Licence: Commercial with demo
Version 1.8.104 | Release Date: 2009-12-04 | Download

VO 1.8.104 includes:

- Small-port Cargo Scanner and Scanner Blocker (available in capitol stations)
- Fix for convoy traders repeatedly bumping convoy capships.
- Slower top speed for convoy capships.
- PCC Mission Editor additions: give-item-to-npc, park and drift actions, gave-money-to-npc event.

We look forward to feedback on the cargo scanner and blocker. The scanner has a range of 2000 meters and allows you to see cargo on other ships (including the types of ore being mined by bots, in realtime). The blocker prevents your cargo from being scanned.

Additionally, we are now offering official Vendetta Online merchandise! Many of the items are Limited Edition, only for the current Five Year Anniversary celebration period. They will only be offered through the 2009 holidays, so get them while they last.

Version 1.7.37 | Release Date: 2007-08-04 | Download

- Fixed navpoint destination arrow sizes/locations in HUD

- Added 'High Quality' glow effect setting. It uses a higher-resolution texture which will be very slow on older hardware. It's a very subtle difference.

- Improved swarm missile trails

- Slight tree control interface optimization

Version 1.7.36 | Release Date: 2007-07-30 | Download

- New swarm missile trails

- Lua commands to get certain character info only return valid info if the character is within radar range

- Added lua console_print() function to print output to the console

- Exported pcall and xpcall
Vendetta-Online 1.7.35

Lightning mine damage finally triggers strike force action

- Can't launch from station with unfinished station actions

- Station storage limits are now visible

- Error message when trying to buy more items than can fit in ship cargo station storage

- Fixed some inventory treeview display bugs

- Cannot purchase more than 5 free addons at a time

- Convoys and escorts from opposing factions will no longer fight one another while arguing over docking bay priority

Version 1.7.34 | Release Date: 2007-07-14 | Download

- Lightning mines don't slow down the client as much when they are damaging you

- Moved Eo's Welcome station from Edras I2 to Jallik M6 and renamed station to Eo's Peace

- Moved Edras Crossroads station from Edras B11 to Verasi O7 and renamed station to Verasi Crossroads

- Changed sector monitored status of changed sectors accordingly

- Added 2 client interface options: one for F/A indicator, and one for F/A notification text

- Changed declare command in lua interface to take a second argument that initializes the declared variable

Version 1.7.33 | Release Date: 2007-07-07 | Download

- Added sector alignment and monitored status to HUD (under location indicator)

- Added 'F/A Mode' Flight Assist indicator to HUD (above speed indicator)

- Station storage and ship cargo addons are now visible in Commodities->Sell menu

- Removed 5x puchase limit for addons.

- Added verification dialog for any purchase over 200x

- Newly accepted mission text descriptions are updated immediately instead of only when switching away and then back to the mission tab

- The client now parses 'addons' directory and looks for subdirectories. It then executes main.lua in each of these subdirectories.

Version 1.7.32 | Release Date: 2007-07-01 | Download

- Connected addons can be sold from the Ship Sell list again

- Addons with ammo are purchased with full ammo again

- Addons don't stack inside ports anymore

- Color Coded Cargo Crates

- Fixed obscure chat coloring bug with wordwrapped lines

- EC-104 is in correct location in Ship Purchase list

- New characters now join channels 1, 11, and 100 by default (11 is the nation channel)

- Selling addons didn't update the Ship Sell list

- Bug where stations would occasionally not show anything for sale is believed to have been fixed for real this time

Version 1.7.30 | Release Date: 2007-06-16 | Download

- Addons and weapons now stack in your inventory

- New escort missions

- Removed unaligned NPC pirates

- Character names are colored in chat once again

Version 1.7.29 | Release Date: 2007-05-26 | Download

- New sector layout in Sol II H-13 & I-13

- Upgraded station defense turret weapons

- Fixed a couple bugs; hopefully fixed slowdown bug when taking a long mission

- Accomplishment log properly "scrolls" now instead of getting filled up

- Fixed improper reporting of nation PKs

Version 1.7.28 | Release Date: 2007-05-19 | Download

- Itan J-11, Dau L-10, and Dau L-11 are now testing automated station defense turrets

- Three new ribbons for Denic, Pentric, and Heliocene ores

Version 1.7.27 | Release Date: 2007-05-02 | Download

- The game should now run correctly on OS X 10.2.8

- Fixed a problem impacting a few missions which picked random sectors; most notably the "mining stations need workers" mission

- Fixed problem where warping out without warping out was possible (not a very good explanation, I know)

Version 1.7.26 | Release Date: 2007-04-20 | Download

- Added Basic Miner ribbons: each time you sell ore that you have mined (without jettisoning it at any point) you gain a point towards these ribbons

- Added an improved mining gun for Basic Miner ribbon holders

- Fixed bug where group list on HUD wouldn't always update correctly

- Fixed selection problem in Jettison menu

Version 1.7.25 | Release Date: 2007-04-14 | Download

- Fixed /buddy note

- Fixed location of group members shown on HUD which were not up to date

- Implemented All-Weather Raptor suggestion: Raptors now have 1500m radar in storms.

- Fixed bug where some ship descriptions weren't being shown

- Fixed crash resulting from pressing F5 during loading

Version 1.7.24 | Release Date: 2007-04-07 | Download

- hive queen badges now properly "stack" like the other multi-level badges, thanks to a change in the internal representation of accomplishments & requirements
- EC-104 now available to those who have achieved Basic Trader I medal

Version 1.7.23 | Release Date: 2007-03-30 | Download

- some awards now show your progress to the next award in the award tree
- fixed crash when mouse cursor is hovering over the station/ship's inventory list when loading/unloading cargo
- fixed linux bug reporter
- fixed problem with advanced combat mission slowing down the client after performing the mission for a long time
- updated descriptions of some medals
- added medal title to medal description
- new trade medal tree