point is set and "Insert" is enabled, Ubercaster now overwrites the material between In/Out and then automatically inserts all further recording, starting at the Out point.
•When using "Select all" or "Select all following/preceding" to select events in Cut or Record layer, deleting the selected events also delete all markers in the effected area.
•Chapters created by Autopilot now contain the first URLs found in the topic as chapter URL automatically.
•Right-clicking (ctrl-clicking) on the Autopilot panel now opens a context menu containing all URLs found in the currently displayed topic. Choosing an URLs from the context menu opens it in the default web browser.
•Removed general ftp connection check during release. The check caused problems when uploading via GSM cards and wasn't really necessary (the server connection is checked later during server path validation anyway).
•Fixed a bug, causing mics play thru when doing a punch recording, even when the mic's monitor switch was set to "off".
•Improved error handling when recording.
•Fixed several GUI/Display bugs in Autopilot.
•Added Growl support.
•Fixed broken automatic update.
•Several minor bugfixes.

Version 1.5 | Release Date: 2008-01-14 | Download

-New feature: Autopilot
-New feature: Freeze/Lock tracks in Cut layer
-New feature: Mastertrack effects
-New feature: Offline Effects. Offline Effects are rendered on frozen tracks. Offline effects cannot be "switchable".
New offline effect: RMS Normalizer.
-General optimization and overhauling of Ãœbercaster's audio engine. Should be now much more robust and responsive.
-Mic Panels are now recorded with 1 second "look ahead", i.e. you'll be able to move the left edge of a newly recorded event up to 1 second to the left.
-Save/Load effect presets. The presets are compatible with other CoreAudio applications like GarageBand.
-New advanced preference: "Record Audio with AAC Compression." If selected, Übercaster writes new recordings into compressed AAC files, i.e. by far smaller file sizes.
-New feature "Auto Chapter" for Clip panels ("Prepare" > "Display" sub view). Can be set to "Off", "On Start" (creates a chapter mark whenever the clip is started during recording) and "On Stop" (creates a chapter mark whenever the clip stops during recording).
-New feature "One Shot" for Clip panels ("Prepare" > "Display" sub view). When this option is enabled, the clip panel becomes disabled on Record layer as soon as its track contains at least one event.
-AudioChat panel is now configurable to record in stereo mode
-Looping on Cut layer: New option "Loops" for selected events in Track Edit sub view. By selecting "Loops" for an event, the event loops until the start of the next event on its track. If there's no next event, it loops 3 times by default.
-New feature: Reordering effects
-Bunch of more enhancements

Version 1.2.1 | Release Date: 2007-10-26 | Download

- New note pad panel.
- Selecting the chapter table and execute "copy" writes a HTML representation of the chapter table into the pasteboard.
- It's now possible to paste chapter images into a selected chapter.
-Double-clicking on a chapter image in the chapter table moves the playhead to this chapter.
- Fixed some issues concerning disconnecting devices ("device did die" message).
- Stop recording during count-in now works as expected.
- Fixed several bugs concerning UI refresh on Release layer.
- Many more improvements and bug fixes.

Version 1.2 | Release Date: 2007-09-24 | Download

- Ãœbercaster is now Leopard-ready.
- Dramatical performance improvements on cut layer (we mean it!).
- New preference for choosing a launching action (e.g. open template or open last project). Hold option key down while launching Ãœbercaster to overwrite this preference temporarily.
- Improved performance and reliability when loading large project files.
- Fixed some bugs concerning tokens on release layer.
- Several other bug fixes.

Version 1.1.7 | Release Date: 2007-08-14 | Download

Version 1.1.7: Fixed a serious momory leak in v1.1.6. This leak caused an over-all slowdown and crashes of Ãœbercaster. An update to this version strongly recommended!

Version 1.1.6 | Release Date: 2007-08-11 | Download

-Fixed a bug concerning single channel input (non-stereo inputs)
-New: Drag & Drop of images from other applications (e.g. directly from Safari)
-Fixed: Re-enabled iPod recordings parser in media browser
-Fixed: It's now (again) possible to reorder tracks in the cut layer
-Fixed a glitch in the "Edit Track" subview causing problems when moving events
-Fixed some issues with moving the local playhead of a clip panel during recording (opt-click into a clip's progress bar)
-"New with Template": Playhead position will be reset to 0:00
-Improved "Reset Playhead on Stop": Playhead will be always visible on stop
-Release layer: Fixed issues with some destination paths
-Release layer: New destination option: "No local file"
-Improved: The last known state of a panel's effect switch is now safed in the project file.
-Screensaver won't be activated during recording or when in full screen mode

Version 1.1.5 | Release Date: 2007-07-12 | Download

-Fixed a problem with some multi channel devices (e.g. PreSonus FIREBOX), where it wasn't possible to address another channel than channel 1 (resp. channel pair 1&2).
-Fixed a crash when opening the edit window for an AudioUnit with Cocoa interface (e.g. AUNetSend).
-Fixed a problem with some input devices sending "audioDeviceSomethingDidChange" to ÃœC which may cause stalls in some circumstances.
-New function "Delete & Close Gap" ("Edit" menu): In the Cut layer, use this funktion to delete selected events and automatically close the gap by moving all following events to the left. There are two variants of this functions: "Delete & Close Gap" effects only the track(s) containing the selected events, while "Delete & Close Gap (all Tracks)" moves the following events on all tracks and also all following markers.
-New function "Split All Tracks" ("Edit" menu): This function splits events on all tracks at the current playhead position, regardless if they're selected or not.
Improved behaviour: When selecting events with "Select all following events" resp. "Select all preceding events" (Context menu when right-clicking (ctrl-clicking) on a event in Cut layer), all subsequent moves will also move all markers in the selected area.
-Improved behaviour: When holding down the modifier keys Command + Option while moving events, all markers in the selected area will also move when the mouse button is released.

Version 1.1 | Release Date: 2007-07-08 | Download
No changes specified