Licence: GPL
Version 0.2b | Release Date: 2007-05-30 | Download
  • 'esc' now clears anything you've entered but haven't finished.
  • fixed move to first character, '^'.
  • fixed join, 'J'. behaves much better now.
  • fixed line pasting.
  • change case, '~'. works now.
  • go to, 'G'.
  • repeat last line find, ';' and ','.
  • added support for using some movement and find commands in scroll views.
  • changed the default color for visual mode.
  • added a system preference pane for instalation/removal of the input manager and configuration.
  • changed the format of the preference file, please use the system preference pane for configuration.
  • added an option to start viAllOver in command mode.
  • added SecurityAgent ( to the default exclude list.
  • added an option to not modify the insertion point when in insert mode.
  • added options to set the alpha for the insertion point and the selection.
  • added an option to instantly disable viAllOver without uninstalling the inputmanager.
  • fixed a bug where some machines wouldn't make a selection when multiple-clicking.
Version 0.1b | Release Date: 2007-03-28 | Download

Release 0.1b
find, '/', 'n', 'N', '*', '#'. '/' calls up the find dialog. 'n' and 'N' find the next and previous, respectively. '*' and '#' operate on the selection if there is one, otherwise the word under the cursor is used.

undo,'u' and redo, 'R'. tied to "undo:" and "redo:".

join, 'J'. this is something i've wanted to do for a while. the implementation of join added the ability to insert text from the commands.plist, needed to insert a space. it also added the ability to put alias, like 'dw', in and array of selectors in the commands.plist.

visual mode, 'v' and visual line mode 'V'. visual mode uses the selection to do it's thing. when selecting with the mouse in command mode visual mode is automatically turned on. visual line mode can be a little flakey, if you can't move up or down a line try moving to the beginning or end of the line then trying to more up or down again. viAllOver also colors the selection so you know what mode you are in when selecting. visual mode currenty uses a combination of fixed-point and addition model selection, not very friendly, but works for simple selections.

line find, 'f', 'F', 't', and 'T'. very useful additions, 't' is one of my favorites. these don't stop at the end of the line, so they arn't really line finds.

fixed word movement, 'w', 'W', 'b', 'B', 'e', and 'E' work more like vi now.

repeat last edit, '.'. seems to be working pretty well.

the delete key now behaves more like vi, moving the insertion point to the left when in command mode.

custom color. the insertion point colors are specified in the commands.plist and users can override the colors in their org.dabble.viAllOver.commands.plist file. the colors are specified by their red, green, and blue components. the values can be from 0.0 to 1.0 anything over 1.0 is interpreted as 1.0. so if you specified red to be 0.25 that would be 25% red. to get values you can use Apple's DigitalColor Meter's "RGB As Percentage" setting to get values, just move the decimal over.

modes and such are remembered on a per field basis now rather then the per app as before.

fixed the insertion point drawing for newlines.

added the ability to assign key commands to vi commands. linking to key commands opens up many possibilities, like shift right and left, '>' > 'command]' and '<' > 'command['. granted these could probably be implemented more universally and more vim-like, but this was quick and easy and works where i use it. in the commands.plist '@' stands for 'command', '~' is 'option', '^' is 'control', and '$' is 'shift', just like key bindings dict.

universal binary that should run on 10.4 and 10.3.9.

preference files have been combined into one file now, org.dabble.viAllOver.plist. see the "extra files" section.

Version 0.1a | Release Date: 2007-02-20 | Download
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